"Amba Taipei Songshan" Overlooking the night view of Matsuyama area from illumination the hotel!


Hotel Ambassador groupOfIts 50 week yearCelebration of、
New hotel was born as the second brand "amba"。
ZhongshanStartXimendingAnd more、As a thirdSongshanIn the area of2016On July 20th.To fulfill the long-awaited Grand opening、
"amba Taipei Songshan"Is born!
Songshan StationFor direct access to second floor、With a gentle curveDraw a beautiful passage,
"amba Taipei Songshan"The lead to enter the building, 3rd floor、In a good location!

And、If you enjoy the night view of Taipei City、
"amba Taipei Songshan"View is recommended!
This time、Suggest a free city tour, come back and、Just wrapped in a blue sky、
Hotel became his reddening in the colorful illumination、Changing the color.


The wide-view from the 17th floor of the hotel lobby、
Morning sun and evening hours is the hours of staff.


At sunset, you can take one person sofa。


Guests can enjoy a fantastic sunset.


Songshan areaOverlooking the breathtaking landscape。


Neon lights Dim at the same time start is lit little landscape。


17 floor reception counter


In the entrance lobby with high ceiling、
And a soft woven using a bamboo basket lighting light、Further we leave the beauty。
A huge hand-knitted baskets here、With all artisan handmade、
Making one basket、It would take approximately 40 days!
Hand-knitted baskets are one of Taiwan's traditional crafts.


And romantic restaurant cafe & bar。


In a simple yet stylish design
Studio-type "The corner Room Taipei 101 views"32Square meters


"Taipei 101"Views from the rooms.


Many young people、To spend a quiet evening showSongshan area
Now、"amba Taipei Songshan"The restaurant"Que"At the dinner and enjoy!

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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