' Taipei, House ' complex which plays former U.S. Embassy site and produced by film director


The green fieldsZhongshan North RoadIn the Western colonial spin-offs of。2002 yearUp had turned into ruins and ruinedFormer American EmbassyRenovating、Cafes and bars in the new、Sundry shop、Reborn as a mixed-use facility featuring cinema even further "Taipei, home (Taipei Ze Messenger)"Mr.。Place、Zhongshan stationOf3 ExitThanNanjing West RoadAndFurther, North Zhongshan Rd.The intersection, turn left、Go and you will see!


Here is、Taiwan movie directorHou study k.And produced by Mr.
Hou study k.And MrTaipei City Governmentis、bothTaiwan film promotionOf the brings as a base.。
As a result, during the、Mini "Light spot"And、You can watch a movie a little。
1On the floor is、Cafe restaurant "Cafe LUMIERE"And store"Light spot life"、2On the floor is、Bar lounge "Red Chi ball"Suit
Spend a relaxing time。
Cafe LUMIEREAndRed Chi ballThe、Hou study k.It was named from the title Director of.


Entrance right at the grocery store、Cafe on the left、2Bar/Lounge will be on the floor。
To the theater、Once out, left hand building。


Grocery store "Light spot life"




At the store's entrance on your right、Movie memorabilia film books and DVD's including
Focuses on stylish gadgets by Taiwan people creator, etc.!


Cafe restaurant "Cafe LUMIERE"
The shop is open、Divided into indoor and terrace seating in the garden.


A warm day、Enjoy the breeze and the garden terrace coffee is so good feeling!

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Taipei, home (Taipei Ze Messenger)
North Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan district, Taipei City, 18th TEL:02-2562-5612
Hours of operation:Museum of motion picture 11:00To 22:00
Shop:Day-Thursday 11:00To 22:00、Gold 11:00To 22:30
Cafe Restaurant & Lounge, ~ Thu 10:00-24:00、Gold 10:00Late-night 2:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

North Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan district, Taipei City, 18th

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