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Electric assisted bicycle A2B bike concept to overturn is amazing!


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As in Europe and America recently featured a high electric assisted bicycle "A2B HYBRID24" started sales in Japan。To form a stylish electric bicycle and seemingly otherworldly characterized by powerful motion performance。Sticking to satisfied with the ordinary electric bicycles, such as inability to want to come ride one。While the A2B and eco-friendly to be comfortable and efficient transportation concept、Developed by the United Kingdom eco company。Not only the A2B is simply referred to as hybrid of man power and motor power、Usefulness as a means of transportation and agility、And they are aiming at a fusion of modern design and art technology to run anything else to enjoy。

Western, motorcycle, electric bike、And not just assist bike。Their new genre was equipped with a powerful motor reaches maximum speed is 80 km/h vehicle、e-has given the lot was born as a bike。As a bicycle maker 250 W motor speed 45 km/h to reach urban sports bike specialized Turbo。Audi has acquired Ducati motor cycle brand car manufacturer、Maximum speed at maximum output 2.3 KW motor model capable of 80 km/h driving concept announced。From the known in the city car Smart、Models utilizing the design power。In addition to the OPEL.、Entry of FORD, etc.、It is base of the conceptual model。As the mobility of the future by incorporating environmental performance as a means of transportation advantage、Third vehicle seems now is a very great deal of attention。


You can actually test rides on the A2B is、Much the same regular bike ride out。However,、To get speed and in the further acceleration of her bike and speed、もはや自転車の域を超えてバイクといっても過言でないレベルだブレーキはかなり大型の油圧ディスクブレーキを装備しているためバイク並みにブレーキがよく効き非常に安全であるタイヤは24インチ×2.35と太くフロントにはサスペンションが備わっているので段差の多い街中でも非常に快適に走ることが可能だ



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