Frozen pastry with milk and eggs make easy quiche


With us in our House served as the appetizer menu、Frozen pastry with milk and eggs make easy quiche。Easy recipes。You are only 3 steps only fit into the oven and stir.

Frozen pastry with milk and eggs make easy quiche

Materials ( 20 cm pie plate )
Milk 100cc、1 egg、Pizza cheese(Dosage in your favorite)
Onion 半玉、2 bunches spinach、Mushroom half-shares、2 slices of bacon、Frozen pastry sheet、Herb salt、Black pepper (as needed)

How to make a
1.Thaw the frozen pastry and、Soften with a rolling pin thin type stretch fit
2.Pastry stretched 20 cm pie dish with a kneeling fork even pierced、
Paint the egg inside the oven at 200 ° c for 7 minutes to let it idle scheelite
3.Sliced onion、Spinach is about 5 cm.、Will the shimeji mushrooms、Bacon 1 cm cut and、
Lightly sauteed in a skillet herb salt、Black pepper to season
4.Mix the milk and eggs to crack into the Bowl better
5.Fried pastry with 空焼ki on the ingredients evenly placed flat、Combined with 4 to turn on
6.Pizza cheese with your choice of furikake、If you set he'll chopped parsley oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes baked up and voila


See baguette pork Rillettes

The pork rillette、Because it grows warmer Rosemary ary and we began to grow、There, and even today he。Food preservation is、On the day of his still are the best.。On a freshly baked baguette。


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A big turnip、After you slice the bark、1 bay leaf into soup and stew、Softened Juicer with mixing。Is the finished soup if while stretching in back of milk in a small saucepan with the salt to taste 調ereba。Hot or cold but delicious!。Light eyes, but not the flavor you want、Cook turnips from the first onions sauteed in butter and good。In a convenient part of the leaves with sesame oil salt.、Black pepper、Talon、Dried bonito、And then stir fried with soy sauce, rice, and rice with will be used in refrigeration。Is useless without recipes.

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