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"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Buffet-style breakfast at the "Joie cafe"



KaohsiungThe centrally located and、Design hotel was opened, renovated old hotel
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"In the fresh morning。
This timeKaohsiungTo the journey、1It was in a short period of 2 days、
Taiwan second flourishing as a port city、KaohsiungThe were able to savor the atmosphere of a bustling city。
Sat on the banks of the Love River、Green suggests is adjacent to the Park in、
Spend quiet time in urban areas but alsoChateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Into the morning bath、Wake up properly、To breakfast, the source of power.


Breakfast buffet restaurant on the first floor "Joie café"In the、
Morning 6:30-10:00Until the hours、At the time you want is available。
In addition to Western、Buffet style with nothing unique to Taiwan.


To counter lined in multicolored salad bar with fresh vegetables、
Such as dressing and dried fruit、With your favorite toppings。
Ham and salami、Roasted duck、Align as well as cheese.


A colorful salad bar


Duck roasted in cheese and ham


Udon and soba noodles served with condiments


Brown eggs only in Taiwan、Tea leaf IPAP


Milk or soy milk、Orange juice


Taiwan fruit line


Incorporating vegetable、Let's plate breakfast with bread and yogurt.


Stir-fried vegetables and meat dishes、And fried rice、Other Chinese hotdish.


Stir-fried and braised vegetables


Moist chicken dish


Pork dishes smell good


Hot miso soup started.、Congee or soy milk soup, such as sort.、We loved the topping.


White rice Lu meat and hearty!


Taiwan's leading rice porridge breakfast!


Heat the Pan in the oven!


Egg dishes、Is a fried egg。
Because it has two-sided grilling、Would prefer single-sided grilling request.


Deep fried bread


Fried (baked double-sided)


Coffee machine、Juice


Last night、The staff in the lounge barChiu Chiu Chenis
Gave support to many! (Xie Xie! )
If you go abroad must be language barriers are evident、
Will try again in mind trying hard contact、That posture feels most pleased!


Breakfast at the lively venue。
Try the food considering the nutritional balance for health care on the trip。
On this day、From Kaohsiung to Taipei's streets、For Ilan to visit、
I was dressed in a stall on the assumption that a little cool.。
Click hereStall (Carmine x Beige)The、
Toyama Prefecture Nanto boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The sixth eyes wont be
Noriko MatsuiWho invented a new brand "Johanas"The silk (SILK) is!
Miraculous produce the two heads "Dupioni"And is called rare silk and silk specially woven scarf、
Light fluffy and become familiar with the skin texture with pride、Extremely breathable and better humidity control
As well as fashion、In the features of great and useful stuff!
Spring、Autumn、Early winter warm moisturizer、Summer with UV protection can be used at any season, one of the charm!
Will be filled with warm scarf each and every heart, woven.


"Breakfast plate"

French dressing on salad、Select fried bread with sausage roll bread、
Ham、Roasted duck、Served with fried chicken、Will be on the plate.


"Cafe au lait"、"Coffee"


At the reception、Of the staffChiu Chiu ChenContact and say goodbye、
"Nice to meet you by Chiu Chiu"And handed me the bag! (Surprise! )
During the、I have been in Taiwan snacks there! (Xie Xie! Chiu Chiu)
Is this snack food、KaohsiungFromyilanTo and enjoyed a delicious on the train heading.

Joie café
The ground floor

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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Kaohsiung popular "Rueifong Night Market"! "Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" free shuttle bus is convenient! "Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Check out hotel is located next to the lush park nestled on the banks of the Love River
Kaohsiung popular "Rueifong Night Market"! "Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" free shuttle bus is convenient!
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Check out hotel is located next to the lush park nestled on the banks of the Love River


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