摘mami "ice Bin-bin Shanley" Dim sum Dim sum, while selected Shaoxing XING sake night


Dim sumSpeaking of the shop 外seなi in Hamamatsu "Ice Bin-bin Shan Lee"Mr.。Ice box Ms. topic、Everyone is "over there is the best!-!" and you'll hear。Of course、Is one of the favorite married couple we shop。"Ice box" (bing xiang) is a "fridge" in Chinese、-RI (li) as well as ' ~ in "seems to mean。Ice in the box in the box-San、Dietary habits of the landAnd products、Also during the "box"From my mother's affection for familyPacked with。【From boxes in the homes of multiethnic and Chinese is delicious and fun to continue providing!: I love how theyIce box-no-SatoIt was named and。Place、Located in the train station near walk、With East Avenue itaya-machi 1 book.And the Y3 Bldg. 5F。Is fun while picking up Dim sum and yummy drink.


In the elevator to the fifth floor's up、Here is the ice bin village entrance。


Shop、4People hung table is placed、In total 45 seats。At the cocktail party、It is possible up to 80 people。Now open for lunch, weekend Saturday and Sunday only。But it is for the first time and bother you at night、On this day、(Stocks) hase 守保 planningThe architects,Hase MoriyasuWith MrPark View YotsuikeOfNo. 2 HouseThe meeting's discussions。Ice box-no-SATO's night menu、Courses are available, advance booking and、You can enjoy a sign little by many kinds of dim sum in the à la carte。1So a reasonable part 1、In the Omakase, I asked many.


Panda Tsingtao beer each 580 Yen

The Panda、Originally produced in China Shanghai beer is、Cannot be imported、Currently has re-appeared in the domestic beer。Cuteness scale, making it a retro label is somehow feel the scent of the Showa era。Taste is normal (lol) in the Chinese beer Tsingtao (Qingdao) beer。In the country's food culture in China、Beer was born in the world's consumption of beer in China。Qingdao Beer clear throat critical palate so neatly, is going fit any dish!


"Bone marrow hemp mala sauce sauce" 580 Yen

This is in fact、It seemed to back menu、It was ranked in popularity less likely to order for menu。Wearing a gelatinous marrow rather than spicy、Better when mixed with fine spicy strong hemp mala sauce, serve with fresh coriander。That was my first experience of bone marrow、Interesting texture、Gelatinous not care very much about and.。There high hemp mala sauce is the best match, while more complex flavor and punch and smell! This source I'm sure vegetables and tofu、Chicken and fish also chemistry is so good! Is a very intense feeling of a good start from the first dish.


"Something special Qingdao industrial pidan (century egg)" 400 Yen

And pidan (century egg)、Duck egg that is aged in strong alkaline conditions to produce a Chinese food。Have an exciting taste and distinctive smell strong odor of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide containing、Taste may be divided and。


See Leek dumpling (niramannjuu) "five 580 Yen

Rice and chive dumpling with pork filling、Outside is crusty and the inside improves the texture a juicier 1。When you come to the ice bin-first of all this! Many people say! 目茶mecha delicious!


After a beer、Mr haseShaoxing wineThat you want to compare with、The ownerQingdao (Qingdao)And guysTakamasa Takaya (takayatakamasa)Is it your requested a recommendation!


But China's leading6Large brewing shaoxing rice wineStocked shops are small! Such a precious yellow rice wine、Glass cup at 500 yen to 800 yen or、3Types drinking than can be affordableTasting set1,300With the yen. Who wants to drink all kinds、Please click here to order the better!


Shao XING wine tasting 3-point set 1300 Yen

200Chinese Embassy in the country more than、Chinese Government endorsement at the Consulate provided excellentYue ShanThe good jyouji brewed (with some wine to water) from the、In the six major Shaoxing road Shaoxing style to protect the only breweryGirls red (nyojikou)10What a year、May be never revealed the originSecret shaoxing rice wineAnd so on a distinctive school uniform choice first of all three。Very nice sweet things、What a sweet strong、Mellow richness and is up for sale、Gave a balanced selection and crisp and refreshing and easy to drink.


Five "special Cantonese fried dumplings" 600 Yen

It is one of the Dim sum shops boast produce this no-holds-barred Dim sum master。Even getting hot soup overflowing with furniture from the skins and click volume filled with savory and delicious! But I am easily.、1 if possible in a hot taste.


