Audi e-tron GT, a new Audi Hamamatsu electric vehicle (EV), will be unveiled at a preview event!

Audi Hamamatsu, an authorized Audi dealer、Ahead of its launch in Japan this fall、全国のディーラーに 「Audi e-tron GT」が登場するプレビューイベントが2021/7/31(Sat)・2021/8/1(Sun)の二日間限定で開催! ドイツ本社から特別に空輸した欧州仕様車の先行限定公開となる実車を見学させていただき、3Because I have been taking virtual photography in D、多くのアウディファンの皆様にもお届けできればと思います! 「アウディ浜松」は「サーラカーズジャパン株式会社」が運営するAudi正規販売ディーラーです! 「サーラカーズジャパン」は、Three audi dealers in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures、2 Audi certified used car sites、8 volkswagen dealers、We operate 4 Volkswagen certified used car centers! Audi Hamamatsu、2019In January 2009, it was reborn as a showroom in accordance with the terminal concept of the latest design.、Site area is 3633㎡、The total floor area of the building is 1,320 m2.、The number of exhibits is 12 units, and a spacious space is secured with a full lineup、While launching the latest model exhibitions and various campaigns、There are also many test rides so that you can experience Audi more closely! Audi e-tron GT, a limited edition tour of dealers nationwide! See the 3D virtual world that you can enjoy at the same time while playing around at 360 degrees! Technology at the forering the times and、感性を刺激するエモーショナルなデザインを両立したAudiの理想を体現する電気自動車のフラッグシップモデル! 上品さが備わるデザインを持ちながらスポーティネスでパワフルな電気駆動システムを備えた4ドアクーペ! グランツーリスモでありながら、Thoroughly pursue efficient and comfortable driving performance that takes advantage of the characteristics of electric vehicles、The electric motor mounted on the front and rear has an overwhelming performance with a maximum output of 350 kW / maximum torque of 630 Nm.、ブーストモードを利用すれば最高出力390kW/最大トルク640Nmに達するパワーでパワフルにスポーツカーを思わせる発進加速を高次元で実現可能に! 空気抵抗を極限まで抑え効率を徹底的に追求することによって生み出された究極のプロポーションは従来の電動自動車にはない仕上がりになっています! サステイナブルな未来をめざす電気自動車の理想も込められており、Audi e-tron GT is a material that also cares about the global environment! Leather-free package that does not use any leather、Sheets and center console trims for polyester fibers extracted from artificial leather and recycled materials、Adopted for floor mats, etc.、先進のインフォテインメントを搭載した究極のグランツーリスモとしての快適でスポーティなインテリアとなっています! アウディの電気自動車のフラッグシップであり次世代を担う最注目の一台となりうる「Audi e-tron GT」! 今秋予定される日本国内発売をお楽しみに! 駐車場には、Looking ahead to the introduction of Audi's first electric audi e-tron、Introduction of high-power quick charger installation (supercharger) etc.、We have a full service system in place.、安心対応です!今回はこちらのEV e-tronの試乗をさせていただきました! サイズでいうとQ5とQ7の間に位置するクーペライクなSUVとなり、Total length 4901mm、Width 1935mm、Height 1616mm。Wheelbase is 2928mm and a sense of size、さほど高くない車高からスマートな印象も受けます! e-tronには、Virtual exterior mirror with symbolic optional equipment for aerodynamic improvement、カメラ映像を映すモニターで確認します! 本来ドアミラーが備わる場所からスマートなステーが伸びており、Because it is equipped with a camera beyond that、the image transferred by the camera is projected on a monitor built into the door。I was surprised at the reality of the video projected、Because I look at the door mirror with the usual habit while driving、ドア内のモニターとの位置間隔に多少の慣れが必要かと思いました! しかしながら、There is also the space in the car and the space of the trunk room, so it is long in practicality、軽快な走りで快適なラグジュアリーEVとしての完成度の高さを実感致しました! 今後のアウディのEVラインナップに期待です! アウディ浜松(Audi Hamamatsu) 所在地静岡県浜松市東区宮竹町667 TEL:053-468-7961 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00/ Service reception hours 10:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays:第1.第3火曜日・水曜日

"Shintaro Amioka Atelier" See the plum picking of Nanko Plum and the creation of works for the next solo exhibition!

