"Shintaro Amioka Atelier" See the plum picking of Nanko Plum and the creation of works for the next solo exhibition!

Contemporary artists based in Toyohashi and active around the worldShintaro ajiokaTo the atelier of the residence and office of]!

In response to the announcement of the annual "Plum Picking" at Amioka House held before the rainy season every year、The drive was very good!

Let my daughter, Airi-chan, know.、Arrive at the place where some harvesting work was finished in the morning!
Because the fruit of the plum also blooms in a high position、It will be harvested while using a bedt。
In addition、Because there is pest damage such as caterpillars in the plum tree,、It seems that the harvest has always been a big job before the rainy season of Airi-chan who is used to it!

Nanko ume harvested annually from three plum trees planted in the garden。
Why did you know that the rainy season is when it rains a lot in Japan?
There seem to be various theories.、It seems that the plum fruit is called "Tsyu" by writing "rainy season" because it ripens under the moisture of rain and sunlight.。

In general,、The harvest time of the plum is from June to July.、This year, the rainy season is earlier than normal nationwide.。
The plum blossoms bloom from February to early May, after which the fruit grows and ripens.、This time, we will harvest plum wine and young Ome before ripening to make it crunchy plum! (*The harvest time of plums varies depending on the application)

I experienced "plum picking" for the first time harvesting within the reach of the height!

Each grain is a large swing and a splendid plum fruit。
I take care of it carefully so as not to scratch it, and I will take care of it carefully and gently by hand one by one!

There is a slightly red part, too.、It is proof that Nanko Ume was bathed in the sun.。
The plum under the leaves is blue buns.。

Children who become umeboshi of Nanko plum from Wakayama familiar in "Kishu Nanko Ume"、It is said that they wait for the time of harvest and wait for the time of ripening on the tree for a while.。

In the first place, "Nanko Ume" was discovered by a person named Sadakusu Takada in 1890.、Originally called "Takada Ume"。
In 1940, the Ume Excellent Mother Tree Selection Committee was established to select excellent varieties suitable for suitable land among dozens of plum varieties in Nanbu Kawamura, Wakayama Prefecture.、The head teacher of the Southern High School Horticultural Department who chaired it、Results of a 5-year plum variety survey conducted by Dr. Katsutaro Takenaka with his students、"Takada Plum" was selected as the best variety!
It is said that it was named "Nanko Ume (Nanbu High School = Nanko)" in recognition of the achievements at that time.。*Registered as a name by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1965。

Previous、When I visited Wakayama Prefecture, which is the production area of plum blossoms, I saw the plum garden of Nanko Plum Everywhere.、Not to mention the brand name ume = Nanko ume of the highest quality in Japan、that everyone is aware of。

Now、Do you know the most expensive Nanko plum in Japan?
和歌山県日高郡みなべ町にある天保五年創業・現在五代目が継ぐ老舗中の老舗「東農園(あづまのうえん)」が2016年に予約を開始した12年に一度の限定販売で「丙申年の梅 五福 1.8kg」10万円(税抜)という神事を行なった直営農園で収穫し丁寧に漬け込んだ白干し梅の金箔付の梅干しがあることを知りました!
There is even a luxury item of 1 grain in a jar in a paulownia box called "1 grain of Plum Gofuku of the Year of Heisin" 3,240 yen (tax included)!
Mail order site "Goyoan"


This time, what for plum wine and crunchy plum! I received 5.4kg of Ome! (Thanks)

Because the ripening of the plum fruit is early、I would like to get to "plum work" immediately after returning home!
※ The pattern will be described in detail in the next article。

When I looked at Mr. Amioka's atelier on the way back、丁度来月6月26日(土)~「Hirano Art Gallery」にて開催される「味岡伸太郎展-えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう-」の作品づくりに精を出されているところを見学させていただくことができました!

いつも1階のサロンか2階の事務所でお会いすることが多かったので、This is my first time to see the atelier!
And、It is the first time to see mr. Amioka's work scenery.。
How works are born、It will be a very valuable time to show the production process!

It looks like a complex combination of round trees.、The way nature comes in Amioka's hands。
While making many bodies of works、This is quite a big deal!

A combination of wood and pieces of wood、An atelier with the sound of drilling holes。

Kankan Khan and、The sound of hitting wooden piles also resonates.。

"Enchu no Shibun no Ishino-no-Kyu" is a work in which a round tree is cut into quarters and turned over.

Hatchets and nata and wedges、Tahgane, etc.、Tools of the year。

And the floor where the wood is scattered.、Look、It looks like art, so it's strange.。

It will be finished in a powerful three-dimensional shape that the vitality of the tree has。

Shintaro Amioka Exhibition - Enchu no Shibun no Ichi no Ishinokakyu -
Held period:2021Saturday, June 26 - Sunday, July 18, 2010
Event venue:Hirano Art Gallery

Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00 OPEN (Monday to Friday closed)
※Tuesday to Friday are 13 by reservation:00-15:00We will open at。
Opening Event Saturday, June 26
Opening Talk 16:00-Taku Sakurai× Shintaro Amioka "Art and Nature"
Opening Party 17:00~(*Please be sure to contact us if you participate)

Shintaro Amioka Atelier

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