Xiaolong inclusion famous praised as world's top ten restaurant DIN Tai Fung (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Southwest) of new stores


In the New York Times 'Top 10 restaurant in the world"Even baos chosen speciality served on Shanghai cuisine restaurant chain store"Ding Tai feng dingtaifung"Is it of new stores"Ding Tai feng Southwest store"2014On September 12,.To seeShin San Viet Nam West"1HotelOf2 floors undergroundA has been opened。Zhongshan stationOf3 ExitIs the preferred。There is a popular restaurant、Filled with touristsHead Office of the Yong Kang cityAndTaipei 101 storeThe、Wait approximately14 hoursIs necessary to determine the、Relatively、Click hereDIN Tai FungAnd I will feel that free。Famous shops、So hard on Saturday and spoke according to the hours of service on weekdays。You want to eat once as Taiwan's leading specialty gourmet! However,、Are not very good at waiting for much more might!


1 floorThe shops from the front entrance、On the escalator2 floors undergroundTo continue with。


Of the open11oclockFit to enter the shop。
But normally I await my number there are、This is free, good luck。


In the next to take corners、Has become a glass-fronted kitchen、Xiao Long BaoDuring the making of enjoy!


包子 type characterWrapped veal (zai Bao)Chan is a landmark.


1Each measure the weight of the skin properly、Has formed。


In-store appearance。
Ushered to a table、You can order in Japan-language menu.


Will open the small dishes in the sample。
If not required、It is OK if you refuse to do!


"Mala taste yellow melon NT $ 65 (Japan yen and approximately 250 yen)
Hotness is satisfied by、Light。


"Xiaolongbao (5 pieces) NT $ 100 (Japan yen and approximately 390 yen)
Even where10PiecesWe only sale、When you want to ladder the Xiao Long Bao a variety5PiecesWill be helpful。
I'm a little bit、In the hot, want to offer。


How to eat a good Xiao Long Bao is written carefully。


Six of the slumpGolden ratio (soy sauce 1:3 black vinegar)Staff who politely showed.


Was said in 摘みましょう at the top、 Also picked by whole skin has firmly and not。


Click on the golden ratio sauce drizzle。


"I received the other day京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan」さんの方が好みの味わいのように感じました


"Fried shrimp Jin pidan (shrimp egg fried rice)" NT $ 180 (Japan Yen around 700 yen)
Feeling particularly flip feel important
Also see京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan"And I's favorite flavor is。
Then post here "Beijing Ding Xiao Kan "dinner's on sea breeze Dim sum specialty stores run by three brothers trained in the Ding Tai Fung"
Shopping Center where media have been appreciated and、Maybe I shouldn't have expected tidings and too much.。
Instead of relying on name value、Find the shop that suits your taste!

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Zhongshan area information is full!

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Ding Tai feng Southwest store dingtaifung
Taiwan West Nanjing Road, Zhongshan district, Taipei City, 12th light three Viet Nam West store B2F 1 Museum TEL:02-2511-1555
Hours of operation:Monday-Mu·RI 11:00-21:30、Jin·Tu·Zhu yesterday 11:00To 22:00(7)
Japan language menu with

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district, Nanjing West Road No.12

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