Toyohashi-based contemporary artist Shintaro Amioka's residence and office atelier! In response to the announcement of the annual "Plum Picking" at Amioka House held before the rainy season every year、ドライブがてら足を運ばせていただきました! 娘の明里ちゃんが知らせてくれ午前の内に一部の収穫作業を終えていたところに到着! 梅の実は高い位置にも生るため、It will be harvested while using a bedt。 In addition、Because there is pest damage such as caterpillars in the plum tree,、収穫はいつも手慣れた明里ちゃんの梅雨前の大仕事となっているそうです! 庭に植わる3本の梅の木から毎年収穫できる南高梅日本では雨が多く降る時期のことを「梅雨」というのはなぜか御存知ですか? 諸説あるようですが、It seems that the plum fruit is called "Tsyu" by writing "rainy season" because it ripens under the moisture of rain and sunlight.。 In general,、The harvest time of the plum is from June to July.、This year, the rainy season is earlier than normal nationwide.。 The plum blossoms bloom from February to early May, after which the fruit grows and ripens.、今回は梅酒やカリカリ梅にするために熟す前の若い青梅を収穫させていただきます!(※梅は用途により収穫時期が異なります) 私は背丈の届く範囲で収穫する「梅狩り」を初体験! 一粒一粒が大振りで立派な梅の実傷を付けないように大事に大事に一粒ずつ大切に優しく手でもいでいきます! ほんのりと紅い部分もありますが、It is proof that Nanko Ume was bathed in the sun.。 The plum under the leaves is blue buns.。 Children who become umeboshi of Nanko plum from Wakayama familiar in "Kishu Nanko Ume"、It is said that they wait for the time of harvest and wait for the time of ripening on the tree for a while.。 In the first place, "Nanko Ume" was discovered by a person named Sadakusu Takada in 1890.、Originally called "Takada Ume"。 In 1940, the Ume Excellent Mother Tree Selection Committee was established to select excellent varieties suitable for suitable land among dozens of plum varieties in Nanbu Kawamura, Wakayama Prefecture.、The head teacher of the Southern High School Horticultural Department who chaired it、Results of a 5-year plum variety survey conducted by Dr. Katsutaro Takenaka with his students、「高田梅」が最優良品種に選ばれたのです! その時の功績を評し「南高梅(南部高校=南高)」と命名されたとのこと。*Registered as a name by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1965。 Previous、When I visited Wakayama Prefecture, which is the production area of plum blossoms, I saw the plum garden of Nanko Plum Everywhere.、Not to mention the brand name ume = Nanko ume of the highest quality in Japan、that everyone is aware of。 Now、日本で一番高級な南高梅は御存知ですか? 和歌山県日高郡みなべ町にある天保五年創業・現在五代目が継ぐ老舗中の老舗「東農園(あづまのうえん)」が2016年に予約を開始した12年に一度の限定販売で「丙申年の梅 五福 1.8kg」10万円(税抜)という神事を行なった直営農園で収穫し丁寧に漬け込んだ白干し梅の金箔付の梅干しがあることを知りました! 「丙申年の梅 五福 1粒」3,240円(税込)なんていう桐箱入りの甕に1粒という贅沢品までも存在します! 通販サイト「五代庵」 梅好きな旦那様への誕生日プレゼントにでもしたら喜んでくれるでしょうか?(笑) 今回は梅酒やカリカリ梅用に何と!5.4kgもの青梅を頂戴しました!(感謝) 梅の実の追熟は早いため帰宅後は直ぐに「梅仕事」にかかりたいと思います! ※その模様は次回の記事で詳細を記載致します。 When I looked at Mr. Amioka's atelier on the way back、丁度来月6月26日(土)~「Hirano Art Gallery」にて開催される「味岡伸太郎展-えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう-」の作品づくりに精を出されているところを見学させていただくことができました! いつも1階のサロンか2階の事務所でお会いすることが多かったのでアトリエを拝見するのは初めてです! そして、It is the first time to see mr. Amioka's work scenery.。 How works are born、制作過程を見せていただけるというのは大変貴重な時間となります! 丸木の複雑な組み合わせのようにも見えますが、The way nature comes in Amioka's hands。 While making many bodies of works、こちらはかなりの大作です! 木片と木片を組み合わせ、An atelier with the sound of drilling holes。 Kankan Khan and、The sound of hitting wooden piles also resonates.。 丸木を四分の一にカットしひっくり返した作品で「えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう」 手斧やナタにクサビ、Tahgane, etc.、Tools of the year。 And the floor where the wood is scattered.、Look、It looks like art, so it's strange.。 It will be finished in a powerful three-dimensional shape that the vitality of the tree has。 味岡伸太郎展-えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう- 開催期間:2021年6月26日(土)~7月18日(日) 開催場所Hirano Art Gallery 土日 10:00-17:00 OPEN(月~金...

"Amioka Shintaro's Yutani house" under the sun of fresh green trees leaking、Tea ceremony held in mud dyeing tea room

