Exhibition 140 historical vehicles of the world continues to grow along with the Toyota Museum era


"Toyota Motor Co., Ltd."50th anniversaryAs part of the commemoration was greeted、1989In April, 16.In the opened "Toyota Automobile Museum"。
Historic cars in the world is always140UnitsMore exhibits、
In the main building (picture right)、Beginning with the birth of the automotive history of the development of automobile technology and culture、The clarity along with the vehicle。
In addition、1999 yearHas opened a new wing (left in photo)、
Captures the history of motorization in Japan in relation to lifestyle and culture、Household goods at the time and has exhibited the car!


Main building entrance

Hotel、Admission ticket (adults: 1,000 yen per person)You can buy free tours are available。
Also、In Japan,Free guided tours (in the info book)And our time is set for、
Thailand.com guided tours for beginners and good will.


The Toyota Automobile Museum、2015In April, 16.ToOpening week 26 yearFrom be greeted
"Anniversary thank-you week"As、4/11(SAT) ~ 4 / 19 (days)Until the admissionHalf price (adult ¥ 1,000 → ¥ 500)Has become a、
Now we are at half-price admission to。
Female staff's got their jerseys and scarves are also nice!


Producer Morris Oxford United Kingdom (1913)

First to greet the car、Morris Oxford
Aiming for the British vehicle manufacturing "Maurice Inc."The founderWilliam MauriceBy Mr
Is a small economy car made。
This car is、By outsourcing major components such as the engine、With lower production costs, and continue to provide、
1913Year ~ 1923Up to approximately15Tens of production unitsHas been。
Also、From the distinctive radiator "Bull nose"And is called, was widely popular.


Model AA (replica)

Kiichiro ToyodaFrom the developed model American cars at the time of last、Passenger vehicle produced at Toyota Motor Corp. for the first time "Model AA"The replica。
French doors、Can't touch、It is possible to glimpse the Interior。
Such as hand phone installed to amaze the cow and the horse、Also the background of the times。
Shining in the hood "Toyota"The emblem、Also marked on the tire case bag "TOYODA"Also please pay attention。
TOYOTA not TOYODA eraIt is。
At that time、The starting salary for a college graduate75CircleOf age3,350CircleIf really is! (Surprise)


2European car exhibition floor

2F floorNow、The practical application in GermanyThe world's first petrol vehicle No. 1Mercedes-Benz said three-wheeled vehicle
"Mercedes-Benz patent motor Vaughn"1886 yearThe replica, including、
A typical vehicle, approximately60UnitsAbout Carpe diem、In our antiques、Such as dream world awaits!


1880In ~ 1910

"De Dion Bouton 1 3/4HP (country of origin France, 1898)"(Pictured right) is、
Paris 'De Dion Bouton company"1895Year-1903Until the gasoline produced is。
3From mobility wheeled vehicles and low-cost、And once in the European market the most popular car、
1898 yearThe、Modified 4-wheel cars with seats for customers on the front add the、
Ride capacity increase、Safety of passengers、Discontinued and is not responding to the demands for comfort。
More bike-like cuteness that car it is!


Ford Model T production country America (1909)

Played in the numerous mechanisms for cost reduction by mass production system and operation to simplify the popularization "Ford Model T"The、
1908 yearFor from the debut1927 yearTo the 19 years150010,000 or more.Also produced an all-time best-selling car。
Not only forces are of course were all over the world、Model TWithout talk of automotive history as big influences.


Ford Model T chassis production country United States (around 1917)

The chassis of the Ford Model T、Reasonably compact and light-weight、Approximately 19 years stuff between、Without changing the basic design to continue to use。
This chassis is、1915Year (0/1915)By the time Japan's first driving school was founded "Tokyo automotive schools"At is what was used as a teaching material.


Without a guide、Toyota Automobile MuseumTo13TimesOne boasts a number of visitsCar OtakuOf
"Maserati Hamamatsu"The General ManagerSugiura AkiraAnd it's and has toured with the maniac、
"You let me explain? 」And、Guide staffNaoshi heaven treeLet's us with、Explained in detail。
The guide includes more and more、SugiuraIs it the Forte had taken it (laughs)
How to drive a、Very different and modern cars、From how to make engine is unique!
Headlamps acetylene torches send、It is such an age。Excited to know more!
Toyota Automobile MuseumNow、Driving courses held、And actually learn and ride。
This car is、The other day "Meiji-Mura"50th anniversary of opening villageOfNew mayor inauguration paradeIn was installed as the new Chief
The writer and essayistSawako AgawaWas ridden by classy red dress、It was actually run.


