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To a of familiar call with your steadfast Oiwa Acala Oiwa, Stone Temple



Rock, Stone Temple、In the base of the Tateyama Mountain range、Then your estate's rock and popular call Acala、In the environment、National designated historic rock & Temple statues、Started to design cultural rock & Temple Buddha.、Three-storied pagoda、Main gate、There are six waterfalls, numerous temples and sights。Here is、Its entrance。Each placemark、「金龍」のそうめんの垂れ幕です


大岩山日石寺の百段坂沿いにはお食事処や旅館が建ち並んでいます各お店にはそうめんやところ天山菜や川魚などを提供していますAbove all、”そうめん”が一番有名で”そうめんと言えば大岩山日石寺”と言われるくらいです富山の美味しい水で作ったそうめんや地物の料理をいただくために猛暑の中でも行列を成しています


百段坂を登りきるとある旅館の「大岩館」。Here is、相方の中学時代と高専時代の同級生松井くんの実家だそうですが本人には会えなくて残念でした





Statue of senjyukannonbosatsu (child)、Akasa (ox / Tiger)、Manjusri (rabbit)、Fugen (Dragon-Snake)、Seishi (am)、Dainichi Nyorai (still and motion)、Acala (Rooster)、Amida Nyorai (dog and pig)。8 body Buddha statue、Will come over the water on my 守本尊 is good。




写真右手に現れる藤水不動明王の厳石を廻り出る御霊水は眼病平癒に霊験あり諸人の願いに御利益があるとされています。Also、Gaining popularity, known as rattan water rock, Stone Temple, has been selected as water in Toyama、Has been proved scientifically include boric acid:。Since long ago、Said rock 不動sann is good for relieving diseases of the eyes、Many quoted that talk about eye disease is cured。Absence of ophthalmologists in the Kaga domain doctor is often said、Voicing that no eye doctor who cures eye 不動sann rock because it seems。

Fudoson's suggestion at the time they enter into this our spring water in baptism、

Applicant's work sannmann、Even if I。Not until work right.。English and I。Yes I was。Annmann。

Chanting、蒙りましょう the great compassion of Daishoin Temple Acala。


And cut 6 greed of all sentient beings and fundamental desires、6Two Dragon down six Taki (ropponndaki)、Big six (area、Water、Fire、Wind、Sky、Recognition)-sooner or later dropped into the water from the faucet of the six、Six of the people stricken (eye roots、Ear roots、Root of the nose、Palantine、身根、Muine) and、6 any and all sentient beings desire、洗iotoshi fundamental desires、It is built in sense to visit fudoson Temple and cleanse your mind and body。Struck by Taki falls from height 18 feet (5.5 meters) in six of。I hope this get written by guanding、It is also said border control with a Buddha-like tie。Every year、On the day of the coldest cold weather training but、You can rent a white robe anyone do you book、Can cleanse the body was struck by Taki.。


Indeed、To Roppongi waterfall because it does not go、Cleanse your feet。Cool it with cold spring water in baptism in、Could be cool in the summer sun flushed body。


Toyama's lush mountain scenery in the back、White Massé-CHAN got the shine in beautiful hip line (laughs)

Mantra tantra Jin gang dhyana head temple Oiwa, Stone Temple

Oiwa, Stone Temple

Spring water in baptism in kamiichi, Toyama's well spring water of the Castle by the gut from even natural skin beauty In Toyama City、Loved by residents "ishikura-machi enmei jizo Shimizu.
Spring water in baptism in kamiichi, Toyama's well spring water of the Castle by the gut from even natural skin beauty
In Toyama City、Loved by residents "ishikura-machi enmei jizo Shimizu.


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