Popular bar "bar monkey" Fukuroi station building nestled quietly


Fukuroi station 1 minute ago the close, played prep school architects of Kurata cloth beauty her engaged in the storehouse cloth people building nestled quietly "Monkey Bar"To!

And independence had been active as a bartender in Fukuroi itakura TOMOYA-Kun、2013And the bar was opened on 15 March.
Shop、Wood 8 counter seats and spacious is spreading.、Back table 4 seats x 2 and table 6 seats × 1、Charter Party or third party to very good staff!

We'd normally ask the usual cocktail side curtain、And this day say itakura-Kun "in leaving for the celebration"、Two cocktails to celebrate red and white colors are provided.

Tickle a woman adorable red cocktail、引kitachi rum flavor、Me finishing the "Bacardi" easy to drink with a sweet liqueur.

Shoot clear transparent white cocktail、The White Lady。It is one of my favorite cocktail!

After that、The nightcap a little high-frequency single malt、"Hesel barn 12, Campbelltown" and "Springbank 10 years black label.、Whats the Kayden head Bowmore 12 years!

Smoky oak, but tickle the nose、You can enjoy a night of Fukuroi in TIDDLY、It was fun Memorial Day ♪ itakura-Kun、Hama-CHAN、Beach alley, Akemi and I、Thank you ♪









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