Annual "shallots Friends" in 30kg and shallots Strip


Every year in June in the Naruto plain House、Of the LordHide-plain, round eight real estate Chairman of thisFrom the incomparable scallion-like、You will receive large amounts of Kirishima in scallion。Has previously been、Is wife Junko and alone in the shallots peeled he used to work is、Shallots are increased year after year, before、Helping hands also increases slightly、Gather members of scallion, formed of the scallion friend。2013The year、Total of 8 is also 30 kg pickled scallion peeled!


Day-and it's in the basement of the House a nice courtyard、This year more than usual blossom into beautiful hydrangea flowers.


During the big tubs of 30 kg of Kirishima in scallion。Is the pickled shallots over last year pretty much Roundhouse and respectable。The same weight but great:、Because fewer this year is a piece of cake。


Scallion sat down.、Patent product "mucky" this is a necessity.。Burdock and Yam、McKee developed shaving cotton such as taro。Actually,、To prove Mackey brought me in to the shallots peeled a big success、Also his wife Junko、Hashimog tea company that too the bunches Michiyo Hashimoto all purchased McKee。McKee has done a very good job.!


But take the soil and so beautiful、Just finished the first step yet。


Day, who also、Starting early is always energetic is beaming、It is worried about this fine has ever。Last year,、Entered the forty winks in the morning I'll be (laughs), it guys、Surprisingly your apron appearance is really nice!


In the new year、Employees rock Chanko and Iwasaki, hiromitsu who decided to distribute the work so many people join the。


Team deftly cutting with a knife scallion fallen Earth universe。


Peel off the thin scallion cut from Heaven Group。How is an experience、Team personally, peel off the top hands and smell、Because most shallots lye easier chapped hands、It may be a very。However,、Fat employee Mr.Tanaka that Tanaka, who in doing、Ami出shi Tulln and the shell better industries、Been achieved the feat at imitating girl that work many times faster!


And thanks to the sleight、From the grain of the shallots are larger and fewer in number、Greatly exceeds the record of the past、It is able to complete the work with unusual speed of 2 hours from the start! This (surprise)、Everyone cried of joy! If done soon as possible early in the 呑memasu beer from it (lol) to clean the shallots were stripped、After hanging up his wife Junko、Delicious salted after pickled, in "the best scallion".


Preparations for the feast while women、Men's handily gave spirit to the clean-up of the courtyard。You guys、Because waiting for the tasty beer?、Smooth moves (lol) so that's it! Sleep in late and joined、From the prior year can join Adachi judicial Scrivener of Adachi's Adachi munehiro says。It is good in time for the feast。Now、With the party so ready for fun in the living room of the 1st floor、6On June 9 day-and it's birthday there so、65Years to celebrate the beginning of the birthday party is the beginning。The pattern in next post!

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