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Antique Cafe road antiques dealer in Kakegawa、In the unexplored experience the healing stream and trees



Kakegawa cites a famous thing hachimangu (remains to Ōmi-Hachiman guu) and turn left at the signal of the East、Along towards the awagatake signs、Turn right on AO que Guide to head towards nissaka elementary school makes on the right、Climbed up the opposite slope, and then turn right to the Pacific area Guide Center、Set up alone "Antique Cafe Road antique Cafe road"And it's sign。Walking trails surrounded by bamboo groves along the Guide from there、The steep hill down、Arrives very unexplored, such as the place, until you reach the exciting sense of odds and ends not shop。(Not paved pathways with also by car impossible is not)


OBA Sadao barn Ohno mountains nestled quietly in the owner and I worked on renovations at the hands of their own、Get eight months of preparation time to the Tanabata 7/7/2013 "Antique Cafe Road antique Cafe road"Mr.、Celebrate the opening of the long-awaited。Current、In the top bar in the store's Gallery、Aiko okouchi's photo exhibition "black light" during the。* Date:10/2(Water)~ 10/24 (Thursday) 11 am-4 pm。


Bare light bulbs、A taste of rust、Timber table、Best relaxation spot in front of a lush green forest。


On this day、Thanks to come smoothly without becoming lost open 11: I arrived a little ago、Waiting for Sadao's opening preparation、We decided to wait for listening to babbling streams while perched on a table at the entrance。The chirping of crickets and frogs solo、Pleasant autumn breeze swaying twigs of trees、Are playing the harmony of the natural world.


Feel of a barn feeding ground tile、Warehouse step one head for each partition made of concrete flooring testifies to the past。Bare wire's around upholstered in、They send huge fans hung from the ceiling to cool。


Took to Sadao's antique and thrift。Colored old-world goods and to also come to the present。


Of the mountains can be found、Also of Gung-ho green into the world of the dark brown one。


Go to the sounds of babbling and、Nostalgic appearance of the Mitsubishi pickup truck。Cover soil is part of the carrier、Working like a planter。What exists here is everything is reused as an object of。Maybe there is nothing unwanted in the world。


The owner of a lovely Kesha face、OBA Sadao's (55 years old)。Talk about 8 months spent on the renovation, to pick up this vast land and、Out of this great land and encounter stories、And she told me very interesting prospects and more。Still、Buro adjacent old house maintenance and repairs etc、I'd give it to it's riddled with。During such、Background music takes over, but since it first opened have been much Norah Jones Norah Jones is doing、"Way I like it、This is good?。"And is a lasting commitment filled with lovely told as.


With its antique furniture and gadgets corner、Space provided by Vantage window facing many visitors from afar、One person getting started、Couples and family most was crowded full of smile so stiff。


"Iced coffee" 500 yen

Antique cafe load's coffee beans are also Kakegawa to has just been open house roasted coffee beans and of "Shironeko"And it has been using。Iced coffee while refreshing taste and aroma, and both enjoy the afterglow.


"Desserts" 500 yen nuts and chocolate pound cake、Served with vanilla ice cream and Berry Sauce。

Nuts trying to abundantly the sweetness is a pound of gentle ones and texture。The vanilla ice cream、And with a thick Berry、Color is beautiful。Such suites click here、Was made!


Mixfruitsmoothie ¥ 600-blueberries、Raspberry、Cranberry、Strawberry、Banana、Mix juice soymilk

Sadao's recommended Smoothie。Long time tea party I was Sadao,、From this Smoothie to meet that、It just seems too (lol)、Know that feeling so delicious and healthy Cup。Is the best Smoothie Berry feeling with plenty of mellow finished with soy milk!


Amid the relief to some old furniture and other items、Flow is a good breeze、Try experience: be quiet!。Not to mention the clear I recommend point、Sadao's written milk bath and Lav's (lol)、Also, I look forward to seeing you in slow city.

Antique Cafe Road antique Cafe road
Kakegawa Ohno 1776-7 TEL:090-4853-0851(Ohba)
Hours of operation:11:00-Until the evening (sunset)
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday (other、Occasionally, * HP or blogs to Check!-

Kakegawa Ohno 1776-7

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3D publishing until the completion of the unfinished Church 'Sagrada Familia' drew! October new stock of Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant coffee beans
3D publishing until the completion of the unfinished Church 'Sagrada Familia' drew!
October new stock of Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant coffee beans


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