We have great winter Buri weighing more than 10 kg from "culinary valve kunoichi" Toyama


[Toyama winter Buri in a sake party (1)-valve one ~]

Toyama's friend potters 釋 Yong Yue-Kun from the morning is phone 1、"Today、Fried in shinminato winter Buri Beach in nervous finish where he did! How do? "And!

Willingly and ask、The next day Toyama direct winter Buri Hamamatsu was courier to the culinary dialect ASU no Yoichi a long-established Japan restaurant! Yue-Kun、Thank you very much!

This is my house "culinary arts Valve one"The who provided a rare sake and"GLION GROUP"The thoughts and hopes to hold a"cold very party"with a precious limited edition wine、Junichi Suzuki owners Cook "culinary dialect" of that ask you for your cooperation、10Winter Buri kg more than will be great! Despite a sudden phone call、Mr./Ms. Suzuki who readily consented.

Fun sushi is part so you can organize a party with about 10 people on most fat in the belly.、Others in the 'Yellowtail Shab"、And whats finishing the fence to enjoy in "Teriyaki" is back!
Mr. Suzuki、Thank you so much!
Thanks to the us handle clean part of the Yellowtail collar, ALA、"Grilled Yellowtail collar" and "ALA stew" to enjoy too! 堪rimasen ♪
Just like、We will be a party announcement on FB、Oh that could raise participation would reach capacity between!
And hey! Would you like this of this year exhaustive cold Buri's first experience!





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