"Amba Taipei Songshan" It gave "Tin paper" is Toyama of traditional crafts in the GM!


Hotel Ambassador groupOfIts 50 week yearCelebration of、
New hotel was born as the second brand "amba"。
ZhongshanStartXimendingAnd more、As a thirdSongshanIn the area of2016On July 20th.To fulfill the long-awaited Grand opening、
"amba Taipei Songshan"Is born!
From Songshan Airport as a hotel near Songshan station directly connected to "amba Taipei Songshan"The launch, including、
Now "amba Group"Has been the GM of the whole
Dino ChiangTo your time received will greetings!


Now "amba Group"Has been the GM of the wholeDino Chiang
"amba Taipei Songshan"The、Songshan StationTo direct preferences located while access、
Provide free shuttle service to the development in Xinyi area (Taipei 101 area)、
Walk 5 minutes in walking distance "Raohe Street tourist night city."And
Dealing with Taiwan's largest clothing wholesale district "Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area"Such as and、
Will be an attractive place for young people!
Dino ChiangGM、All businessmen and young people
And you want to know more you Matsuyama area includes various ideas!
Zhongshan areas、Ximending area、And follow the momentum of Matsuyama area "amba Group"The、
Already in the year 2018 in the Taiwan's southernmost resorts
KentingAlso"amba"And scheduled to open in excitedly looking forward!


"amba Taipei Zhongshan"The staff in
Japan speakMisaki WuThe received interpretation! Xie Xie! Misaki-San!


This time we areLadeIn the planning [To travel with a second series] As、While activities in Toyama Prefecture、
2 pair is active world-wide writer
Yao "Shimoo Design / shimoo Kazuhiko & simoo Saori"The wooden instrument
Takaoka "Syouryu / Yoshinori shimatani"The journey with a Tin-made instrument has。
"amba Taipei Songshan"For to you guys for your time, we introduce works!


Restaurant "que"The Head ChefLai KyfooxChef (a.k.a.:Yahoo)


Head ChefLai KyfooxChef (a.k.a.:ahoo) to、
Listening to the obsession with this restaurant、I want to forward to the dinner.


Restaurant "que"The Head ChefLai KyfooxChef (a.k.a.:Yahoo) and
F&B ManagerWilson ChangTo
Not collaborate so we request! Xie Xie!


To commemorate the meeting of GMDino ChiangTo seeSyouryu" Of "Tin Paper"You will receive、
Technology tradition in Japan, you would appreciate knowing more people!

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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