Feel free to French "Bistro dodgem' lunch.


1st Avenue Street station is elevated far iron Lily nestled along do my eyes、A striped awning and store front terrace, all、There is only space reminiscent of the Paris shop。Its name is "Bistro dougiem"Mr.。This is nishizuka-Cho "Hillman"And it's becomes a sister store。


Interior is very taste and feel。4 counter seats、In the back kitchen.、Hall table seats 16 seats。And that listening to music flowing French boss, French pop、While hook the cup of wine.、Is the space it offers time and France。Lunch menu is as follows.。Today is the easiest "feel" 950 Yen order lunch.。

Casual lunch ¥ 950
-Special Western-style Curry and rice (boiled egg), rose pork grilled cheese (with tomato sauce or Demi-Glace sauce)
-Grilled chicken (tomato sauce or Demi-Glace sauce), scallop and crab and mushroom Gratin
(Salad, bread or rice, coffee or tea)

Bistro lunch 1700 Yen
(Ask the staff) and fish of the day-Bistro staple! Confit of duck leg
-Wagyu beef cheek with red wine Braised (+500 yen), beef loin steak with fried potatoes (+300 yen)
(Salad, soup, bread or rice, coffee or tea)

+500At lunch salad can Ordover
Escargots Burgundy style avocado and Crab Salad
Norway salmon marinated with herbs sauce, pork and liver country style, boursin cheese and salad
(After dinner dessert menu 400 yen each)


On the set with 'salad'

Red leaf lettuce、Cucumber、Do you cracking、Octopus with tomato。The moment strong sour dressing at the table.、The smell of vinegar can help。Personally sour dressing is a favorite。Because mayonnaise is made、So are a little more relaxed acidity。


Breaded grilled chicken (tomato sauce)

You can choose from two types of tomato and Demi-Glace sauce main of chicken and pork。Breaded and crispy in the oven and finish in Jusici。Like you involved source fettuccine is served with a。Come with a jacket potato and green beans。


"Grilled cheese pork loin (Demi-Glace sauce).

So the chicken in tomato sauce、Select the Demi-Glace is pork。The color is a rich sauce、Taste is also gone and nice。The side dish is the same。


You can choose the set with "rice" rice or bread。


On the set with "bread"


After-dinner drinks coffee acidity is less strong coffee bitter。

A casual lunch、1,000Yen believe change is coming so high CP content。Feel free to squeeze an à la carte evening wine is also good and、2,700In pie appetizer、Pick each main course comes with bread also seem to be、Sounds like fun too!

Bistro dodgem
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 101-1 TEL:053-451-4256
Hours of operation 11:30-15:00 18:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、On the first Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 101-1

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