Michelin two star Ginza sushi restaurant "sushi? fish head" at returning home after birthday lunch


Back from Italy、I went immediately to Ginza district.。Because pedestrian street in Ginza-Chuo Street on Saturday in the middle of the road and walk。Wandering Ginza 7-Chome intersection turn right direction of Mitsukoshi Department store on Central Avenue、2One and turn right at the second intersection、Sushi shop is just 3 Suzuki Bldg. B1.


The glittering neon Ginza 八丁目 building。Is nestled quietly in the basement sushi restaurant、Continue to shine two stars in the Michelin Guide "Sushi? SSE"The head office there are。Here is、Eat also log mate、Eat loglebyuart ranking nationwide No. 2 "Udon is a staple"The shops in Buchanan on the day wonder on the awareness was introduced to。Difficult in the book balance of the flight and do not accept the return status、Was it asking for last-minute return、Buchanan eating truly thoughtful face in person。On the weekend of Saturday a hard time booking、Gave guarantee the booking。Thank you for。(Thanks!)


Down the stairs to the basement ago the Crimson curtain and out onto there、Visit the spacious space you can feel the beauty of Japan。


In Ginza, a Michelin two-star sushi shop "sushi? either" head office。Kanesaka Shinji's General h. hamamol in ten years and training、28It is independent in the age of。Then about a decade passed Ginza store called to be、Now there is in the Centre of the disciples, who "sushi and Sweety" is Michelin three-star、Is located in Shimbashi "sushi called" one-star and、It is a young group that lead the world sushi。

Matsugu kanesaka (Cannes aka Shinji) specialized genre:Sushi、Years of experience:23 year
Always running on the top、Up and coming sushi chef。Born in Chiba Prefecture。High school baseball.。After graduating from culinary school、Training at the local sushi restaurant。After that、In the Ginza, Tokyo's renowned training.、28At the age。11Years now after that、Overseas branches including also is developing a number。Is a 2-Michelin star winning restaurant。"I、Aiming for balanced one Kanji character of sushi。』、"Like eating your own、You want to continue to build the sushi I think。' Sushi kanesaka's utter a kind word、Damn it!


In the shop、Beautiful wood counter offices、16 counter seats、3-1 room is semi private rooms for 5 persons。Arranged the flowers in the vase in the Muromachi period, provide a sushi in Rosanjin、Bottom-dollar stick to the real thing in all that emotion also wrapped in Japan beauty。Of course it is reflected to the sushi you will。Boiled prawns shrimp Oboro on hidden、Clam shell to fire up Braised handed out the soft and。Produce store owner Mr. kanesaka sushi NetA、It is just the gem with the Edo-style work both。Enjoy the sushi won the Michelin two-star here。


Semi private room located behind the counter here。3-Convenient to 5 people。


Now、This time we introduce you from Ms. Yoshida、I guess two of sushi artisans sanpei's fastest。Flat though it is.、So had named "sanpei-Chan is from the" similar to the old Queen。Since、In the character is worthy of the name charm snags and gripped by the customer's heart, that is.


Horse-radish, Mo I had chopstick is also nice。Normal、Shooting at sushi restaurants are also prohibited.、Shop here first into notice and、Us to accept smiley。Click here for lunch、5,000Circle、10,000Circle、15,000Circle and consisting of three courses, so this will be 10000 Yen course。


Niigata "desire Tembo 1 1, 200 yen

First you clean and dry sake with a birthday toast。The name of desire Tembo、It is taken from the name of the mountain comes out with a storehouse town, Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka city wakino subgroup (formerly Niigata Mishima-gun Mishima-machi) of folk legend。"Heaven (weather and natural environment) thought people while it is brewing" is also told of being entrusted with the message that。Weightless、Do not fatigue and drink flavor、Does not interfere with the meal because there are sharp。


Appetizer "seaweed and daikon and Ponzu sauce with。


Now let's hold sanpei's。




Has been nicely also manicured toes、Fun just looking so pretty hand carry。And like sanpei's kindness that soft hand。Is being held at a consistent time carefully。


