2In the possible event Charter such as: casual dining & bar "flanged" get-together.


-Iron train、Electric red known as 1st Avenue down to the station, towards the central street, walk 30 seconds.、Sanstepbil trailed caldia's former beauty salon on the second floor open to the 4/6/2012 restaurant & bar "Flange フランジ"Mr.。In the spacious 30 people over a private event for、The wedding party, including many used。Our chef stone Shigeru, cum、After gaining experience in pastry、French training.、The experience gained in this、Feel free to enjoy Western cuisine are provided。Drinks are、Introduction to special wine of the day (2 species)、Staff are aligned and well balanced wine、Standard cocktails and Special cocktails with seasonal fruit very popular、In addition to its shochu.、Japanese sake、Fruit wine、Non-alcoholic beverages and various offers are available!


Shop、Chic shades bar 8 seats、Table 40 seats、Private room (6 people:As a non-smoking section is available) and has been。On this day、Get together with friends after work、While held a get-together of the Buri。On Sundays there?、Your home from a wedding seals can be seen、During its "La Casa La Casa"The sight of Kano-Kun! Chef Issy Ishida-Kun and a classmate and said Kano-Kun。The same people that、It would be a great rivalry! This is、Single room non-smoking is like OK、Be honest、Cigarette smoke are very good at our couple is a little tougher air。This troubled than in the past, has been smoking now、But it is still difficult。Opposite of smokers are、Or be a boon in a drink without feeling ashamed to get some of that may be。To meet the needs of customers、Smoker-shop policy has since been carried、Is that also use to choose your store do NeXTStep。


"We haven't! "And the manager who goes to IIDA Takashi's。So since you went to the first opened、I haven't really (laughs)


"Baldi net Sharrock Cava Brut" Spain 4,800 yen

In the Penedès area near Barcelona property、12At the winery from the century、Charro's varieties 40%、McBee 30%、Parellada 30%。Bubbling is granular and very aromatic、Freu。Having derived from mature and mellow and refined taste is clean and dry sparkling wine.


Through your whipped cream cold soup of corn "thick soup.


"Assorted" 2000 yen

Please Issy、Ordered drinks have to rely on.。Bamboo Beignets with homemade mayonnaise、Sweet shrimp with salsa Verde、Poached asparagus Salsa benjet、Bourguignon butter baked oysters、Homemade Bresaola。Bresaola (Italian:Bresaola) and the、Italy Northwest cuisine is beef with salted beef dried meat。Kind of dried meat and dried meat to say, not、Rather the ham, beef。Watching or prototype Issy and always on facebook watch is!


"Marcel dies Alsace 2011" France white 5800 Yen

Alsace、Local Bergheim Pinot Blanc、Riesling、Gewurztraminer is 70%、Pinot Noir、Pinot Gris、Muscat、Silvaner is 30%、The blended wine。But the bitterness remains characteristic soft acidity and taste during a brilliant condensation of complex flavor、Cut off the dazzling aromatic、Draws a sweet incense。Dies in the most reasonable wines and while it、Excellent balance equal to the price of other Domaines delicacy、Is a day without wine!


Pasta oil sardine and Sun-dried tomatoes 1100 Yen

Ordered as an appetizer for pasta.。Despite the pasta, haven't enjoyed the wines share with 4 people 1 (lol)


"Burgundy auto Court de Nuits Rouge 2011 Domaine Gros Frères et Soeur" France red 7000 Yen

Prestigious black clan in the village of Vosne-Romanée since 1800, followed by Domaine 元詰 wine。From the wine regions of Cote d'Or gevrey-Chambertin village、Higher elevations of the West side of the road down to Nuits-Saint-Georges (France:Haut オー)日当たりの良い後背地の村から造られる色付きの良い人気の赤ワインでブルゴーニュACピノとだけ表記されたワインとは全く別物の範囲が限定された認定テストをパスしたハイクラスの小地域名称ワインとなります果実味豊かで凝縮感があり熟したレッドベリーやブルーベリーの香りに柔らかな味わいが楽しめ美味しいワインです♪


4人でワインを3本空けて良い気分に浸りつつ時計の針は深夜2時近く。Is your store、フードのL.Oは23時半と遅めでその後も0時よりバータイムとなり深夜2時までの営業とかなり遅い時間までの利用が可能です浜松街中で遅くまで営業されているお店としてとても助かりますね「まさかのメンバーで終始緊張しまくりでしたよ!」と照れ笑いのイッシー(笑)メンバー参入したいと願い入れがあったので、Also、まさかのメンバーで集まる時には声掛けしますね(笑)

Flange フランジ
浜松市中区田町331-3 サンステップビル2F TEL:053-457-0011
Hours of operation 18:00-26:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

331 -3 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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