Rolls-Royce 40 / 50HP silver ghost production Kingdom (1910)

F H Royce and C S rollsThe1904 year、Make the perfect vehicle for RR company founded。
As well as making high-quality luxury vehicles based on thorough product management、1906 yearThe biggest announced the masterpiece called 40 / 50 HP six-cylinder cars。
Put the systemic silver tsarabody on the chassis of the 13 th、Under the supervision of the RAC (United Kingdom Royal Automobile Club)、
Glasgow ~ London between total non-stop day and night15,000MilesWhat the lost distance with little trouble。
From the ghostly quiet and smooth riding and paint colors“Silver ghost”Will be known as。
As a production car with a high-quality、Ford Model TAnd the different has become a source of luxury cars。
Regardless of age、Functional as well as decorative and design、Which very much though it'sRolls RoyceIs!


See Baker electric"production country United States (1902)

Also starting with the spread of the gasoline car、For a long time in the forces、Electric vehicle is made。
It's、1895 yearToGeorge William SeldenFor a patent on the automobile itself took his、
To make the gasoline motor、So that is why they had to pay royalties。
As to other possible reasons、In a quiet、Without exhaust gas、So there is no need to turn the crank to start
Due to the advantages of electric vehicles、Facts、It was very popular with the。
"Bay power-electric"(Pictured left) is、1899Years ~ 1915Until the famous electric car went、
1From the HP motor40 km/hThe can be run。
Extensive use of ball bearings in each part、Is renowned for the first time adopted a bevel gear drive system.


Among Fraschini Tipo I producer Italy (1908)

Legendary luxury cars of Italy "Among Frasier 2"The、4As a pioneer of SOHC V8 engine and wheel brakes (adopted 1910)、
Also、Has made a big success in motor sports。
This 'Type I"The、1907 yearThe other won the Coppa Florio、1908 yearThe victory in the Targa Florio,、The glory of many leaves。
Also、In the United Kingdom "Aston Martin"Even in this first car、"Among Franchini"The chassis is used、
Of the young day "Enzo Ferrari' , 'Alfieri Maserati"Even after this driver is started。
Sugiura.、Want to know how the engine of this car that was a mystery for many yearsHeaven treeIs it on or ask a question and、
Core comes to plunge into the world scene (or able to understand is a mystery:Lol)
On this car、Beside the gas tank40L one oil tankIs fitted with、I am surprised at the size。
The cars of this era、Was driving while hanging oil to lubricate the drive chain for、Of large amounts of oil had rips on the road!
Eco-friendly is not、There is a sight to behold in the how it works!


1920In the ~ 1950's

Most of the vehicles are exhibited in the hotel currently running for、Under the vehicle、Many covered tray, oil leak。
On a regular basis、Test driving in the parking lot here is for、If the timing is right、It's possible see who is actually running!


Bugatti type 35 B-producing countries France (1926)

"Ettore Bugatti"The work in、The most famous "Type 35"The、
Achieved great success as a production racing、Masterpiece admiration all over the world。
It'sEttoreThe born from creativity、Racing car with functional beauty and pursuit、
Until each part harmonious thought、Should be called the art car design changes。
"Type 35"That is not only beautiful、
Brake drum and the monoblock aluminum wheels and performance chassis designIn terms of the mechanism can be excited about。
"Type 35B"The、1924Year ~ 1930Until made35SeriesThe is a high-performance model especially equipped with a supercharger。
Beside the yearning Bugatti、A cute small little Bugatti!
Here is"Type 35"Children's electric car was half the size! It is no luxury.


"Alfa Romeo 6 c 1750 Gran Sport" producer Italy (1930)

And the supercharged six-cylinder DOHC 1750 cm ³ of 6 c numerous race renowned oneself in buoyant engine、
DesignersVittorio JanoOne of his masterpieces。
Mille MigliaIn the history for the first time put out average speed over 100 km、El Tatio Tazio NuvolariAnd covered by fine won。
Also one of my carAlfa RomeoThe is a photo taken with masterpiece!


