JY Hamamatsu City know sat quietly and thankfully MNTs


On the Hamamatsu City、Shops know。Is raccoon figurine is in、From the appearance seen goodwill too、Difficult decision whether or not to open、It seems something of a magical storefront is completely unknown。Here is a longer open as a place of rest in the bosom of our city office workers with very gentle。Regulars who will always fill our shops。Either and say look, I will notice an atmosphere is (actually experienced is OK)、Shot in the style of sales are now the regulars have been important。Things like where you can open your store run by an elderly couple continue a little longer, I hope it is!


"Hi ~ ♪"When you enter the shop and、MOM"At the entrance is an umbrella! "And、Immediate response (lol) my mother、My son came back to、Really enjoyed our conversation with the other regulars。In this shop、There is this rule.、So air flow is。When you are busy、Natural table packed!。Playing with a meal rather than、And either per person of the beloved office worker、Such shops。Also sitting at the table、Special meal of the day only 1 diet menu in order I do not。And know the Moms enter the shop order、If you wait to order anytime, put the hand towels and tea set。Seasoned inside.、Strangely the sometimes cozy, clean and。Small TV and on the over the counter、The old elementary school、To ask for lunch at grandma at a quick pace after school was over in the morning to play and go、Place a warm taste like nostalgia scene together, and has become hooked on a soap opera that reminds me (lol)。Is a good shop like this is in town!


In each of the tables、Homemade pickled ume and various pickles are lined and、Hotel just like what you like。Soy sauce and Ponzu sauce、Free use of and sprinkle condiments, such as mayonnaise、The atmosphere of home where I'm!


"Today's lunch.

The main meal of the day、Deep-fried pork and chicken mix。In terms of volume was very happy meal, and topped with fried chicken hit concurred last time, you increase the、This is equal、Layered pork, tonkatsu-style or、Chicken breast fried and while also reducing the cost of food volume overflow、Provided with side dishes to satisfy any hungry guys。It is so fresh and fried properly, provide us with delicious。FRY peak、Served with boiled potatoes was traditional, with green leafy vegetables。With a watermelon desserts too!


Small bowl set-menu "spinach was really"

Enjoy the scent of enjoying a meal of spinach, topped with bonito broth。Maine in the morning like this lightly in small bowl the'm!


"Rice and miso soup with winter melon and seaweed.

This quality set meal、And hell you much?

It's actually... surprise450Circle! It is 450 Yen! (Cheaper than coin! Surprise)

Without a cash register、Banknotes and coins and placed on the counter。Is your accounting、Also change effected in their own very different style。(Fishing, do not confuse it! ) To your mother' Feast '.、Also comes! "The charge and、Shop later.。Shop、I really love!
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