BAR MONKEY is a popular bar in Fukuroi station storehouse cloth people building nestled quietly


Fukuroi station 1 minute ago the close, played prep school tucked quietly 'BAR MONKEY"Mr.。Had been active as a bartender in FukuroiItakura, TOMOYAIndependent-Kun、2013On March 15th.The bar is open。At that time、Itakura-Kun for the opening near the train station stores was looking at is、Mentoring I think property、At that time、Store design & construction was to ask "Warehouse fabrics people first-class architect Office"ofKurata cloth MikiAnd I'm in so far was to tell her、Storehouse also came in succession and when the cloth's are exactly the renovated Office、Kurata, itakura-Kun' Use the 1 floor out of Office? 」So far suggested、That story has advanced in leaps and。To engage in itakura-Kun one as good sense of size size、And located within walking distance from the station and privileged environment.。And that when it comes to Don the Fukuroi Kurata's landlord would (laughs) is the firm's distribution warehouse on the ground floor was originally moved to the second floor、1BAR monkey born from the floor to a skeleton completely。Itakura swallow like a good fellow who continues to help with the construction、Itakura-Kun himself with his own hands is worked on DIY such as diatomaceous earth fill。Anyway, happy days、This way the MONKEY BAR、The construction involved Kurata's、Nice, but a concerted effort by everyone.


So your itakura cum to rim shop、Became a popular bar in Fukuroi、Many regulars who loved every day, it is thriving。On this day、After the belly in happy days"Let's go another one!"Teaser and rated、Click here for the first time to bother you!


Shop、Wood counter with 8 seats and spacious space。Tables can seat 4 x 2、Table 6 seats × 1、Charter Party or third party to very good size.


One bartenderItakura, TOMOYAMr。To his cocktail is about 4 years ago。It is seriously facing the Shaker look hot! ITC at once ordered three minutes (because Nomar friends wife were driver) cocktails.


Smart gesture shake Shaker、Is strength.、A woman's heart。


If it all sounds like playing some instrument like a、Thanks for creating the soul until the last minute is poured into a glass.


"Daiquiri"、"Sidecar"、"White Lady"

My friends husband、19Lamb will be devised by the Cuban daiquiri mining engineer at the turn of the century and based on a short cocktail and、Order the DAIQUIRI。Her husband out of will、Have the name of the "White Lady"、A little strong, sharp taste、And as the name sublime short cocktail of gin、White Lady。I、Short cocktail Brandy base they must order if you go to the bar、Order a sidecar。This sidecar has、And with high alcohol content was very fresh and taste、Maybe brandy and orange flavored invites comfortable sleep、Taste like。Since ancient times this cocktailCocktail bartender's ability to knowIt is said that it is said that、Go to any shop I ask would (laughs)


"Mixed nuts"、"Dried fruit"


"Benriach Moscatel, wood and finish 18 years.、"Benriach Bernie Moss.

1990At the distillery in the classic Speyside single malt distillery production started three times in the second half of the year、We have a straight benriach is only a very small amount of current continues to produce two。The flavor of Moscatel、Elegant and full-bodied, mellow sweetness offers sensual。On the other hand、Bernie Moss's has unique tastes vaguely like a medicinal herb drinks、Smokey, but guests can enjoy。The name of Bernie Moss、Located near the benriach distillery. "Windswept wasteland"For it is taken from the name of a place。Maniac still in the wine is beautifully designed!


The landlord is.、Was responsible for the design and constructionKurata cloth MikiJust happens to be joined、Became a bustling Friday Fukuroi Knight。Fukuroi members I、I also play ~ ♪

BAR MONKEY bar monkey
Shizuoka Prefecture in Fukuroi, Takao-machi 25-24 TEL:0538-43-0123
Hours of operation:18:00~ 26:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Shizuoka Prefecture in Fukuroi, Takao-machi 25-24

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