Duesenberg model J production country America (1929)

"Model J"The、Refitting the body many coachbuilder's best forces and、
Without taking a comparable step of this luxury saloon、Also provides better performance。
People overwhelmed by the strong power of racing cars.。
2Power is a unique body of your、In Baron-Phaeton、The number of variations becomes the most famous model。
Is also one of the reasons to love classic cars、It is the combination of this body。
Soft pastel colours are often seen、Click here alsoLemon yellow / creamAnd、No cute colours!
Just looking at, so I tripped during that era.


On the side of the vehicle's、In some places are equipped with step、It is possible inside the vehicle on the views and。
A white sheet is also piccapica!
In the splendor of the simple design of this era Interior, steering shudder is!


1940In the ~ 1950's

"Cisitalia 202 Coupe producer Italy (1947)The、
Millionaires in ItalyClown DeSioIn the sports car maker that started after World War II、
Fiat engine use.、Active in a number of races。
This '202Coupe"The、PininfarinaThe integrated body and Fender's design beautiful style with pride、
Car design will have changed from here。
1951 yearThe chosen excellent design 8 cars represent two New York Museum of modern art contemporary artMobile sculptureAnd permanent exhibition。
This car is、1948 yearToMille MigliaIn the 5th place prize plays.


Delage type D8-120 producing countries France (1939)

Should be called the pinnacle of France GP car "Delage"Even、
1930DatingTo enter actively begins making luxury touring car or luxury saloon。
Its beauty、"If you give to the mistress Delage"Said to be so elegant and glamorous things。
"D8-120"The、As a high-performance truck belonging to the late most the most beautiful model is。
The coachwork、Ask any professional, compete to look、
None Haute thoughts contact Rui is just or even France seems to be what。
Is this beautiful power in Briollay、Frigoni FracciBy the hands of Mr.、"Delahaye' To be made from being annexed.



"Mercedes-Benz 300 SL"The、1954 yearThe debut at the New York show、
The world's first gasoline direct injection also known as engine-equipped vehicles。
Of the specificGull-wing doorsThe、That was a tubular space frame structure based on racing cars、
High threshold of opening that door bottom half of normal vehicles had frames、
And from a lower height for getting on and off stop not known as adopted。
The name 300 SL 300、Mean in Mercedes-Benz exhaust volume 3 l、SL、"Sport Leicht" (English:Sport Light) of the stands is the meaning of light sport。
This Coupe is、1955March ~ 1957Up to the1400UnitsManufactures。
The Mercedes-Benz this time、Has a cute face!


Rene Lalique mascots Gallery

Here you will、Glass craftsman, France、René Lalique (1860-1945)Mascots all flavors with mass。
LaliqueThe、Original、He worked as a jewelry designer、Then fields of glass whilst turning、
Create your own glass of the world, a success。
The works on display、1920In the lateCentered on29 kinds of 32 points.The mascots are exhibited in luxury。
Also one piece 'Gozu horse"The、"Citroën 5 CV"And is said to have a relationship、Made the image of only a specific car.


Hawk (1925)

At that time、Great work around7Lb、Even a small piece about3LbAs and、
The price right now is equivalent to1010,000 ~ 200000 ¥As the mascots were in the high-priced luxury goods equivalent to。
At that time、The decoration on the tip of the luxurious, elegant luxury car mascots、
What are competed as a status symbol that only a handful of people。
Not only in Japan but also in foreign countries、Align all types、No permanent exhibition.


Toyopet Crown RS-producing countries Japan (1955)

In the international technology Alliance also carried out actively、Toyota has gratified purely method、1955 yearTo seeToyopet Crown RS type"Presentation。
From the very beginning designed as a car "RS type"The、Provides a starting point of domestically-produced vehicles in every sense。
And give greater confidence to the automobile industry in Japan。
The design is、Clever ones adapted to the actual situation of Japan at that time in、
Ride quality and durability、Car drew wide attention as a purely domestic cars fitted with the balance of everything.


3Japan car exhibition floor

3F floorNow、History of the automobile industry in Japan after World War II, from a representative vehicle of approximately60UnitsExhibition。
Old drawing and rendering、From the painted sketch Designer、
Until the vehicle is exhibited dioramas were represented in the model.


"Fuji cabin 5A type ' country of origin Japan (1955)

"Flying father"And the same architectWealth of murotaniBy Mr.、Fuji car (at the time、Nissan automobile-engine manufacturer),、
At that time send monocoque structure of a revolutionary 3-wheeled cabin Scooter。
Air-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine with the body、Only 130 kg maximum speed is 60 km/h。
Utilizing the limited space indoors and aerodynamic body design, such as a revolutionary attempt should be、
Without this technology of FRP、Only85UnitsBut not produced。
Adorable look like a hitotsume-kozō are characterized.


