"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" "Café Un Deux Trois" Elegant branch of the semi-buffet!


Hong KongTo set up home、Currently under construction including44The hotelTo24 countries around the worldTo expand the、
5 star hotelOf the Crown to seeMandarin Oriental Hotel Group"
Taipei CityThe classical-modern European-style City Center decorated with taste、
8 yearThings over the years, and construction、It's opened2014 May 18,.Of that。
We stayed last time
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In
We were able to stop by again!

"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Hospitable Wonderful 5-star hotel accommodation Symbol

Place、MRTOfNanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)From8 minutes walking distanceAnd with、
The beauty and the city、Lush greenDunhua North RoadAlong the landmarks。
Taipei Songshan AirportUntil the carApproximately 5 minutesTaoyuan International AirportAlso in the carAbout 40 minutes distance.Next、
famousTaipei 101 TowerUntil well in the car15 minutes distance.、Located convenient to local shopping areas as well as、
Taipei tourismTo say that was really fantastic!


The precious whiteMarbleUsingEntrance hallThe、To welcome guests to the appropriate、
The luxurious gorgeous that symbolizes the here hotelsCrystal chandelierShows up brightly。
Here is、CzechoslovakiaThe designer is giving the design、
510,000 pieces.Those with Crystal、1.4tWhat are chandeliers shine bright weight!


As well as the last、Japanese staffAnd various reeds strike serves as the Auditor, the、
The Guest Relations supervisorNatsuki MorikawaSan。
"Welcome back ♪"And、Kindly welcome!
She born in Mie Prefecture、Bright、Manner should be soft、Very cute woman feel familiar.。
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiNow、Basic、Chinese and EnglishIn the language and will be、
Japanese staffMorikawaIs it and、While local people、
Japan language proficiency qualificationSo staff have several follow up visit is safe。
Japan language proficiency qualifications your staff it is、On the chestJapan flag pin badgeMark will be associated with the。
Just、It came off vacation、Was able to meet before leaving to Japan one day!
As always, with a lovely smile gently received to satisfy meNatsuki.
Then talk with time to spend and I was very happy!


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"The fifth floor
All day operating French "Café Un Deux Trois"The、
The shop first opened "COCO"And that would have been、
2014/11/1To has been renamed。
A new name、Guests can also relax in the calm atmosphere of Parisian brasseries and represents。
Normal、We stayed at this hotel and breakfast venue is here。
Will not stay、Present room number at the reception here.

In the main dining Salon、You can enjoy French snacks and Asian gourmet、
In the modern and relaxing and dining。
And、30Private dining available in the large number of names as the、
As well as interacting with other friends and family, you can take advantage of the meetings。
While breakfast is lively and、Friendly staff pride.、Good air flow。
Breakfast is、Morning 6:30-10:30To the breakfast room and、
And semi order buffet to order the hot dish、
High-quality an extensive buffet breakfast is served.


This time the、Director of CommunicationsのLuanne LiAnd
Marketing Communications ExecutiveBellona MaIn the greetings、LRG!
The restaurant staff、On the chestJapan flag pin badgeEven with、
The hotel staff speak little Japan、Not to worry about the language.


A cheerful personality Luanne Li


Young, charming Bellona Ma


Japanese speaking staff!


And semi order an extensive buffet style breakfast、
And the cold、Bread and salad、As the fruit you like our room!


Fresh salads with colorful、
Prosciutto and smoked salmon to cheese and Pate Ang route、With tomatoes, such as plate
Serving well balanced!


Director of CommunicationsのLuanne LiTo recommend these guys!
In addition to breads and croissants every morning freshly baked baguette、
Suite Denish series or Madeleine or sesame sauce pan, etc. of other helpful bread!


The Croissant swelled many layers、
The surface is crispy、Soft and drifted the aroma of butter's quality、While even I dust is a texture!
Easier to eat Danish pastry served with seasonal strawberries offered in bite-size pieces、Still delicious Danish pastry、I have hands!
Of France "Les Conviette"The must be accompanied by stick butter.


Western, not a Japanese party also do not miss the Japanese corner of peace。
In the morning "One day does not start if you drink miso soup"And those who also take!


Inarizushi in eggs、Salmon pottery utensils.


Also the variety of toppings you like, choose an omelet、Provide freshly cooked per order!


Onion and Bacon、The omelet was topped with cheese,、
And plump with yellow skin、Inside is moist fluffy texture.


-Southern birthplace boiled noodles from the order, will finish "Tan tan noodles"。
Can be topped with ingredients and favorite vegetables.


"Tan tan noodles"The、Took the soup with shrimp and a soup for、
"Noodle from the morning? "The worry is as views in the stomach and was tender and flavorful!


In Taiwan、For breakfast eat porridge and milk (soy milk) that remains as a traditional food culture、
Can be found in most hotel room。
Choose from small vegetable topping、You might try looking for your favorite flavor!


"Congee with abalone"

To become semi order style、It is possible to order from the menu book。
This is rice porridge with abalone with warts.、
Comes with seafood soup、Fresh abalone contains rich and modest, while、Soft and delicious!
Enjoy the taste of standard first、Plus, XO sauce in the Middle, and bring about changes in taste、
Enjoy the taste until the end.


"Tuna eggs baked Taiwan-crepe"
(Taiwanese pancake Dan bing Taiwanese pancake, free-range eggs, tuna and spring onion).

Also order from the menu book。
Are involving Taiwan crepe texture was chewy and eggs grilled tuna with onion。
Can be served with marinated Tomatoes and steamed vegetables.


"Egg at cocotte Poached organic egg, sautéed mushrooms, crusty bread with parsley"

Also order from the menu book。
Poached organic eggs、Served with sauteed mushrooms and bread、
In cooking of France "staub"In the oven with pot roast、Hot the offer!


"Brussel style waffles served with maple syrup"

Also order from the menu book。
Japan also is popular Belgium waffle、There's two types of waffle Brussels and Liege waffles、
Here you will、Offers Brussels waffles。
Texture is crispy and light and fluffy!
Out your favorite maple syrup and enjoy!
Now、While the branch、After an elegant and fun、
Always pleasing gifts "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In Let's go get it!
Next is "The Mandarin Cake Shop" introduction!

Café Un Deux Trois
With breakfast:6:30-10:30
Dinner:18:00To 22:00/ 21:30(Day、Public holidays)
Tea time:14:30-17:00

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158

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