See poached red snapper

Shari click here、Traditional edomae-style sushi with defense、Use red vinegar (vinegar yokoi)。Red vinegar from sake Lees was built as a raw material、Is characterized by low aroma of vinegar rice vinegar than you。Utilizing the natural sweetness in the old Edo-style sushi red vinegar、Said wore the taste with salt only, no sugar added。Here at the restaurant seems to have strains that。However do not use sugar、Because as time goes by it becomes tough Shak、Subdivides small portions from the kitchen, and was carried along with the sushi chef sign。Low temperature Shak or than I thought.、I think that an elegant finish and Red vinegar。


Striped mackerel

The sushi here is all marinated。Cut cooked over the fire in sake and mirin to add soy sauce、Because it will pull the human brush held beautiful sushi、Please leave without soy sauce。Soy sauce is too strong.、In the way of the story even too sweet but、I marinated this balance is good。


"Spring child snapper kelp'

With NetA、And good balance and marinated、Personally, be a little bit more in mouth what it was noting pull hard and still is a favorite。However,、Between sheets of kelp also is a delicate and refined taste。Indeed、High level of Ginza sushi restaurant like that;。


See OMA tuna red meat sauce"

220kg OMA tuna red meat、In front of quick pickles, provides us with。We are afraid of fat couple、OMA, rich red meat is a feast.。Bright, deep red、And smells to the mouth also whets the appetite.


Also see OMA tuna tuna"of 220 kg OMA tuna is tuna。Melts in your mouth with exquisite taste and mouth texture is the best!


If 墨烏賊 beaten at all in the "墨烏賊" salt and vinegar Tachibana。Have strong sense of taste and sweetness。


"Khuda" How is Belbin's elegant and sexy Khader。


Yamagata see bakurenn super dry sake 1 1, 200 yen

To ask the dry than earlier thought Tembo、Recommended that this was。Try our bite and、I see。In the said condition、Sake in straight games of umami taste enough umami flavor becomes a lingering indefinitely, delight!


True horse of Kagoshima mackerel

Perilla is noiseless in、On ehallot and paste to put condiments brought out the flavor。Spice who is helped to avoid persistent flavor of Red sea bream。


"Tiger prawn" prawns are slightly warm with freshly boiled and beautiful、I feel the soft sweet。


'Aomori clam miso soup"

The size cannot be thought the clam。染mi渡rimasu stomach soup。Moments when I was coming back to Japan would be exactly at this time.


Candied smoked bonito

Bonito is likely to smoked and pickled。Smoked flavor to confine the。Harmony in the smoked aroma of bonito、堪rimasen aroma through the nose。


"Boiled clam"

If the flow ever、Just a slightly darker taste 煮付ke ill。However,、It is still enjoying。And I am surprised by the softness of the clam above all。


"How much" soup soy sauce is salty as possible are kept in、Not very classy saddle。It is good every single grain texture。


"Sea Urchin" drooped off nicks Prime。


Grilled conger

Savory grilled char-grilled conger eel。For Shari is little conger eel volutmiy、This is luxury in this。


"Fried eggs" over a non-grilling eggs。


Unpopulated "rolls made using" sweet gourd。




Sushi restaurants in dessert is also strange.、Thanks to Buchanan's my message and my birthday was、Celebration was in service from shop cake with candles,。Thank you ♪


Sanpei, gave us very good and in the end to commemorate the shot。Sanpei's、For foreign customers in English without hesitation--、It was a great world-wide。In the Singapore Branch also 2 stores is booming as, well as is carrying a foot there several times in。Future developments look forward is store。Mr. Yoshida、Thank you for your referrals!

Sushi? SSE
Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 8-10-3 3 Suzuki Bldg. B1F TEL:03-5568-4411
Hours of operation:[Mon-Fri] 11:30-14:00 17:00To 22:00 [Saturday, Sunday] 11:30-14:00 17:00-21:00Closed on Mondays:Open every day

8-10 -3 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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