Sandwiched between the Uren River and the JR Iida Line near Yutani Onsen in Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture、板敷川を見下ろす林の中にアーティスト味岡伸太郎の作品となる「泥染茶室」を設営し開催された「茶会」へ! 豊橋駅(愛知県)~辰野駅(長野県)まで195.7kmの間に94もの駅があり、JR East Iida Line with an average distance between stations of only 2.1km。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Cross the tracks past the Tanoshima Railroad Crossing。How to go to Yutani's house、There is no way but to cross this track.。 a small house with a red roof that can be seen over the tracks。This is artist Shintaro Amioka's villa "Yutani no Ie"。 A mud dyeing tea room is set up on the site.、Mr. Amioka devotes himself to preparation。 Because the tea ceremony is held after dinner、先ずは腹ごしらえと参りましょう! この日の茶会での炊き出しは「野草の会」でもお馴染みのゲーテ高橋さんの野草料理と豊橋のワインカフェ「夏目」の夏目晴夫さんが担当されています。 Haruo Natsumi is the owner of Natsumi Wine Cafe in Toyohashi.、Cook is.、And he has the title of Senior Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association、1We operate a restaurant that is limited to one group per day and is a complete reservation system.。 Mr. Amioka and Mr. Natsube have been ing together for a long time.、Natsume's restaurant itself is also created from the ground up with Mr. Amioka.。 この日は3升炊きの大きな羽釜を用いて庭にあるレンガのコンロに薪をくべて御飯を炊き上げてくれます! 羽釜の蓋がなかったため、Mr. Amioka said that he made the lid him owned to match the size of the hagama.。 本当に何でも手づくりされる器用な方です! およそ10年ほど前から味岡さん自らが手を加えリノベーションし続けている湯谷の家は、Not only the interior with the atmosphere like an art gallery、建物全てがアート作品です! 設置される自身のアート作品は定期的に入れ替えられており、Choose a flowerware and decorate the flowers of the wild mountains for each season to create the four seasons。 There's no such luxury。 A sense of balance in the cutting and pasting of Washi paper and fine work by hand even if it is one wallpaper。 It is a work of 2008 which wrote haiku poet Masahiko Hoshino's phrase "Kagome Kagomeko etc. and immediately empty"。 This is a Buddha who was got by Mr. Amioka's eyes at the antique market of Oyama Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture。 of an old age with a little gold leaf、The back of the light is painted with gold powder on an old hoe and shines.。 The pedestal is blacked out from the firewood and placed in a place according to the Buddha。 「花頌抄(はなしょうしょう)― 野の花を生ける ― 」 14ヶ月もの間、Mr. Amioka picks flowers blooming in the field、Vase、My daughter, Akisato Miyata, kept taking pictures.、It is a catalog that summarizes what the haiku poet wrote the phrase.。 "Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。That is a record of the year loved flowers。 It contains many familiar wild grasses and is also a picture book of wild flowers of the four seasons、折々花の変化も楽しめる超大作です! 見渡す限り緑の森と山々に囲まれ、Peaceful land of cool toilet。 Cover the hearth、The Japanese-style room with a single-board seat table is comfortable on your bare feet.。 The glare of fresh green from the open veranda and the 囀 birds make you feel extraordinary moments。 The seseragi of the Uren River becomes the background music of healing、Yutani's house where rich time flows。 Goethe Takahashi, a master of wild grass, picks wild grasses from wild mountains and makes wild grass dishes! This is one of the wild grasses planted by the Yonezawa domain, which had famine, to outsoever hunger.、The Yonezawa domain perused the book "The One" which put 140 kinds of rough plants as a popularization book of the plant which can be eaten.、It is said to have surpassed the predicament of famine.。There is a culture of food that eats wild plants, the blessings of mountain nature、That culture is still passed down.、We can also touch and eat wild grass.。 "Tempura of wild grass" Freshly picked tea leaves、Light bamboo、Kogomi、Seita Kawadachisou、Seri、snapdragon、Roses, etc.。 The tempura of freshly picked tea leaves has a good fragrance.、A tasteful taste where you can feel the blessings of the mountains and mountains。 Taking the time to participate in the "Wild Grass Association" held here several times before、I'm really a fan of wild grass dishes.。 「田口塩鶏」 奥三河で親しまれている味付け鶏もも肉で焼くだけの手間要らずの一品。 The meat is softened by salt koji.、だしは貝柱だしを使い旨みを濃縮した旨塩味となっています! 「羽釜炊きおにぎり」 羽釜で炊き上げ、Onigiri, which is gripped with the aroma of charred and flavorful white rice, is wrapped in nori seaweed with umeboshi on the ingredients.、It is held cutely and roundly in a small size that is easy to eat。 「手摘み茶」 茶葉を手で摘み煎ってから豪快に鍋で煮出す手摘み茶。 Aldning that it was not sunny on this day、20in a climate that is easy to spend around the、The swaying leafy sound of the trees and the wind are comfortable on the veranda。 We enjoyed our time with our guests.。 Visit once or twice a week、Mr. Amioka comes to care for plants and plants and manage the house, mainly mowing the grass。 It seems that a few pine trees have withered.、Instead, the new pine buds seem to be growing as they begin to appear, and I feel the power of the earth.。 Families with small children go down to the river、Wading。 The boy's shoes got wet.、Isn't this also a scenery with a taste unique to early summer?。 It can also be said that coronal disaster、This tea ceremony where each gathers at 3-5。 Guests waiting in front of the mud dyeing tea room for the order of the tea room。 この泥染茶室は2017年に開催された「愛知県陶磁美術館」でのワークショップ「土の色発見・楽焼作りと茶会体験 土・色・茶の湯」の際に子供たちと一緒に作成された茶室です。 Let elementary school children experience tea leaves by hand picking、I had the tea leaves finished in matcha in Nishio.、Make a teacup out of clay.、Draw a picture, make a matcha teacup, and bake a teacup in a rakuyaki kiln.、Mud dyeing experience that becomes part of the tea room、Matcha tea bowls picked by their own hands and handmade、And、At the grand event of ing a tea ceremony in this mud dyeing tea room、It took about four months to produce.。 A wonderful event where children can enjoy the joy of manual labor and the joy of manufacturing、味岡さんが当時の様子を大変ではあったがとても楽しかったと語ってくださいました!...