"Whole shrimp loquat (Eriobotrya)-Dim sum" one piece 480 Yen

Not on the menu、Shrimp are offered special courses at Dim sum.。Also have large shrimp is crunchy and puritsu are wrapped in the skin! It is a luxury dumplings with filling!


White sake tasting 3-point set 1100 Yen

Baijiu (Picchu) Like our couples。And baijiu、Such as sorghum (sorghum) crops of primary raw materials distilled liquor、It is common in China。Easy to drink, with a gentle per mouth sweet and quirky drink forget because a mild high-frequency risk still is (laughs)Five food nobuhira (golhougiun) 48 degreesOpening Government House wine (coufkash font 38 degreesCumshots part 2 Pan head 52 degreesThe 3 seed and enjoy。You may feel hot throat!


3 600 Yen "Octopus blue onion roll (Octopus and Leek spring rolls).

The skin is crispy and、In has plenty of good food ingredients and Octopus。Ingredients: firmly attached to the taste.


"Stir-fried Greens.

Hey-why are Greens in garlic sauce。Life of vegetables are crisp texture.


"Demon axe God Univ. (gui_fuu_shenn_gonn). 620 Yen

Baijiu 52 degrees、Ginger ale、Hanasanshou、Is a cocktail of white sake made with peppers, etc.。Dry ginger ale a tangy pepper or chili pepper and feeling、A unique cocktail flavour of fresh coriander。52So is the degree of baijiu、Although delicious, easy-to-drink drink too much attention (laughs)


"Deep fried octopus.

Really delicious snacks! Good elasticity Octopus fritters、In the hot, go drink!


"Xiaolongbao3Each 480 Yen

But that caution is needed because it out broth、The hot popping soup is also delicious!


"Shanghai hairy crabCrab yellow lion ('s barnyacauda into the crab stuffing).3Number 870 Yen

With Shanghai hairy crab crab miso is also luxurious dumpling! But while sipping soup dumpling plain but delicious!、Here also is crab soup moved to crowded and the flavor!


"Mala shiryuu shrimps (molt shrimp and peppers sautéed)" 1280 Yen

So it looks very hot! (Laughs) but、Is so hard as it looks there is no。Strong fragrance and flavor rather、It can be soft and delicious shrimp by。Eating the chili peppers、So tasty sauce around with、It is disgraceful that was licking sipping pepper! Once in a while come per hot (laughs) (Qingdao, licking and、And rely on alcohol to be heard!)


Shao XING wine tasting 3-point set 1300 Yen

To pursue favorite shaoxing rice wine、Where and is another type of Shaoxing wine was also selected three! Ice box-no-SATO's、Just push the yellow rice wine、Was good! Also all kinds of domination are quite strict, set of 3、To really save money!


"Dust article and now heavenly bath powder (today than Fein)" ¥ 980

And the flour article、Noodles with crunchy like Korea with 製麺 than the potato noodles。Because the soup with the broth and salt、I drank at the last of the noodles are perfect!


Rice lines in Yunnan province over bridge U.S. stroke (gocho meachem) 1100 Yen

It seems to taste eaten only in the shop here! Yunnan specialty rice lines、Pure noodle made from rice。While over US line is、Yunnan's leading noodle dishes。Is strange to get soup while they were in my stomach to bursting!


"Melon iron goddess of mercy"

Training week 1 pace by going diet (? ) For me、Qingdao's recommended that、Is the iron goddess of mercy of the bitter melon (bitter gourd)。Goya, body fat will work effectively from it! Without it feeling bitter、Drift Sayaka perfect tie Guan Yin, mellow taste and meal、染mi渡rimasu the stomach fullness.


"What good eating chili oil" sold 1 540 yen (* materials soar、May be raised further)

Ice's original appointment in Ms. bin is made in limited quantities onlyShould be good eatingSesame oil(Laughs)。Previous、When mochi at hase House、Sesame oil on rice cakes in robes which we got to。Asked by a Qingdao, had been introduced on facebook。Early purchase、Or chilled tofu in the House、On the seasonal bamboo shoots、That will make things delicious、Qingdao, suggest ways to prepareNatto egg or steamed rice * good eating chili oilI think I will do! Qingdao's、Feast we did! Mr hase、Will also miss this taste from、Together let me know ~!

Ice box-no-Sato ( bin, Shan and Lee BingXiangLi )
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628 Y3 building 5F TEL:053-451-3031 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:Tue-Fri 17:30-23:00(L.O.22:30)Saturdays, 12 pm:00-15:00(L.O.14:40)17:30-23:00(L.O.22:30)

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628

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