In the Crown Palace Chinese restaurant "Phoenix" with vinegar of Elixir of longevity "Caterpillar"


[Elixir of immortality, of the vinegar-Caterpillar-]
Hamamatsu station "Hotel Crown Palais Hamamatsu Official"The served in the Chinese restaurant on the top floor [Phoenix]、As the elixir of immortality as a rare traditional Chinese medicine participated in the vinegar of Cordyceps is famous!

To ask Mr. Okabe Satoru's "Phoenix" as drug-Zen chef renowned animator、Braised to a pulp, and "shark's fin stewed" and force fuelled "Caterpillar's Duck Soup" and they、The other is "Mabo" or "prawn with mayonnaise.、"Blue sautéed meat shredded.、Different industries Exchange meeting "spring roll" and enjoy!

And "Caterpillar"、Since ancient times from which is used as a medicinal herb for all ills、To grow and absorb the nutrients and parasitic insect larvae in the soil in winter、That put a face on the ground to germinate in the summer and a special ecological、Mushrooms can be from a type of worm grass fungus from growth process that has been named "Caterpillar" and companion。Looks like earthworms, but is a little grotesque for health if any part!

"Caterpillar" and traded in very expensive、3-40000 Yen worth, regardless of number of g using this thing.

Duck whole soup based on a bird is、Along with the more relaxed in the soft, fleshy enjoyed a mild sweet flavor! Will this exhaustive nutritious blood soup!

Joined 30-something men have it 4 Daddy、"I doubt even fifth! "And had it made! Good luck Daddy! (Lol)












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