釋 Eigaku Ceramic Art exhibition × Rain and fine "L’assiette por les cuisiniers"

Ceramic artist "Mt. Naganaga" making pottery in Iwase, Toyama, which attracts attention 釋 the world (Gaku Shakunaga)" will hold an exhibition of vessels at the select shop "Amaharu / AMAARE" in Shirokadai, Tokyo for the first time in about 5 years! 釋 Mt. Nagatake adopted by Michelin-class restaurant chefs and luxury hotels in Japan.、He now gets the attention from overseas work、One one be all handmade、Strength of the earth caused by soil with instruments to express、It will be a work full of presence! We launched a project called "Vessel and Travel Series" in The Web Magazine Lade, which we operate for many years to convey the wonderfulness of his vessels.、I visited not only 釋 but also around the world while holding the vessel of Mt. Nagatake、We collaborated with Nagatake's 釋 dishes prepared by various chefs! In fact, most of them bring in vessels without apo.、We negotiated on the spot (laughs) Although there are chopsticks and glasses、As expected, no one will bring in the vessel.、I thought that there were many hotels and restaurants that showed difficulties.、Even if you mess with the chef to "eat it in this bowl"、Many chefs agreed that it was interesting.、While facing the vessel 釋 Mt. Nagatake for the first time to see、Inspired on the spot、Each of the chef's own dishes was possible! Web magazine lade "Vessel and travel series" article /.?s= Series to travel with vessels In this article, we uploaded a photo of the collaboration, so I hope you can refer to it when you actually serve the dish.。 釋 Nagatake "Vessel and Travel Series" Photo Album 釋 of Mt. Naganaga is very popular, and until now it has been taking nearly a year from order to delivery.、Because it is possible to purchase it in the shop and the online store of rain and fine this time、If you want to use it now, please take this opportunity! —————————————————- Online & Real Shop ExhibitionGAKU × Rainy weather "L'assiette cour les cuisiniers" —————————————————- Earth、Mars、Dawn。 "GAKU", a work brand by 釋,[1] which has an atelier in Higashiiwase, Toyama Prefecture, is only a reminder of beautiful natural scenes。 While feeling gratitude for nature, we share our thoughts with the chefs who are active in Toyama and create a place for cooking every day.。 Mr. Yoshinaga's first exhibition 釋 rainy days Please look forward to it.。 【Period】 Online shop A rainy weather dining room From 9:00 p.m. on Friday, December 11, 2020 to 9:00 p.m. on Monday, December 21, 2020: Shirokaedae Rainy fine / AMAARE December 17 (Thu) - December 20 (Sun), 2020 Hakukadai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071 5-5-2 TEL:03-3280-0766 *In light of this situation釋 Mr. Nagatake will refrain from visiting the gallery.。※Online Shop and store handling goods、Inventory will be common。 Online...

"New Year Maserati Touring 2020" Resort lunch at Ryutoji Temple and lakeside on a tour of Lake Hamana

    Reiwa "New Year Maserati Touring 2020" is the first、14 new and old Maserati cars, 20 people in total participated、I was able to hold it in a good drive day! This touring course drives around Lake Hamana.、大河ドラマ「おんな城主 直虎」の主人公「井伊直虎」ゆかりの地として人気を博す「龍潭寺(Ryotanji)」を訪れ、Enjoy the plum blossoms at this time of year、奥浜名湖湖畔に佇む会員制リゾートホテル「KIARA リゾート&スパ浜名湖」にて優雅なランチタイムを過ごすなどしドライブを中心としたコースを設定しております! 朝早くより、Aichi、Gifu、Where is the meeting place with everyone who participates from the Mie area?、三ヶ日インター出口直ぐの「JAみっかび特産センター」にて集合! 合流してから向かうドライブコース「奥浜名オレンジロード」は、It becomes a wide-area farm road of about 15km following the mountain of Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.、Including the famous mandarin orange field that represents the three days、A quiet scenery unique to the countryside spreads out.。 Winding road popular with riders continues、It's a moment.、You can also meet the scenery overlooking Lake Hamana、Because there is no signal and there is little traffic、You can enjoy a comfortable drive! At the first destination, Ryotanji、Please enjoy the visit and walk freely respectively! In the precincts、1Plum blossoms and Kawazu cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom from March to March, are beginning to bloom.、In Ryugo-ji Temple, it is the oldest, and it passes through the "East Gate (Old Bell Tower Hall)",, which is the oldest building of about 400 years ago.、本堂脇の枝垂れ梅の花のほころびは一足早い春の訪れを感じます! 散策路の景観を楽しみながら「井伊家墓所」を抜け、If you go to the prestigious shrine "Iitani-miya"、Meet the graceful figure of the red plum、とても心地好い時間を過ごすことが出来ました! 「龍潭寺(Ryotanji)」からは気賀の街並みを抜けます! 浜名湖畔へ降り立ち、Run on the Lake Sideway of Lake Hamana with a view of Lake Kuwano、Go through the Seto Tunnel from SetoBashi! To the membership-only resort hotel "KARA Resort & Spa Hamanako" selected as a lunch place! Looking at Lake Kuwan nose、Enjoy "Chef's Whimsical One Plate Lunch" 2,750 yen (including tax)! Local brands of beef and salmon、Meat and fish dishes salads and soups、アミューズと共にワンプレートに盛り込まれたお手軽ランチです! 同行された「マセラティ名古屋サービスセンター」から乾杯ドリンクをサービスしていただき皆で乾杯! こちらで合流したカップルもいらしたため、After the chat time while enjoying the coffee after the meal、ホール階段前にて記念撮影! ランチ後は来た道を戻り風情溢れる「気賀関所(東海道三大関所)跡」にて一旦休憩を取ります! 関所に隣接する「田空直虎ショップ」では、Local souvenirs are lined up、Colorful citrus was sitting in the center! The route that follows is to go south through the shore of Lake Hamana from the site of the Three Great Tokaido Stations and pass through The Sasayamaji Onsen.。 Commemorative photo taken at the parking lot of "Hamanako Garden Park - Shizuoka Prefectural Park" at the relay point! Even though it's winter、The parking lot of "Hamanako Garden Park - Shizuoka Prefectural Park" which is crowded on the weekend is full! Departure for the final destination of the touring course、Through Bentenjima、競艇場大橋を渡り「ボートレース浜名湖」から「浜名バイパス」へ入ります! 最終目的地でもあり解散場所となる「道の駅 潮見坂」に到着! こちらでは、There are also shops with local products and shops where you can enjoy snacks.、Also、Because the footbath while looking out at the Pacific Ocean is prepared、ドライブ疲れを癒すに最適な休憩所となります! 今回は、Still chilly in February touring、On the shore of Lake Hamana, the wind from Enshu was blowing.、We had good weather.、The inside of the car on the road feels warm and comfortable.、While being healed by the surface of the lake that shines brightly、It becomes a perfect drive day.、We were also able to have a good time with the Maserati owners!...

