Picnic mood mornings and at home


Spring sunlight warm lot we climate and clean becomes、Just in a great mood picnic to go to or not? This morning I、That feeling alone with、I decided to make the sandwich away from morning。8Cutting and sheet cutting bread、4A type of sandwich。From the front、Egg & corn、Yogurt & salmon、Tomato & mozzarella、Is tuna & onion。


Today coffee is、The other day the Kakegawa "Shop klem'! Michi-Chan from capped new 'Home roasting coffee beans shironeko"And I try coffee is"Mocha irgachov of Ethiopia.。


The instrument、Just like purchased recently at Kakegawa "Simple gadgets Angel"Is it's in the works of writers, Fumiko Suzuki。With flour pull for the first time use or penetration with、First wash your rice and boil for about 15 minutes with juice、You can let it cool slowly as stain-resistant it will。But this is going to taste as you use pottery、Before you use human effort that also enjoy one might。It is the instrument、Its value is created。Showcase the unique sweet mellow bitterness and Mocha coffee、While enjoying the aroma with the dandelions bloom in the garden、At home, I had a picnic.

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