Audi e-tron GT, a new Audi Hamamatsu electric vehicle (EV), will be unveiled at a preview event!

Audi authorized dealers' "Audi Hamamatsu"In the、Ahead of its launch in Japan this fall、Preview event with "Audi e-tron GT" appearing at dealers nationwide will be held for two days only on 2021/7/31 (Sat) and 2021/8/1 (Sun)!

Let's tour the actual car that will be the pre-limited release of the European specification car specially airlifted from the German headquarters、3Because I have been taking virtual photography in D、We hope to deliver it to many Audi fans!

Audi Hamamatsu、It is an Audi authorized sales dealer operated by "Sarlakers Japan Co., Ltd"!
"Sarrakers Japan"、Three audi dealers in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures、2 Audi certified used car sites、8 volkswagen dealers、We operate 4 Volkswagen certified used car centers!

Audi Hamamatsu、2019In January 2009, it was reborn as a showroom in accordance with the terminal concept of the latest design.、Site area is 3633㎡、The total floor area of the building is 1,320 m2.、The number of exhibits is 12 units, and a spacious space is secured with a full lineup、While launching the latest model exhibitions and various campaigns、There are also many test rides so that you can experience Audi more closely!

Audi e-tron GT, a limited edition tour of dealers nationwide!
360See the 3D virtual world that you can enjoy at the same time while playing around in degrees!

Technology at the forering the times and、The flagship model of an electric car that embodies Audi's ideal of both emotional design that stimulates sensitivity!

While having a design that is elegant、Sportiness and a 4-door coupe with a powerful electric drive system!

While gran turismo、Thoroughly pursue efficient and comfortable driving performance that takes advantage of the characteristics of electric vehicles、The electric motor mounted on the front and rear has an overwhelming performance with a maximum output of 350 kW / maximum torque of 630 Nm.、If you use boost mode, you can realize the start acceleration reminiscent of a sports car powerfully with power reaching a maximum output of 390 kW / maximum torque of 640 Nm at a high level!

Minimize air resistance、The ultimate proportions, which are thoroughly pursued for efficiency, are finished in a finish not found in conventional electric vehicles!

It also has the ideal of an electric car aiming for a sustainable future、Audi e-tron GT is a material that also cares about the global environment! Leather-free package that does not use any leather、Sheets and center console trims for polyester fibers extracted from artificial leather and recycled materials、Adopted for floor mats, etc.、It is a comfortable and sporty interior as the ultimate Gran Turismo equipped with advanced infotainment!

the flagship of Audi's electric car.、"Audi e-tron GT" that can be one of the most noteworthy for the next generation!

Look forward to the release in Japan scheduled for this fall!

At the parking lot、Looking ahead to the introduction of Audi's first electric audi e-tron、Introduction of high-power quick charger installation (supercharger) etc.、We have a full service system in place.、It is a safe response! This time, we test drive this EV e-tron!
In size, it becomes a coupe-like SUV located between Q5 and Q7、Total length 4901mm、Width 1935mm、Height 1616mm。Wheelbase is 2928mm and a sense of size、You will also get a smart impression from a not very high vehicle height!

e-tron、Virtual exterior mirror with symbolic optional equipment for aerodynamic improvement、Check the monitor to show the camera image!
Smart stay extends from the place where the door mirror is originally equipped、Because it is equipped with a camera beyond that、the image transferred by the camera is projected on a monitor built into the door。I was surprised at the reality of the video projected、Because I look at the door mirror with the usual habit while driving、I thought that it was necessary to get some familiar with the position interval with the monitor in the door!

However,、There is also the space in the car and the space of the trunk room, so it is long in practicality、I realized the high degree of perfection as a comfortable luxury EV with light running!

I look forward to audi's EV lineup in the future!

Audi Hamamatsu
Location:667 Miyatakecho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00/ Service reception hours 10:00-18:00
Closed on Mondays:1. 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday

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