"Maserati Hamamatsu" Thank you dinner party for Maserati owners!

"Maserati Hamamatsu" is a dinner party to thank the Maserati owner in Hamamatsu city – Italian Cafe & Held at Dinning (San Felice Italian Cafe & Dining)、Our husband and wife also invited us to participate! Maserati owners in the vicinity of Hamamatsu who usually do not have a chance to meet gather together! "Maserati Japan Maserati Japan" Everyone who came from the headquarters took the command、The beginning of a fun feast! The venue dinner is held in a buffet style that does not hold the shoulder.、Colorful Italian cuisine、Enjoy delicious wine! Not to mention the car favorite thing、Hobbies are close、It was a very meaningful time to spend time with ladies and gentlemen who love Maserati! This time in "Maserati Hamamatsu"、Tatsuya Nakajima, a good young man with a high level of experience in selling imported cars, joined、It seems to power up more and more! At the usual Janken tournament to conclude the event party、A nice Maserati goods were prepared! My husband won against Janken and got a golf ball with trident! In addition、The souvenir that I had as a souvenir is "Pair glass with Trident"! Thank you to the staff of Maserati Japan Ltd. and Maserati Hamamatsu for setting up such an opportunity! Maserati Hamamatsu (MASERATI Hamamatsu) Address:Kitajima-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 772 TEL:053-589-4366 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Popular wrestlers gather at Hamamatsu Arena for the 5th Grand Sumo Hamamatsu Career! Grand Sumo Tour

