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Blue cake shop along the Sumiyoshi Kaido's and speaking 'Abondance"Mr.。Rich taste of authentic France's pastry shop features。And abondance、「コーンドアボンドンス」(豊饒の角)を意味し、And good luck in France。オーナーパティシエのエベルレ・ベルナールさんの作り出すケーキを頬張り味わうことで、The name is given hope and hope you had a rich and relaxing time。Cake、Every season seems to change menu、Baked goods are now about 12。お祝いケーキの予約も承ってくれます♪


Home chef、Mille-Feuille of France, Alsace regional tradition of surprise's。シェフ・ベルナールさんの店は、Everything is unique。Bespoke showcase jewelry case in whole、Every cake is often looks easy to choose.。Change seasons every cake is often something unfamiliar in Japan、It seems many fans deprived of cake baked cake traditional Bernard, born in Alsace and Paris using sophisticated eye。自慢のフィナンシェは焼きたてがオススメだそうですよ♪




”Bon Anniversaire OSAMU”とフランス語で表記フルーツ盛りだくさんで彩りが本当に美しく華やかなケーキですベースはオレンジのムースでしっとり爽やかな夏の装い皆で分け合い美味しくいただきました♪





Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-14-27 TEL:053-473-8400
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-14 -27

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