Cake shop eat macaroons reputation in Chiang Mai "Dara Devi Chiang Mai"


"Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"And it's near the entrance gate、
Hotels with shopping village "Cut Dara KAD DHARA"And、
In the village、Chinese restaurant "Fujian Fujian"And、
Taylor can order a silk shop and clothing、Thailand grocery store, such as 16 stores will be available.


Italy is to place huge Panel of Venice is set、Current、In building a new restaurant、
Is that perhaps the Italian restaurant was completed.


Most popular "Dara Devi cake shop Dhara Dhevi Cake Shop"of
Distinctive 1 Chiang Mai has been doing for macaroons。
The macaroons here in Thailand, and break even in Bangkok 3 stores have been expanded so!


Before you shop、In Belgium a colorful display、Is there the picture here!


Shop、Clean and white tones for、Refreshing Peppermint green ceiling。
In the showcase、Colorful macarons and mouth-watering cakes will be available.








WAA.NanChan、The number of some types of、Kindly choose better macaroons and cake!


Dara Devi cake shopThe Manager,ChaiwatMr. from、Description of the macaroon please!


"Pistachio and cherry & raspberry Saint Honore" 165 THB (610 yen)
Each macaroon 25 THB (93 yen each)

The Saint Honore cake、Mix raspberries and cherries and pistachio cream
Enjoy a drink and flaky texture。
The macaroons、From front counterclockwiseChocolate、Tyty、Dark chocolate (from Uganda)、Rose and Litchi、
White Truffle、Mango、Mango and sticky rice、StrawberryOf the 8 types。
The macaroons here、In Thailand it is touted as the popular top、It is very delicious!
Especially、Richness of Uganda in dark chocolate is best、Personally, are highly recommended.

Dhara Dhevi-Chiang MaiThe has been active as a photographerN ' oRthodox TF (a.k.a.:Non-Kun)is、
And you want to shoot our yukata、Bring your camera, visited.


After you have tasted the delicious macaroons、Macaroon factoryWe visited!


Landscape one macaroon's beautiful and vibrant shades are handmade politely
You can see through the glass、It is so much fun!


2015March 5In the new just "Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop"The restaurant、
Let's shoot! And the proposed、Immediately、You visited!


Dara Devi cake shopAt least Interior colours giving a sense of unity。
Here you will、Homemade ice creamWon scoop costs THB 60 ~ (Japan yen approximately 220 yen)In the hotel!


Such as dream ice cream Tower!
Ice cream、Cup corn and 1 cup+20THB (Japan yen approximately 75 yen)With that!


After a photo of the couple with a yukata kimono、WAA.NanChan andNongTogether with Mr. got to photo!
Thank you for a wonderful memories!
Now、Next in line、Japan restaurant "Lotus Ren"In the dinner is.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
51/4 Moo 1, Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Road, T. Tasala, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 (53) 888 888 | Facsimile +66 (53) 888 999

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