2019Shizuoka Shimbun and Shizuoka Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday, October 16,、The 5th Grand Sumo Hamamatsu Promotion Tournament was held at Hamamatsu Arena, so I watched it! The Grand Sumo District Tour、The purpose is to convey the charm of national technology to visitors through open training and initiatives.、You can experience the bravery and power of the realistic wrestlers that you feel up close、そして普段はお目に掛かれない力士たちのファンサービスなども必見です! 今回2年振りの開催となる浜松での地方巡業は、About 250 total powers participated、Yokozuna "Hakuho" and "Tsururyu"、Including the mogul sumo wrestler such as O seki [Takakage]、"Flame Peng" of the small soldier who is now called the most popular sumo wrestler in the corner world and "Shosape" of the handsome sumo wrestler、"Asanoyama" from Toyama Prefecture where a calm smile is healed、37年振りに長野県に誕生したスター力士「御嶽海」など錚々たる人気力士が集結します! 開館は朝8時からとなり、You can see how he hits first thing in the morning and practices hard 、A handshake meeting with sumo wrestlers will be held. 、On this day, we entered before noon when the efforts of sumo wrestlers below the second and third steps beed.、会場は既に多くの相撲ファンの熱気に包まれております! 来場者は、Many families with small children、若者から御年配層までと幅広い層に愛されている様子! 特に「スー女(相撲女子)」と呼ばれる若くて綺麗な女子達がカメラを引っさげてお目当ての力士たちに熱い声援を送っている様子には驚きました! 「1階マス席(座布団付き)」料金:45,000円(4名分) わたし達の座席は1階マス席(西)からの観戦となり土俵入りする力士と直接触れ合えるチャンスの高い絶好の場所となります! マス席は座布団付きの席となり、The table is written the title of the tour now、Successive yokozunas from the first yokozuna who was active in the Edo period are drawn、裏には「大入」と記された記念座布団が貰えます! こちらの記念座布団がお持ち帰りできるのもファンにとっては嬉しいサービスの一つで、I'm using it on the seat.、The cushioning was better than I thought and my buttocks did not hurt (laughs) "Bento / Souvenir Set" Fee:4,000Yen Bento、Tea、Snacks、Sumo souvenirs (rice crackers)、Washcloths、Tea bowl set) Thank you for eating and drinking while watching、Pick up a lunch box with a beer、まるで我が家にいるかのような寛ぎモードになれることにも驚きました! 場外には屋台販売もあるため、There's no end to beer and snacks.、Because it is possible to bring in、Because I brought "Tamba Sasayama black bean edamame" just arrived in the morning from "GLION GROUP", the parent company of "Maserati Hamamatsu".、風味豊かな枝豆はビールの当てとして最高のおつまみとなりました! 幕下の取組が終わると十両・幕内の取組の合間に「相撲甚句」と「初切」が行われます! 力士たちが土俵で円陣を作り相撲界に伝わる伝統的な七五調の囃子歌を歌い始める「相撲甚句」は会場一杯に響き渡る美しい力士たちの歌声が余興的な催しとなりミニコンサートさながらの盛り上がりを見せます! 民謡調で伸びやかに歌われる相撲甚句は、It is said that sumo jinku is originally a kind of Japanese folk song and is said to be the flow of Echigo Jinku.。Jinku, such as Japanese folk songs, is easy to listen to.、Warm air flows through the venue! Also、"1 first cut" that comically demonstrates the forbidden hand and the decided hand of sumo wrestling、Easy to understand for us who are beginners in sumo wrestling、There are also moments when you can laugh、敷居が高いと思っていた相撲を身近に感じられた良い時間となりました! 十両の取組中に、Yokozuna Hakuho's "Tsuna tightening demonstration" was held.、Yokozuna and his men went up to the ring.、横綱の腰に綱を締め上げていく様子を披露! 目の前を通る横綱・白鵬を間近にするとやはりただならぬ風格の違いをヒシヒシと感じることができます! そして、When you finish the middle break on the way、化粧廻しを身に纏い土俵入りする幕内・横綱の勇姿が見られ大歓声! 幕内の取組ともなると一取組一取組に会場からも熱い声援が入り熱量が違います! 拍子木の音が心地良く響き「東~○○○、West ~ ○○○"、The voice of the "call" that calls up sumo wrestlers at the time of the initiative is also felt、The "Yoji" who decides the progress of the competition and the judgment of the game has also been raised.、空気が一気に締まり緊張感が増す会場! 取組を終え、The sumo wrestlers who left the ring、When small children reach out while uttering sumo wrestler names, they respond to handshakes with smiles、I patted my head.、Holding the baby、Sign autographs and take photos、We also provide fan service unique to touring.、It seems to be able to touch the sumo wrestler in a peaceful mood、ファンには堪らないひとときが訪れます! 子供たちに触れ合いながら本場所では見られない力士の柔らかな表情などがとても温かな気持ちにさせてくれました! 今巡業の結びの取組となる「是より三役」 東御嶽海 西貴景勝 東栃ノ心 西豪栄道 東鶴竜  西白鵬 結びの熱戦を終えた「弓取式」では、The sumo wrestler "Shotoyoryu" who learned manners in place of the best winner of the tie in the main place of sumo received a bow on the ring.、勝者の舞を演じ千秋楽を迎えます! 今回初めての経験となる地方巡業への参加でしたが、I feel close to the efforts and attitudes of many sumo wrestlers.、相撲を見る目が変わった気が致します! やはり、Experience in everything。 A local tour where you can interact with sumo wrestlers and live watching with realism、機会があればお勧め致します! 第5回大相撲浜松出世場所 開催日:2019年10月16日(水) 会場浜松アリーナ 住所浜松市東区和田町808-1 時間:8:00-15:00...

Many visitors! Potters of Toyama my home salon will be held 釋 Yong Yue ceramic art exhibition

In the Toyama Iwase ceramic pottery "釋 Yong Yue (Gaku Shakunaga)"The works on display and、浜松の我が家のサロンにて「釋永岳 陶芸展」を開催しております! 日本国内の有名レストランの一流シェフや高級ホテルなどで採用されており、He now gets the attention from overseas work、One one be all handmade、Strength of the earth caused by soil with instruments to express、存在感溢れる作品となります! そんな「釋永岳」の新作作品を含む20数点の器たちを現在浜松にてご覧いただけます! 力強い作品たちは、Chefs ' hearts in particular has to grab、ここ数日も沢山の方に御来場頂きました! つい先日は「法多山 尊永寺」にて毎年開催されている「コトコト市」で長くお付き合いのある器好きなマダムの方々が御来場くださったり。 Also、長きに渡り「THE HAMANAKO(浜名湖ロイヤルホテル)」の最上階フレンチ「Bambocheur(バンボシュール)」にて料理長を務められ現在は奈良県の「THE KASHIHARA(橿原ロイヤルホテル)」の料理長として配属された遠山 嘉明 (Yoshiaki Tohyama)シェフが奥様の遠山 よし子 (Yoshiko Tohyama)With our visitors! Madam who、Also are you going to various cooking classes and tea room、While many of the artists works are eye、釋 Yung Dake on FB of us caught a glimpse of also very intrigued me as、"Come if you can see the real thing! "And to pay us a visit, really glad! Also、Toyama and his wife watching the instrument、Hot love face food and not in God speaks、From sons also work on lacquerware chef、As a father、As a chef、Walked into the same world from a variety of feelings though seems over、Please let the families love it very nice、ほっこりタイム! 「実は奈良にも美味しい苺があるんですよ」と大粒で真っ赤に輝く奈良県のブランド苺「古都華」を差し入れてくださった遠山さん! コーヒータイムには袋井の自家焙煎珈琲豆屋「まめやかふぇ」が提供するインドネシア産の幻のコーヒー「トラジャ」と静岡県のブランド苺「章姫」の「自家製苺大福」を御賞味頂きました! 後日、In the old Hana who insert Mrs. tohyama、Section Strawberry sand of life and make "Strawberry custard pie.、Enjoyed the day! Stunning yet in Nara prefectural agricultural research and Development Center is a large ancient city flower、Breeding lines of the Center [7-3-1,"" red cheeks getting pettanko "by multiplying the、Sugar sweet strongly seems a little expensive、香り豊かにフルーティーな味わいが特徴となり美味で御座います! また別日には今注目を集める豊橋のフレンチレストラン「aru(アル)」の鈴木 琢 (Takumi Suzuki)オーナーシェフと奥様の鈴木 彩 (Aya Suzuki)ちゃん夫妻も遥々御来場くださいました! 引っ越し祝いということでお気遣い頂きChampagneの「テタンジェ ブリュット レゼルヴ(Taittanger Brut Reserve)」を頂戴しました! 御2人は一つ一つの器を手にしながら、And with a staring contest! Spoke with shining eyes when incorporating your own cooking excitement、The next time、lade planning to travel with the series in collaboration with "aru" introduce may be able! Because we host a ceramics exhibition、皆様の御予約を心よりお待ちしております! 釋永岳 陶芸展 場所静岡県浜松市・佐鳴湖周辺の我が家サロンにて 開催随時開催(予約制となるためFBメッセージにて受付中) 作品:To become the flagship 'âge"started.、20Tour of exhibits exhibits (orders accepted) * number of points is free of charge at the same time countryman woodworking artist unit "Shimoo Design (under 尾和, t. shimoo Saori)" of also works!.

