Grand Cru Club to study differences in tsumagoi Jardin terroir wine society


Kakegawa City Resort Hotel "Resort Yamaha tsumagoi"Restaurant"Steak Jardin"In the
2015 June,The held
"GRAND CRU CLUB"ofSudo, HideakiParticipated in the wines of the teacher.

Representative in、Guest lecturer at theSudo, HideakiBy teacher2012March 5Established.。
While in Japan.、Want to get along better wine and wishes、
To obtain directly from the local auctions and producers、Source checkI wonder if only bottles are transported in air cargo。
And、And semiconductor producer tours for wine lovers、
Also sold as a Navigator in the wine sessions held across the country、Conducts auctions。


The theme of this wine、"Terroir series"
Why、You can taste different from the same varietal wines?
So as you learn、Is to study the differences in terroir (soil).


Sudo, HideakiTeacher

1986Sharingan in the Académie du Vin wine year。
Impressed by the combination of food and wine by Alain Segel said of the CIDD (Mariage) after、
Comparative tasting their vertical tasting and parallel tasting to Center planning。
In tastings for wine lovers in Paris in 1991, called Grand Cru Club。
1995Tasting sessions held in Japan since。
In the Paris tasting and wine producers result、Organize a tour visiting the region to deepen their understanding of the growth of grapes and fermentation、
Listening passions to share with more people bring wine fun。
From the (GCC)


In the wine of this wine were


You guys have been worked out、First of all,SudoWith Dr. Champagne is toast!


As the first half of the best champagneSudoSaid that choice was
Cospa very expensive champagne was served.


Herb pudding
Gorgonzola Sauce


Snow crab
Raspberry flavor


Seared 初鰹 wine down
Yuzu Ponzu jelly


Baronnes 2013、Jadis 2012、D 'Antant 2012

3Drinking born from different terroirs Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc、
While we focused on how wine is what soil?、
Same Sancerre during which you would like to know good opportunity。
In addition、Quizzes will focused on how soil is rose in the last also very unique!
Believe in my nose and tongue、While enjoying a tasting and delicious tastes.


Seaweed-flavored sea bass


Herb Roasted Rack of lamb
2Kind of pepper sauce


Puri de Meaux
Bittersweet spring Brulee


See Chambolle-Muisigny 2012 G.Roumier "、[Gevrey-Chambertin "、"Corton 2000 L.Latour "、
"Cote de Beaune 1999 Leroy.、See Meucurey 1985 Faiveley.、"Clos de Vougeot 1985 Gros F&S "、
"Pommard 1961 Thorin.

Red wine、Burgundy, pleasure sensitive。
To know the wine gradually、Visit's scene and felt it deep、
And、While talking about wine、Differences in each person's values also looking forward、
We have spent a very pampering experience!


See Chambolle-Muisigny 2012 G.Roumier "

At the end of a wine tasting opens auction、Can I call a treasured wine of the day。
The bid request、Fine will present the winning hand.


Finally we said all participants ' comments、
JardinThe store and head sommelierSahara TadayukiIs it in our overall、Lower the curtain of a great wine tasting。
We will be a very valuable experience、Nice and ready together, was a time of bliss!
Sudo teacher、Thank you very much!


Resort Yamaha tsumagoi
Shizuoka, Kakegawa city full 2000 TEL:0537-24-1111(Teen)
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(24/7)


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