access a "Amba Taipei Songshan" born good and stylish hotel!


Hotel Ambassador groupOfIts 50 week yearCelebration of、
New hotel was born as the second brand "amba"。
ZhongshanStartXimendingAnd more、As a thirdSongshanIn the area of2016On July 20th.To fulfill the long-awaited Grand opening、
"amba Taipei Songshan"Is born!
Songshan StationFor direct access to second floor、With a gentle curveDraw a beautiful passage,
"amba Taipei Songshan"The lead to enter the building, 3rd floor、Access is becoming good.


At the entrance、amba Taipei SongshanAnd hung the sign symbolizes the、
Wood pole wall Cup decorated with baskets that Taiwan's traditional arts and crafts、Greet you in a warmer atmosphere will。
Located on the first floor、Taiwan's coffee specia listBe active and
In JapaneseItoh, masaomi (Atsuomi Itou)Mr. Alishan, Taiwan maker of specialty coffee brands
"Alisan Coffee"The included antenna shop、
Offers specialty coffees.


Friendly and helpful staffCamel Chen (aka:AJ)Please help voice with a refreshing smile、
While supporting the luggage please guide up front!
Staff uniforms、And a casual shirt & denim、
Distracted by the style of intimacy springs!


Lift up front on the 17th floor up.、Would you like to check in.


The front desk staff staff in Japan learn more、In Japan, check-in is available!
Since my last visit "amba Taipei Ximending"The staff was
Victor WuThat was assigned to this、We had thanks for remember! (Thanks! )
This time the、Rooms ManagerJudy TsaiPlease support the coverage of our variety。
Judy TsaiIs to speak just a little bit but Japan、There is peace of mind.


Ceiling height of 7 m and boasts an open space、All window glass in a good vantage point at the front lobby。
Like a huge Lantern hanging on the ceiling lighting、And the traditional crafts and craftsmen have been involved hand-knitted in Taiwan、
By woven baskets from leaking slightly friendly atmosphere。
In the restaurants and the complete trunk tables and Nordic-style rocking chair、
Table games of soccer and there、
Never forget the playfulambaThe concept can ask here!
The view from here、SongshanOthers across the rooftops crowded areas that can、
Symbol of Taipei shines at night with illumination "Taipei 101"And
Also overlooking the Keelung River calm flowing、That evening sun is especially beautiful.


I check-in、Will be guided to your room, this。
Next in line、amba Taipei SongshanIn is the introduction to your room!

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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  1. 北村 恵

    t is Megumi Kitamura to check in on June 18th.
    Because a total of 4 cases of luggage in cardboard will arrive
    Thank you for keeping it.


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