While ceramic artists in Toyama '釋 Yong Yue ceramic art exhibition"held in my home salon!

In the Toyama Iwase ceramic pottery "釋 Yong Yue (Gaku Shakunaga)"The works on display and、浜松の我が家のサロンにて「釋永岳 陶芸展」を開催しております! 日本国内の有名レストランの一流シェフや高級ホテルなどで採用されており、He now gets the attention from overseas work、One one be all handmade、Strength of the earth caused by soil with instruments to express、存在感溢れる作品となります! そんな「釋永岳」の新作作品を含む20数点の器たちを現在浜松にてご覧いただけます! 今までコラボレーションしたり釋永岳の器を使われているレストランの写真はこちらからご覧いただけます器と旅するシリーズ「釋永岳」 新年早々に名古屋のフレンチレストラン「Reminiscenceレミニセンス」のオーナーシェフである葛原将季(Masaki Kuzuhara)くんが、Using the valuable vacation time for the new year、来浜してくださいました! 葛原シェフとは、lade Gourmet & Hotel Web Magazineが企画する器と共に世界中を旅する「器と旅するシリーズ」で、2015Plays in collaboration、それをキッカケに「釋永岳」の器を採用してくださっています! コーヒータイムを取り、While watching the work including new、Food and restaurants、今後の展望についてディスカッション! 今年2019年7月23日に早くも4周年を迎える「Reminiscenceレミニセンス」はまた一つ上のステージに突入するための準備を着々としていらっしゃるとのこと! 常に高みを目指し、Continue to make cooking cosy spaces and guest smile、努力を惜しまない葛原シェフのひたむきな姿勢に敬意を表します! 陶芸展は随時開催しておりますので皆様の御予約を心よりお待ちしております! 釋永岳 陶芸展 場所静岡県浜松市・佐鳴湖周辺の我が家サロンにて 開催随時開催(予約制となるためFBメッセージにて受付中) 作品:To become the flagship 'âge"started.、20Tour of exhibits exhibits (orders accepted) * number of points is free of charge at the same time countryman woodworking artist unit "Shimoo Design (under 尾和, t. shimoo Saori)" of also works!.

At a cafe named "Garden" and "Sara Plaza sanarudai" great Thanksgiving raffle after lunch.

