Boasting a delicate and elegant taste lunch of "Yi of China cuisine"


In Hamamatsu it is closed in March 2007 of six years ago from now people in the know of Chinese well-established store "quiet - achievements -" has been an independent after being trained in san "Chinese cuisine IBE"Mr.。Is not exaggeration to say Chinese restaurant today, representing the Hamamatsu。


達筆 written on the sign and then a smooth flowing "Imbe" character.。This is、IBE herself, here's your husband's autograph.。


Shop、Staff extremelly atmosphere in shades of Brown。Hall table seats 12 seats、Private room 1 room (4-6) and four-seat counter、There are 22 seats、At lunch time on weekdays though、It is skillfully turns the popular shop。Lunch menu are noodles and rice fit what 6-7, 1000 yen-provides 1200 Yen。Recommended as there are today for good.。


Stick a set "pickled"

Very nice acidity and sweetness with sweet and sour sauce。Color well、Boost appetite by the effect of vinegar。


"Seafood sauce noodles" 1,000 yen

Shrimp and seafood squid using rich, full of flavor、It is an article on how to fire vegetables also leave a nice texture very high satisfaction。Noodles are slightly burnt but、Guests can also enjoy the differences in texture and sucking a thick bean, has soft。The taste is、Gentle, plain。Is not enough、That bring out the goodness of the ingredients of taste。Hand-made XO sauce to your liking and put a little、Condensed flavor of dry matter during the pungent spread that、Guests can enjoy a double。


Chili lunch 1,200 yen

This is a meal of the day.。That depends on the main。Is shrimp more than anything else, enjoy the crunchy texture of the preppy rich are happy。The taste is mellow and spicy hotness is exquisite。Continue rice dish。


Stick in the set meal "Rice"

Is it possible to refill。


Seaweed and tofu soup with meal

The smell of seaweed and spread in the mouth、Delicate, sweet flavor of soup。Other popular lunch menu、As the chef's Omakase course 2 persons who received course upon booking of more than 2800 Yen、Want to try our there are。IBE, who teaches in a three-legged race with his wife.、Have enjoyed the conversations when you a little and his wife、Her husband once stopped in the kitchen came out and stayed。Mr. and Mrs. types never talk a lot is、Dish with like kind and attentive、It is two people。I want to visit!

Chinese cuisine IBE
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, kaminishi town 68-18 TEL:053-462-2082
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00(L.0) 18:00-21:00(L.0) Closed on Mondays:Sunday

68 -18 uenishi Cho, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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