Edomae-style sushi lunch at "sushi Sora' you can enjoy the spectacular Mandarin Oriental Tokyo


Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower 37FIn the hotel
"MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo' In a 'Sora sushi"Mr.。
The towering big city 'Tokyo sky tree"While enjoying the panoramic views、
By saying the edomae-style sushi you、EasilyBook of popular storesHas become a。

The lunch of the day "Sora sushi"And I'm in will be enjoying sushi for a long time。
"Sora sushi"Mr. a2011April 15, to openThat is the
For the planned shops with limited hotel space、
By using the namespace part of the fitness club and concierge, renovated。
At the store entrance "Sora sushi"Logo designThe、Worked on the CI of the JR East JapanYamamoto HiroshiWho has been in charge.


Shop8SeatAnd only very small。
Entering the space surrounded by black very classy and
Over the windowBig SkyAndTokyo sky treeLooking forward to seeing。

The counter is350-year-oldUsing the clean-cut bishu Bldg.、Walls piled the soil in Japan traditional techniques and、
With a profound sense of granite floors、Is a simple interior features walls inlaid tile tile materials, such as。
Worked on the design of the、Space creatorsRyu kosakaSan。
37FOfRestaurant & bar areaAlso he has been designed。

"Sora sushi"Is it the was appointed chef's、The sushi chefYuji ImaizumiSan。
1993Tataki sushi shop gate in have been trained20Veteran employment over the yearsIs a person。
Imaizumi is important throughout the four seasons of Japan、Provide fresh fodder in optimum condition、
Referred to as the same ingredients but are changing the recipe depending on the season。


Sitting on the counter, first care is set to Bon.Rice paper wrapped products
Used to save the kimono to the packageTatou紙They have adopted、
I've heard and packaging color changes according to the seasons.。
While receiving the descriptionSpread to the left and right stringAnd easy to open、From the inside!Sanitary napkinCame out!
Is a wonderful idea, and incorporated the culture of Japan。

Now、Lunch menuThe6,000¥ ~ Courses of up to 20,000 yenProvides、
Depending on the amountPenetration number of sushiAndNetAThe number of dishes such as sashimiChanges。
This time the8,000Yen 茜(Akane)Order the course said.


When you order a beer in bottles、Of the size of a small light beam is poured into a glass、
Good taste、Your throat is best。

Is your store、There are many customers from overseasFrom that
Also artisan's other service staffMany people can speak EnglishIt is like。

They come even to this day on the counter eating overseas customers、
CraftsmanTo explain in EnglishThat was very impressive.


' White vegetable broth (from Fukui) "

It is hot、In the tsuke菜 of the Crucifer family, friends、不結球 stinks,、It is covered with CFRP except cabbage。
It is hotChinese cabbage and 漬け菜 varietiesIn what was、Well known in the market in the Kansai region。
It is not greasy at all, so very easy-to-use vegetables。

From that long ago are being made in Osaka from the Edo period' Osaka white 'Also referred to as、
That was cultivated in the early Meiji era Temma-Bashi Bridge and near the Tenjin bridge popular inTenma vegetablesEven if known。

First of all the、It will be from the soak vegetables in broth and tastefully finished。


"Snap peas (from Ehime)、Tomato (Shizuoka-grown).

This fruit tomatoes、Since I have heard from Shizuoka Prefecture
Perhaps hotels、The famous chefTomatoThink not?。
Amera isWith a douche、The usual tomatoMaturing in about 1/3 sizeIn a unique technology that has grown。
Condensed sweetnessBeing a very tasty tomato!

Also in vivid colors are a fresh snap peas
Pods are plump and Hari, and chock full of fruitSweetness of the beansGuests can enjoy。
Neither's salt is accompanied with more increases the sweetness!


Please provide craftsmen to explain carefully integrated integrated。

This characteristic ofUniform designThe、
Fashion designers in the worldJunko KoshinoWho is so constructed。
The image of Samurai chef、Chic Festival wind jacket、Classic style is trousers with the motif apron。
Floor staff、As a 慎mashi at the Nishijin-Ori kimono style dress up the image of an empty a Yamato nadeshiko。
Nice is a Japanese tradition represented in the modern uniform Sheen and learn namespace!


Niigata Koshihikari rice* An image.

Shari、Only Niigata Koshihikari riceHas been used。
Also generally Koshihikari too high moisture content is not suitable for Shari has been disrespectful to
It is often used to blend such as akitakomachi even use hard rice and is
Rice managed and dry completely.Two years furumaiThe、
Chef kept searching over the yearsRed vinegarMeet、Worthy of the best storyShari SupremeIt became the。
Shari mentioned has been boiling stiffer、For firm texture、
Never thought and only Koshihikari was (surprise)

Incorporating the style of the original Edo-style sushi、
ShariSugar without using only the Red vinegar and saltIn the furnished。
Have been usedAncient rice vinegar Lees vinegar blend red vinegarThe、
Has low acidity like acrid、Flavor and aroma in sake Lees、Has a mellow flavor。

Using a strong soy sauce tasteMarinatedPaint with a brush、Speed eating slowly each consistently provide。


Mako or clean (edomae)