Was born in 4/2017, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai Orange Street along、早くも1週年を迎えられた「サーラプラザ佐鳴台」へ! こちらは、City gas company headquartered in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture Foundation and the、生活全般に関わる様々な分野で事業を展開されている「サーラグループ」系列の「中部ガス株式会社」が運営されています! 自然豊かな中庭を中心に、Glass is one-story building is in cell、From the welcome Hall and a consultation service to greet the guest space、Food lab to hold cooking classes and events-party、The living lab also does various proposals for the home and living、LOLO giardino cafe the café as a place of relaxation room becomes a region、"Another one、In your living room。」と題された出会い&憩いの空間となります! この日は、11/1(木)~11/4(日)まで開催されている「第57回サーラ大感謝祭」の嬉しい抽選券があったため来場! 屋外で開催されていた抽選会に早速チャレンジ! 1等「カタログギフト1万円相当(40本)」、2Such as ' Hokkaido nanatsuiro Boshi 5 kg (60 pieces) "introduction、6And far from great prizes provided by、7等「イチビキ・すぐとけるあわせ味噌」までハズレ無しの嬉しい抽選会となります! 結果は残念ながら、7Etc. of "shiroki-Awara soonest, miso and" is done in、すぐ溶ける味噌は海外旅行の際に活躍しそうです! 4日間に分けて開催される大感謝祭では、In many various activities、That first day is held at the food Lab "coin-cooking classes (booked in advance)、By using the easy-to-use, stylish Sala kitchen stovetop, and practice the "paella"、予約されたゲストの皆さんはワンコイン500円でレシピと試食を楽しまれておりました! わたし達はカフェ「LOLO giardino cafe」にてランチタイム! こちらはオープン当初「D Terrace(ディーテラス)」であった場所と同じで運営も当初のまま「LOLO Cafe」が担当されており今年2018年4月に店名を「giardino=庭」を意味する「LOLO giardino cafe」に変えられ再オープン! 自然光が優しく差し込み、The feeling of openness and increased warm tenderness of wood on the ceiling、白を基調としたブルックリンカフェをイメージされたお洒落な空間! ランチメニューは、A-provides three different types of C Ranch、I am the most popular C lunch of shrimp and avocado saladdutchbaby 1100 Yen、旦那様はパスタセットのAランチ「3種の貝のぺペロンチーノスパゲティ」1,300円をオーダー! 「エビとアボカドのサラダダッチベイビー」1,100円 見た目のインパクトも有り、The photogenic image of making saladdutchbaby、Pancakes cooked in the oven for hours and feel the natural sweetness of the egg、Align the avocado shrimp Ceviche、クミンやガラムマサラなどのスパイスでカレー風味に仕上げたサラダを器代わりのパンと一緒に楽しむ一品! サラダとは言え、More often in crisp crunchy and a feeling of fullness、As a light and healthy lunch satisfactory volume、女性には嬉しい限り! 「3種の貝のぺペロンチーノスパゲティ」1,300円 大きな蛤や浅利にムール貝と贅沢にも3種の貝の旨味が引き出されたペペロンチーノはトマトの酸味と相まって爽やかなあっさりパスタです! どのセットにもドリンクが付いてくるため「コーヒー豆専門店 コーヒー屋ポンポン」の焙煎豆を用いた「コーヒー」と「グレープフルーツジュース」をお願いしました! ドリンクには、Served with baked meringue cake "blottiforni"、In the savory baked almond or cashew nuts, finely crafted、Green inner courtyard filled with、ほっこりコーヒータイム! こういう居心地の良い気持ち良い空間でのランチは最高ですね!気さくながらにとても丁寧に対応してくれた素敵な女性スタッフさんと一緒に記念撮影! 大感謝祭は11/4(日)まで開催中です! サーラプラザ佐鳴台 住所静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台1-11-5 TEL:0120-376-306 Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(17 is a great Thanksgiving:00まで) 定休日:Wednesday、年末年始

Rites of summer can be said kannagi huishan Temple Fireworks! Decorate the shores of Lake Hamana to the rainbow-colored ball dance!

浜名湖の夏の夜を彩る夏の風物詩で7/22(日)に開催された「浜名湖かんざんじ温泉灯篭流し花火大会」へ! 浜名湖にある温泉街「舘山寺(かんざんじ)」では、Every year、There's fantastic events shed uchiura Bay about 2千 based on written wishes lanterns "lanterns"、The fireworks display will be held at the same time、Up to approximately 3000 launch fireworks on the Lake、While echoed and okusa mountain reflects the sparkle on the shores of Lake Hamana、夏の夜空を美しく彩る妖艶な舞いを披露致します! この日の舘山寺周辺は交通規制が入り、From evening to night、Vehicle access to the prescribed intervals will be forbidden for、昼下がりから見物場所の陣取りをされる方も多く見受けられます! わたし達は人混みが苦手なので反対側の寸座マリーナ近隣にある特等席で観覧することに致しました! 灯篭流しは19時30分から、Launch fireworks from 19:50、And the end will 20:55、While waiting for the dark days、屋台の焼きそばやかき氷でお祭り気分に浸ります!夏はやっぱりかき氷! 猛暑続きで晴れ渡る夏空が、Started dyed pink and slightly after the evening、The blue and pink overlap、薄紫色に染まる姿がまた幻想的な風景を映し出していきます! 開始の合図は、With the addon and sonorous sound、Also launch Fireworks started from staple staple in the colorful "assignment of" Chrysanthemum and Peony、Heart and smile、Soccer ball into the Saturn in the butterfly, unfolds as art "type thing.、Cheers for the up with gorgeous StarMine、Red and blue on blue、Green to yellow、Pink、The colors dyed orange with seven colors、まさに日本が誇る花火職人が成せる技! その一瞬の輝きを収めようと、Husband had fixed the camera on a tripod、Shutter speed for 20 seconds to shoot for about 30 seconds and adjust the、Not to mention the overhead Fireworks、Tomei fast Hamana Lake bridges running over the Lake Hamana vehicle movement and color and captures the vibrant、まるでUFO出現のようなあやかしの世界! 最後のフィナーレを飾る大玉には華麗に夜空を華やぐ大輪の「柳」の嵐で大歓声が湧き上がり幕を閉じました! こんなにもゆっくりと花火を眺めることができたのは数年振りのこと夫婦でいつまでもこの一瞬一瞬の花火のようなトキメキを大切に思い出を重ねていけたらと思います! 今年は後何回花火が観れるかな? 日本の夏!静岡の夏! 浜名湖かんざんじ温泉灯篭流し花火大会(※終了) 開催場所:Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture / 舘山寺温泉内浦湾 開催日時:2018July 22, (Sunday) 19:30-20:50...

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