Exchange in Zhongshan station 10 minutes boost Xiang tea line Japan pass and enjoy the tasting!


In one East MRT lineZhongshan North RoadThe street is located
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"Get off the bus in front、
And intact down the road, let's move on。
Than thisWalk 5-7 minutes walking distanceToTea shop can exchange goodLet's be!


The trees were beautiful street、With its luxury hotels and renowned brands boutiquesZhongshanOf the city。
The car is running to the right、As no different than Japan and better security atmosphere usability so spent is flowing!


Approaching a major intersection、On the corner of intersectionGUCCI GucciWhen you see the、
And turn left at the intersection of thereChangchun Road.The Avenue。
This street.、And tea、Xiao Long Bao、And there are plenty of Nice shops。
Mark Walker and the number of seconds are counted on the green light, so easy to understand.。
Just、Turning at intersection to cars and motorcycles、Avoid crossing people and without much sense of waiting for、
And speed, because the Commision、
Holding hands in the car if you feel the danger' Stop! 」差shi出shimashou said that gesture。
Mobile and guides、Please note that distracted around the accidents!


GUCCIFor and only go straight from the intersection、2Here enters the second major intersection full of German cross、
Changchun Road.Along the right sideFamily MartOf the nextCurrency exchange and conscienceThe tea will be!


"Tea Sheng hsiang SHENG SHANG CHA HANG"

1981Year FoundedThe long-established tea house in、Glad that Japan language they speak!


Shop、As you can see、Along with purchasing tea products、
And range from affordable high-quality tea leaves tea、Among themHigh mountain oolong teaThat seems the most popular.。
OtherOolong、Tieguanyin tea、Urna oolong tea (also known as:Oriental Beauty tea)、Puer teaSuch as that.。
Here is、So let the tasting free of charge、If you would like tea leaves、Let the tasting please do not hesitate!


And、Unusual for teaCurrency exchangeThe service is available here。
Approval of the official currency exchange service is down.。
If you want to change in the city、There are also banks、Also, higher rates and fees vary by Bank。
The point、Here you willZero CommissionAnd conscientiously give money so very good!


During the Exchange、PassportThe presentation is needed。
We present the minutes you want to exchange banknotes、On the calculator will tell you the amount of cash。
No fees in this exchange with you、At the same time without cashing in plenty of money too、
When you run Exchange in the sense that no problem。
Once、The Bill had to change、Since the fees it is taken to revert when I left Japan Yen、
As you have for the next trip?、Better to change that by going to max out.


The Taiwan currency、Called new-evil (SIN tipe) or NT $ (newtywandl)、Unit is original。
This2015On February 26.At the rate、NT $ 1 = approximately 3.9 yenBecause I become、
When you shop、NT $ 4 timesThen lay the approximate prices.


This is second time visit.、When you was exchange rate guide Edition。The first day is slightly different、Day by day、The rate is variable。


Is your store、London bootsOfTamura AtsushiJust last year2014 yearTo visit the、
Twitter TwitterSuch as in suggest that was famous for、Celebrities who are better carried foot shop。
On the wall、Display your photo taken to commemorate!


Another day、To be surprised exactly "Taiwan Transportation Department observations on light station"Let's be awarded
"Taiwan tourism award' The ceremony for units had been
Atsushi Tamura of London boots # 1, 2,Just what! Our store!
Last year、Because my mother had kindly、Glance at the cheerful face of the mother wanted to see
In the hectic schedule、So wander! (Surprise)

When article is available here!


Could not afford the time to first slowly and tasting tea.、
On this day、While listening to slow for me tasting。
Staff it's mostly Japan Japanese smattering leads。
Aroma is elegant "Alishan high mountain tea"And are suitable for diets"Black oolong tea"The popularity is so high because、
There was a sample two!


Easy in Japan, even the tea menu and I'm happy as long as it is!


Alishan high mountain tea 100 g NT $ 400 (Japan yen and then around 1,600 yen)

High mountain teaNames that are、
"Tea leaves grown at 1000 m above sea level where"It is absolute conditions。
High-altitude mountain climate is very cold、More clouds and fog that morning and night、Average sunshine hours are short, so、
Tea leaves、Less bitter and astringent component of、Beautiful jade-like green。
And good taste、Good taste、But it's a rich scent very elegantHigh mountain teaIs!


Black oolong tea 150 g NT $ 2000 (Japan Yen around 8000 yen)

Roasted hand-picked tea leavesBlack oolong teaThe、
On the palate with rich and mellow aroma and flavor expands mouthful。
Not bitter or astringent、Is ideal for breaking down fatty in a luxurious diet tea!


"Sweet tea"

Taiwan's famous peanut candy was put together as a tea cakes。
On the left isBamboo charcoal flower in、Bamboo charcoal-flavored peanuts、Good texture and the curricula outside the、Is the taste。
Right奶 oil flower flower in、"Kong oil"And the、"Butter"Of that、In syrup, crushed peanuts and sweets、
In the feeling of a rustic peanut cookies rich and delicious。
Here in big bags and is subdivided each 1 follicles, so that many、Recommended pork souvenirs!


Kong oil flower flower bag NT $ 150 (Yen Japan approximately 585 yen)、"Bamboo charcoal fine" 1 bag NT $ 180 (Yen Japan approximately 700 yen)


Of the ownerHayashi, NoboruIs it the wife、So Japan is good at is nice and charming。
Every year、Take care of your students some or、Very important, and guests from Japan、
The staff will。
Tea sales with our core business、Please feel free to suggest tasting me、And the right way of tea rather than、
Really enjoying teaTell me、Currency exchangeThe take charge、
Wi-Fi1 rentalThe or and at a reasonable price、At Mr. handyman、Shop has been put for many years tirelessly。
"My mom、How are you? 」Of the customers who return with a short smile is his wife daily encouragement is。
His wife is lovely、Is your store、In the family、Cute young lady every day help that would have been。
But is was on holiday on this day、Better thanSee take photo of my daughter. "Because it was said to、Think you want to hear during your stay。
Now、Next in line、Guide Japan in Taiwan speak I ask since I have、Zhongshan StationI think you want to join in the near.

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Taipei Mayor zhongchun road No. 52 (one Taipei City Changchun Road 52,) TEL:(02)2542-7205
Hours of operation 9:30-23:00 Open every day
(* Leads Japan Japanese)

Long road, Taipei City, 52nd

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