Koya hut Nepal coffee&Pre-open gallery cafe enjoy the Chai!


Hamamatsu City Museum of artIn the tenement house of Hamamatsu Castle Park entrance on the way to the good old days feel。And standing there divided small tenant shops across the Board、Photo shop and sundries shop、While utilizing the individuality of each architectural design office,、Is there like a small-town。Also that weekend、Bustling with families heading to the Museum and Park Street lane。Current、In this tenement houseCafes PontMr in the ruins2014On July 4, ( Fri-7/13 (days)The period during、Lined and work their artist they make extensiveMAME Mame cityHas been held.


In one corner of the tenement house2014July 9th (Wed.)Scheduled to open "Gallary & Koya Cafe cabin"Mr.。Interior、At the hands of their own produced completeSelf buildThe shop。In the lush green landscape、Somewhere relaxing and chillin with gentle air flow。On this day、Pre-open invites for you、Did that bother you, congratulations!


Shop、Mud wall(American clay or diatomaceous earth) in the warmth、Logs and tables、One plate or use stools、Space for structures other than all the owners new breathed life。First floor of the farmhouse floor forGallery & CafeAs will continue to run。Take off your shoes and step up onto the attic hideaway of stairwell to the steep staircase will appear、2Cafe while relaxing on the floor space that is available.



Overlooking the restaurant and、Over here the tiles are embedded、You can see a variety of facial。It took about half a year will be completed in-store、Is sought on the Interior side using the holiday。However,、I still like hand adding little by little"Fun is the process of building the、May not have been completed. "And、Inflated dreams of making、To be excited when the boy heart、Moistened with a playful spirit shop。


The ownerBaba DaisukeShe was left-Kun (photo right) and Cafe and GalleryNakano, masayoChan's (pictured left)。Between two people is they have a common hobby that enters the sea air、Creates very warm, soft breeze and time。Daisuke had anything handmade、It equally is handmade with love, masayo-CHAN。In the world of flavors for each of the two building were producedKoyaSan。Is enjoyed as a gallery you can see the changes.


2On the floor, please visit up attic too! I'm sure old nostalgic air you gently wrapped already is!





'Masala Chai' and 'cookies'

In the pre-opening、Fragrant spicesMasala ChaiBelt teacake became masayo's handmade original cookie feast.。The other day、Masala Chai brought in two people enjoying a trip in Nepal、It is mellow, rich、Guests can enjoy rich tasting。The original cookies、Cinnamon charm、Pistachios and dried fruit contains plenty of、Crispy ones texture。Glass glass、Masayo Chan attended Shizuoka Glass Studio、Was created so that、1One has become a taste of one face of the glass.


And friends to help you in making a Daisuke (pictured left)、And invited friendsHase MoriyasuMr. (pictured right)。


Click here for Cafe menu。All of the coin500CircleIn the hotel!


Works with handmade take lighting one。Brand of Daisuke"Stoked"The、The use of custom-made pipes、Furniture and lighting。The space in the、Probably uncomfortable woodenEMS systemThe wave speakers are suspended from the ceiling and is accompanied by。While soaking up the soft, rich acoustic depths of this speaker was employed at the Ritz-Carlton、Feels warm and loose time、If you prefer to spend hours touching art enjoyed delicious Café!


Gallary&Koya Cafe cabin
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku amurai 107 -15
Hours of operation:13:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday Monday Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku amurai 107 -15

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