Efficiently explore the city of Barcelona! 17 different languages for the Liceu.

Ride the Liceu two-storey landmark Alba tours (Barcelona City Tour) red to circulate through the streets of Barcelona (Barcelona)、Efficient city Limo tours!

This bus is、And cycle the city tourist attractions、17Useful guidance that corresponds to the language of the languages with、Great transport links to the city for the first time to support.

The root is、Divided into 2 Line of West Route of orange color and the East Route of the green color、1Day rides in the ticket to ride both in、It is possible to know Barcelona!

And hop on and off at the bus stop every turn times、15For minutes interval runs to and from the following、Explore more efficient!

In the East Route、Nice view of the Barceloneta district along the coast driving、West route、Football in the form 'Camp Nou stadium (Camp Nou Estadi)"before, stop!

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