Day-is it birthday party held in the 65-year-old's birthday


Each year after annual scallion friends of the employer、Will hosting a feast in his wife Junko decided.、This time theHide-SanThe 65-year-old's birthday with、Now at all to hold the birthday party。"Happy" and celebrating with cheers for good beer down yank and bite、Delicious ~!


That is why black surfer the Mr.Tanaka、Day-and it also is surprisingly a turn。Oh、But rock so it is well into the sea every day day (lol) is surprisingly white seems an easy


Then the toast cheers、Each 持chi寄rimasu present in all。We day-is it's decided to love "is an indispensable jams" this presents homemade!


Wine version and normal version of "strawberries with homemade jams" they were pleased in so good it is!


Here is day-is it of and his son Keisuke、Your daughter's Kumiko seems to present from the two sneaker、"Come along with me taking pictures" tohi-and it is、Is a gift of the heart from the children, unbearable state.


Now、Last year with good luck at your dinner table, peeled shallots marinated Junko me what comes out as"1 year"。And pickles taste better pickled deep divides and like it。And beams.、Compared with scallion last year and this year.、2X-is different from the size about 3 times!


♪ that Junko gave me ordered the nigiri sushi's also "Sushiken" this year







Inside lined with Junko's delicious home cooking is a lot more、That is like sticking your pickles hospital the Mr.Tanaka、Also delicious drink or rely on Nice!


The US took on the way to celebrate、Flower-Chan Hanasaki Yoshihiko,、Day-and I launched the largest ukulele band teacher.


Flower-Chan teacher have been worked out、Terrace with day-and I in in chorus and play in concert with the ukulele song happy birthday celebration while!





The terrace is really cozy wind blows、Partly thanks to sky it was a mild day。1Once you picked up the ukulele-ukulele band、As well as, the practice to speak!


To fill up my stomach as well、Beam... and I also drink around nice day-and I of feeling had NAP time (lol) it looks good!


When it comes to snack time ♪ that "Abondonsu" Mr. birthday cake has arrived


"Hide-San、65Happy birthday you! "


Sounded a cracker that was concealed in all have is a big bustle ♪


After、The description of the cake puts more in articles、Birthday cake was light with orange mousse with variety of fruits, very good、Everyone is eating steak.


It was in the middle of the feast、Has participated in Tak's employees that tokumasu Yoshiaki,。Midori no makibaō is earlier.、There's experience had been far iron tourism development officer、Is he know in Hamamatsu.


Also the feast began with lunch at snack time or close Act I when and、In a toast with Mr. again you return to beer、Entered in the night (laughs)


She rocks、Is well even ukuleles、Since that moment she had originally、Guitar and voice are very nice ♪ especially seem good in both of the fifties twist、Fun concert goes next and next.


The beer:、呑mou at the Highline Ballroom! Be said to be、Hash Motti is day-is going to decided to operate a soda water manufacturer gave you!


By simply inserting a cartridge of carbon dioxide of ordinary water、It is during the makeover is carbonated water! (Terrible) carbon dioxide with a taste like so、Cocktail or delicious and can be made with the。This is a gift for the summer.。As you'd expect、Is the selection of hashimotti.


Dessert assortment



11Began when "scallion friendship society" & "day-is it birthday party" is over 12 hours、Ended as a delicious, fun。1Junko's homemade spontaneously after weeks "Kirishima grown shallots" is so fun!

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