"COMPAL' long-established coffee shop in Nagoya's famous a Nagoya wake-up experience


1947Year (0/1947)Built Nagoya's own tea culture since "KONPARU Compal"Mr.。Of the head office is located near the OSU shopping district in Nagoya "Compal OSU Head Office"Including、Currently in the city9StoreAnd Nagoya offices of long-established Café。Here is、Metro "Sakae"The underground city forest, South is located in the"Compal Sakae West"And it is!


As for Nagoya、Famous already nationally famous in Nagoya "Nagoya wake-up"。Means of the morning service unfolds in the shape of each variety coffee shop in Nagoya。During the hours of the early morning wake-up service、Toast at a reasonable price or service to order drinks, including coffee and boiled eggs.、Is that service be salad, etc.。Click hereCompalMr. so、Towards 8:00 ~ 11:00Of days、+130 Yen to your favorite drinkOnly、Ham Egg toastWill eat。Most of the drinks400CircleSo、+130530 yen of yenIn will be delicious service that'll wake-up ♪


Shop、60In the seat so small two seater table and wide well-balanced placed four seater table space for people。Visit number、2、3Like the spinning、On the morning after 9 o'clock、Can queue for free in front of the store。Is a popular take-out section mounted on the front of the shop.


Ham and eggs toast set wake-up drink fee +130 Yen

+130CircleIn the morning set can be ordered ham and eggs toast。Lightly toasted and crunchy texture of the toast in、Plenty of cabbage sauce seeps、Ham and eggs are packed tightly、Crunchy texture is very helpful and friendly staff.


Corn potage 400 Yen

Even the corn potage soup400CircleAnd is a very reasonable price。With croutons and、The thick and creamy corn soup、Warm the body and volume.


Coffee ¥ 400

CompalMr.Original blend coffeeThe、In the blend does not change from inception、Full-bodied with a rich deep flavor and Marumi is characterized。To toast a luxurious Teppanyaki is a combination of delicious coffee!25More thanWhat in the menu with sandwiches、Nagoya specialty is featured on TV and in magazines and written'Ebihreisand' 930 YenAlso there。Three bottles and using fried shrimp、For that the tonkatsu and toast with tartar sauce double egg、Feeling, sense of volume is (lol) but、Being famous、'Ebihreisand'Order、To the exciting casts of women get chirahora。You want to have if you have scheduled the lunch after this.。Also、Nagoya wake-upThe number of coffee shops has been more、Originally a、Many of the coffee shops called the commercial competition within the region、Gave birth to these services and is。For the wide variety of services provided as the number of coffee shops、VariousNagoya wake-upThe I'd love the challenge!

3-5-12 Sakae, Naka-ku Nagoya City where subway Sakae Mori underground city and South First Avenue
Hours of operation 8:00-21:00(Wake-up 8:00-11:00-
Closed on Mondays:Without

3-5-12 Sakae, Naka-ku Nagoya-Shi

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