Commitment to the employee passed down throughout the ages


Number and underlying philosophy of the President to provide the service in the Hotel Ritz-Carlton、For still providing high quality services、But referring to a variety of industries and attract the attention。Ritz-Carlton President、The Horst Schultz、Asked what was the secret of the success of the Ritz-Carlton、Take one card from his breast pocket、Always replied.。

"This is no secret。Cred card is everything! "

< Cred > Ritz Carlton Hotel is no surprise and most important mission to provide comfort and hospitality to your heart。

We、Staying warm、Relaxed and committed to providing the best personal service and facilities to enjoy sophisticated atmosphere at all times。

What is your experienced at Ritz-Carlton、
It's、Meet the sense of comfort、
Services to meet the needs and desires into words without fulfilling happiness and your heart。

"Only this much? "And I think it is、It's been handed down from the Ritz-Carlton hotel company was born in 1984,。The Ritz-Carlton employees、Rather than relying on manual and ad hoc are given freedom to service。It has numerous "Ritz-Carlton mystique (and impress customers、Passed in house service) "said that has been produced。It is also、It consists of common principles underlying。The staff of the Ritz-Carlton、This credo was written four folded small laminated cards should always carry。This card table "credo", "employee engagement" "motto"three steps of service"、Is it called behind the Ritz-Carlton basic principles。Collectively this、The staff of the Ritz-Carlton is called 'gold standard'。In this part "employee engagement" that is a very important part and feel。


To provide service to your promised < employee engagement > Ritz-Carlton、Ladies and gentlemen, is the most important resource。... (Continued)

Of course、Is here "ladies and gentlemen" with employees.。For the first time employees treat company、Should be able to treat important employees。If it says oppositely、Employee fun、But not working、Your fun、気持ちよくさせることはできないのだほとんどの経営者はこの点を軽視しすぎかもしれない従業員も満足させられない経営者がどうしてお客様を満足させることができるのかリッツ・カールトンでは従業員がお客様に対してすべきサービスの前提として企業が従業員に対して保障し約束する事柄を定めているという。But、ある程度の決裁権($2000)も与え自由度あるサービスができるという。Also、従業員の間でも新しく入った人を歓迎したり記念日を祝ったりするということを推奨し積極的に行っている家族や同僚の記念日を祝うことで普段からホスピタリティを発揮していないといざお客様を前にした時に何をすべきかがとっさに出てこないという発想からくるのであろう売り上げをあげることを考える前にまずは地固めから自分のそして企業の器に見合った収入売り上げしか入らないようになっているものだ


The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
Yubinbango107-6245 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 9-7-1 Tokyo Midtown

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