Honda S500 AS280 type production country Japan (1964)

At that time、Honda already two Wheeler manufacturer def had expanded to 4 wheel、
1962 yearThe prototype was announced 'S360"The production type model1963 yearIn an authentic Lightweight Sport 'S500"Sent to the。
531Ultra Compact four-cylinder CC twin cam with CV carburetor 4 to 44 hp/8000 from rpm output speed is 130 km/h.。
As a small car will be a phenomenal performance and lightweight two-seater from the otherwise collected to oneself longing of young people that。
After that、This model "S600"、"S800"To and develop、We built the Foundation of the Automotive Division of the Honda Motor Co..




"Toyota 2000 GT MF10-' country of origin Japan (1968)

Not tied to oil shocks and exhaust gas regulations, including ' the birth of many attractive sports car in the world-wide trends in the 1960s。
Never before in Japan a high-performance Gran Turismo "Toyota 2000 GT"(1965) now available!
And the development of the Toyota side 4、Co-developed with Yamaha was in at the time as a motorcycle manufacturer which already represents Japan。
Styling long nose shapely and backbone frame structure、6The twin-cylinder, such as designers and engineers
The resulting spirited of the arm to your heart's content、And set three world records and international record of 13 in the yatabe test、
Formulates each student a world-class high-performance cars。
International reputation' Beautiful! 」And praise for its design.、Toyota designersNozaki SynecdocheIs due to Mr.


Lexus LFA prototype production country Japan (2009)

Equipped with Yamaha motor jointly developed by carbon fiber reinforced plastic (carbon) steel monocoqueshashir-inch 10-cylinder 4.8-liter engine。
To get the optimal weight distribution、Engine front midship and equipped with、
In addition to the adoption of the transaxle、Place the radiator on the back side of the rear wheel。
56 countries around the world in500UnitsOnly has limited。
"La Fiesta Primavera 2015"The leading car it was!


New building

In the new building、The history of motorization in Japan's history and culture
"Prehistory"、"After the war"、"Domestic production"、"Growth"、"My car"、"Diversification"And divided into six zones, and exhibit、
Shows the typical car of each era and life culture article about2,000PointAlso on display.


Ford custom 4 door sedan production country United States (1949)

In the new models of Ford for the first time after the end of World War II、
And it was utter design Flash-side flow、Was brought to Japan、
Many Japanese 魅入tta calibres filled with its freshness.。
Can be enjoyed along with the image of the background of the life space coordinates.


Toyota Celica liftback producers Japan (1973)

OHC2000cc high performance engine、Realize it's a sporty drive、At the same time surfboards, camping gear, etc.、
Car liftback cars large leisure goods also made it possible that were hugely popular in leisure-oriented young people.。
What!SugiuraAnd I's first car and here's! I have feelings!
I、Born in cars that surprise surprise (laughs)


Swift 9 HP production country Britain (1905)

"Swift Inc."The、Has its headquarters in Coventry England、Sewing machine、Well known in bicycle manufacturing。
After the automobile manufacturing、2-Cylinder、3Will continue to manufacture of a simple small car engine cylinder、
Before long, Maurice、In front of the major manufacturers such as Austin would leave defeated。
The swift 9 HP、Early model gained popularity, with in-line three-cylinder engine。
In the display、The photo is possible only 乗ri込meru cars and。

Here you will、In addition to the permanent exhibition exhibitions held several times a year、Car、Cut time periods and themes are introduced。
In addition、Building of the automobile culture and Community contribution to、From across the country approximately100UnitsFor recruiting and public vehicles, Street Parade。
Also、Such as the collection of cars driving off "Festival"2 times a year (spring, Aichi / Fall, Tokyo) held。
Through such an activity、Had to tell car culture、Has been instrumental in the development of the automotive industry。
1日ji I think it is the place where you can enjoy taking a boring and time、Please come visit!

Toyota Automobile Museum
Aichi Nagakute hand off 41-100 TEL:0561-63-5151(Please visit & contact private TEL:0561-63-5155-
Opening hours:9:30-17:00 (Last admission is 16.:30Until )
Closed days:Monday (if the holiday the next day) and year end and new year holidays

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