Let's create a saksaksabre in the rarity of high domestic lemon Meyer lemon smells refreshing!


A variety that is said to have been born with natural cross-breeding of oranges and lemons、Domestic products are not worried about pesticide residues and antifungal agents, can be used for jams with peace of mind, and in Japan, the number of production is still small and the rarity is high "Myyer Lemon"。Compared to a typical lemon, it has less acidity and a mild taste.、The smell smells a little sweet, too.。It's not as vinegary as lemon, so you can eat flesh.、It is also very easy to use for the ingredients and dishes of sweets.。This time、This rare domestic meyer lemon、that winter is in season、Thank you again for your friend Sadako.)、Immediately、I'm going to make crispy sabre using its skin and fruit juice♪.


Meyer lemon saksaksabre

A. 1 mayer lemon (1 tsp peel and 1 teaspoon of fruit juice)、120g butter、35g powdered sugar、1 egg yolk、1 tsp milk、a pinch of salt
B. 100g flour、Almond Poodle 40g
C... granulated sugar dosage


Rub down the skin of Meyer lemon with a grater and scrape down only one orange surface of the skin.。


When the butter returned to room temperature becomes soft、Put all the Ingredients in the bowl.。


Mix until evenly smooth with a whisk.。


When it's mixed up、B. Add flour and almond poodles little by little.、Let's mix it with a rubber bella.。


Stretch the dough on a wrap and stretch it out.、Wrap it up and round it.。


The center of the core of the wrap is cut with scissors, and the shape is finished.、I'll sleep in the fridge for an hour.。


Take out the fabric that became a moderately good hardness、Unwrap、Sprinkle with granulated sugar on top of it.。It is more delicious to put a lot♪ of


Cut it to a thickness of about 5mm with a kitchen knife.。


The cut fabric is、Side by side on the cooking sheet、Bake in the oven 180 degrees for 16 minutes.。


Freshly baked sabre、Because it is easy to collapse、Let's cool it completely.。The smell of lemon is refreshing.、It is the completion of the sabre of sweet and gentle crispy crispy fluffy texture! The interval siwning a little too narrow、Because it stuck perfectly while the sabres were burned、It is a clunky because the surroundings collapse when I divide it、It was good to get a passing score from the husband who tasted the taste (laugh) that it is a caress of the amateur there, too♪.

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