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' 10, huge cloth ' boasts a dynamic water called the Taiwan Niagara falls with negative ions



10, stationAndGreat stationIn between the、Taiwan's NiagaraAt least that is called '10, which falls (sea fen BU)"。
In one of the many waterfalls located in the upper reaches of the Keelung River in、Also known as the flat-line attractions、Many tourists visit.。
Until now companies have been managed land、The entrance fee has been、2014 August,ToNew Taipei CityOwn the land and
2014On August 6th.From viewing the、Approximately 4 months pause and stop、 Make up for pavement construction
2014On December 29.From the has been reopened as a place that can be visited free of charge。
10, stationMore in car approximately5-10 minutes walking distanceOf the order、It is possible even on foot。
The waterfalls to explore on foot!


10, which fallsFrom the road、Next to the railwaySuspension bridgeProceed over the、Has become a bit of hiking trails。
Is paved、For the feet、We recommend that go in a safe comfortable shoes dirty!


Here tooPingsi lineCan catch trains to close!


Bridge walking parallel with the line "watch the waterfall suspension bridge"


A paved walkway、And gaps in the trees、It is a little unstable。
And the anxiety that went elsewhere、Sure enough、It jumped ahead of wood put the center of gravity is
Backfiring on foot under the mud and fell into a State of the worst (laughs)
Fortunately"This away in water.Your mother told me a very kind Japanese tourists。
Maybe、Maybe your mother had the same eye (sweat)
Thank you for your concern.


I came out of the wooden walkway、Cross the pond on bamboo Pier。


A very soothing to watch Koi and ducks swim gracefully as well!

Earlier than the suspension bridge15MinutesSo walk、Showed up with a terrific soundTaiwan's Niagara"10, which falls"On arrival。
In the distance、Be far behind? as has a good sense of distance、Would be really nice walking course.


' 10, Reef (sea fen BU) "
About 20 m、About 40 m wide
The beautiful waterfall of water-rich、Maximum and Taiwan as the curtain type
The beauty and shape of a half circle、"Taiwan's Niagara"And is known in the local。
One filled with stationary falls like a powerful beauty of the images by adjusting the shutter speed and shoot。
As you'd expect、photographer of the lade is (laughs)


Further down than the earlier position、From the frontWaterfallLet's to the best spots that overlook!


Is the location of the view from here is very pleasant to shoot, too perfect!


From diagonally above the landscape is like a great power
Views with a magnificent view of the mountains visible from the front10, which fallsThe feeling be a welcome antidote to the beauty though the。
Now、Back came back the same road。
Next in line、Old streets of Japan rule ageI'll peep!

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' 10, old town ' the sky lantern fly sky high hope on the line running through the middle of the street! Quiet streets lined historic remnants of Rui Fang station near Japan colonial period
' 10, old town ' the sky lantern fly sky high hope on the line running through the middle of the street!
Quiet streets lined historic remnants of Rui Fang station near Japan colonial period


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