The beginning of seizure、From Mako or clean。

In the luxury of Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus、Kareizaki world class fishAs the reigns of Mako gray。
In its light impression strong fishAnd riding a fat、It is indeed reminiscent of high-quality fishing and taste。


"Taira is not (Aichi production)"

The Taira.Similar to scallopsBut all differ in feel。
UmamiAndCrunchyAlso and、Other than the sushi or sashimi、Grilled with salt, etc.、Goes well with any cooking time。
The story hereHidden knifeSo are numerous, finely、Mild tasteIt is。


"Gate squid (triple production)"

Gate the squidCalamari KingIn the so called、
A little long timeAnd bitingTrolley and meltedMore sweet、It is really delicious。

Gate in addition to squid flesh is firm, resilient、Vinegared rice often becomes so familiar、Cut into stripsHas been。
Better off because it is sweet on the inside is easy to feel sweet。
To further complement the sweetness、Okinawa saltAndSudachiOne swing and、Will。


"He had (from Kanagawa) and Battera kelp (Hokkaido)

"Saba unseasoned wood rot (rotten when alive)"That may be enough to、 The mackerelImportance of freshnessIt is 。
On the means of transport is not established during the Edo period、Refrigerator and freezer not。
Also fresh seafood、Fall freshness with the passage of time, the quality will be worse。
In there、In addition to the fish and shellfish fresh out of hand、Condense the flavor than raw、
Finish suitable for saving ideas have been developed。
Is the typical one "Finsih a fight with salt or vinegar"It is a technique。

Beautiful mackerel Battera tangle with polite。Sweet kelpEnhances natural mackerel。


See bonito (from hachijo Island)

Bonito said generally, Tosa is famous、Hachijojima island from skipjack tunaTheGem know
In hachijo-jima Island、2Moon-northward toward the 5 'upstream bonito"、
Instead of type, such as one to catch rope fishing pressure due to、
Bonito from hachijo-jima no scratches、In the market "Tokyo brand"AsLuxury fish treatsAnd will be。
Guests can enjoy a soggy texture with the masculine taste brought abundant blessings of the Kuroshio current。


"Simmered with clams (Chiba production)"

Of Orthodox from the Edo sushi with stewed clams。
In the shop here、Big clamOnly has been stocking。
Boil slowly until juicy clam、
Soy sauce、Add the sugar、Disintermediation liver soup is cool, add、Then carefully preserved and is kept。
Flavor your oozing and jerkedIt is one of a handful。


See Palm Masa (from Kagoshima Prefecture) "

Kingfish, yellowtail fish of the genus、The look of the previous wholesale fish、To look amateurBritneyBut not visible。
But taste is taste the same most Buri、Compared to them, and be eaten rawCrunchy texture differenceYou can see。
Less fatSautéedAnd、Don't keep after clean flavor is。


'Gold is not (Chiba production) '

The snapper、In a brilliant white from fish body、
In the celebrated seasonal wearUniform and greasy and sweet enough
Sashimi of course from this time、Even nitsuke-fish broth miso soup broth to melt fat、
Visitors can enjoy seasonal sushi than luxury。


"Bluefin tuna (Wakayama Prefecture)

32009、Mainstream is small tuna from the Japan Sea, small islands of iki (Nagasaki)、
Caught in the net for soft body quality、No power to acquire for relatively early of Amorphophallus variabilis tend to。
As a result、Katsuura, Wakayama PrefectureOf such are valued by a large。
The places on the sweet than the winter, such as OMA tuna、
Ambiance is the tuna、Lean often contain iron and sour、Spring inshore tuna distinctive scent、Sour taste。
Of the high quality andFat and wearing meat is tenderIt is。


"Stewed conger eel (Japanese)"

Plump and、To put the soft melt in your mouth、Slowly Braised conger。

How to wholesale is different in the Kanto and Kansai。
From dorsal Sabaki, EdoWholesale from the ventral side in KansaiWe will continue。
Is not better off which means、
In the Kanto region "RIP the belly"And hate"harakiri"and capture、It was perfectly from the back。

Conger eel to soggy and the sauce is 'Claw"And are referred to as、
Add seasoning with Sea eel Alla conger eel soup which also imply reduced、
[Boiled clams ", also used、Indispensable in the Edo-style sushi seasoningIt is。


Soup of bamboo shoots (Fukuoka production) and boiled (from Chiba)

Bamboo shootFukuoka's production of mostIt is。
Bamboo shoots grew up in the intense temperature differentials between day and night landTasteTextureFlavorGayoku、Is a staple of the soup this time of year。
Put the rape blossoms、In additionFeel the springA simple soup。


Tuna roll

The tuna roll "El Hierro"、OriginallyThe red hot ironIs a term that。
Red tunaAndSpicyIn the last episode of "El Hierro"、Is a staple of the fine rolls。
In sticking to the crisp Nori is wrapped。


"Strawberries and Sesame Manger

Sweetness of the MangerAndStrawberry sourIs without a doubt a delicious combination。
Sesame's distinctive flavor and aroma of sour Strawberry Cup extends to the mouth、A smoothGood foodIt is a dessert。
In a luxurious atmosphere that only the great views and counter、I enjoy the edomae-style sushi dining experience enjoying conversations with the Board。


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