"Amba Taipei Songshan" High-rise floor corner room that Taipei 101 can overlook!


Hotel Ambassador groupOfIts 50 week yearCelebration of、
New hotel was born as the second brand "amba"。
ZhongshanStartXimendingAnd more、As a thirdSongshanIn the area of2016On July 20th.To fulfill the long-awaited Grand opening、
"amba Taipei Songshan"Is born!
This time、Introduce the room stayed in the pre-open.


"amba Taipei Songshan"The、Spacious and clean.27Square metersThe smart room107Square metresThe Studio types、
All the 189 guest rooms and provides very comfortable accommodation、All rooms are spacious and the、
"Taipei 101"The city or"Keelung River"The River,、Rooms from various angles to get started.
This 20-2005 room "The corner Room Taipei 101 views"The32Square metersWith spacious and comfortable、
"Taipei 101"The wide views、Will be simple and stylish design apartment!


Electric curtains provided in the large Windows、Single button closure with、It is very useful。
Complete with Wi-Fi throughout the hotel rooms、
Internet business guests will also not interfere, as always!


As a closet available comprises a simple hanger rack。


Even business users、Equipped with original desks in your PC is easy to use、
Connecting with Bluetooth、360Advanced wireless Bluetooth speakers for sound effects、
"amba"The original speaker、Equipped with high-tech equipment, such as listen to your favorite music!


As a welcome drink、There are b-ball with cider and candy、
Is a nice service to feel the nostalgia!


In the bathroom at the back、Single wash basin and separate shower and toilet facilities。


Shower room、Vibrant and clean white tile walls、
Provides two rain shower and hand shower head type、Very useful。
Is base item、All "amba"In a consistent and、
In Taiwan popular ginger original brand "Ginger heart ratio heart"Has been adopted、
Natural bath item better aroma, very nice items will be.


As well as in the shower room、Filled with clean white tile walls independent WC。


Basins are white and uniform、In design and good usability、
Equipped with full amenities.


At the feet、Refrigerator、Dust box、"amba"Colorful flip flops of the original design (with return OK)、
Electric Kettle、Hair dryer、Security box、There are towels (hand-bath).


The built-in LCD TV、"Sony"The adopted 48 inch BRAVIA Full HD television、
With the system information, such as movies and music!


Chinese、Japanese、Helpful English-speaking guide.


TV、Music、In addition to the weather Guide Travel Guide and free shuttle bus、And hotel guide、
A variety of information is packed into this!


As for the very pleasant stay、I believe we need essential music。
System can be selected favorite music genre is glad!


From bright sunlight to capture aspects of large Windows、
Overlooking the Matsuyama area "101"The city can be enjoyed.


Parked in front of desk-side Windows、Songshan StationOf the passage is directly connected to the second floor。
In the back streets of、"Keelung River"Take that"Rainbow Bridge"For anybody!


Bed、Choose from King size bed or twin beds、
And accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child under 12 years old.


In all rooms "Nespresso"The machine can be installed、"amba"Also the original design mug、
Mineral water、Tea bags will be free!


Around the bed started.、1Every room also 110 volt electrical outlet installed six or more improve the user experience、
Simple switches is also useful.


Indoor air conditioning also allows your favorite temperature setting and comfortable。
Very hot Taiwan summer、For the temperature setting in the hotel or in public facilities is set very low、
Please with your mind is cold!


Have taped to the doors inside room announcement cards with magnets, two。
When you want the room cleaning、Paste the blue magnetic cards on the left at the front door、
When sleeping, I want not、貼rimashou the yellow magnet cards right!


While enjoying high floor with city view、Guests can also relax in the open space.


This time the、Be indebted to room here suggests that the fantastic view!
In front of me "Taipei 101"Such as the illumination as well as、No fun in night!

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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