Ypsilon creates along with the vegetable garden vegetables and tender taste Italian


2013On May 17, (gold) mikatahara residential and Santeria Italian 'Ristorantino Epsilon"Let's OPEN。But since the place is so unclear that address search on Google Maps might be best。If you explain roughly、Eleven intersection hurts Hamamatsu loop line, was to run to the left、3Turn right at the second street。Is the parking lot and left where it was written "Epsilon entrance" into a telephone pole on the left in the back put 7 or so.、A Western-style beige and House、First floor there will be。At the entrance、The menu is listed small easels。There was a calm on the front black and white containers general housing is、Is wrong and there are many illnesses and so watch out! Now that many customers clearly recognize and so lunch is a great success、Be reserved in advance, get the best!


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Table 14 seats and a moist and dark space。Our chef Yuji Endo is French and Italian experience and independent、Are conducted on his wife and his three-legged race。This table seating at the counter seats。Our favorite is just the taxis of the kitchen counter, is realized (lol) well、This is the main and Dolce、I ordered dessert with Cafe 1900 yen.

You can choose from the 3-course lunch。
Stuzzichinos (projection)、Misto (starters assortment)、Zuppa (soup)、1000 yen for pasta。
Appetizers、Pasta、The main content is changed、Dolce and Cafe offers a full course 1900 yen and 2700 yen for two courses.。


Amuse "over a sweet source of shrimp of franc seafood"

A creamy flan、Like the Western-style steamed egg custard with the taste of sweet sweet shrimp with turmeric and fish sauce。On the、Somen noodle squash and garnished、Guests can enjoy the texture.


Appetizers "marinated mushrooms and pumpkin Hidaka konbu、Hamana Lake Octopus and broccoli and beetroot homemade vegetable shiso leaf sauce、Homemade ricotta cream sandwiched the crispy fried tofu.

Our amuse and appetizer、And you wholly incorporates Japanese ingredients and taste somewhere、Do not use too much oil from、Has become easier for the elderly and the finish。Above all、Across the texture crispy tofu ricotta cream、Owner-chef endou-Kun's favorite homemade cream、Fig sweet and mellow acidity、And has been using the miso flavor、With ricotta cream flavor and flavor delicious!


Put soup on Ruby's cold soup vegetable garden gumbo

Cold feel the sweetness of the Ruby with purple potato soup。The Ruby、It contains anthocyanins、Fall color after cooking has a beautiful pink color in the feature.


"Homemade Walnut bread ' enjoy the sense of taste and gorogoroc large Nutcracker fluffy bread refills are free.


Pasta "scallops and clams、Olives lasagna sauce.

Taste luscious lasagna pasta。On the surface wearing a cheese、Finally put a broiling in the burner, plus the flavor!


Pasta raw to the sauce spaghetti with chickpeas

Whipped cream of Chickpea and Zucchini pasta。Noodles.、Involving a source better, taste delicious!


Main sago with seaweed flavored cream sauce

Was an image rich in cream sauce、ISO seaweed flavour、And with a mellow taste delicious。Served with boiled okra with Baby Bok Choy.


Main ' minced meat stuffed with jumbo chili pepper blue pepper sauce "

While not strong spicy Jumbo chili、Stuffed with minced meat。Blue pepper & chili sauce!


Dessert "Apple flavored、Sudachi foam、Served with crispy pies.

Image of Tarte Tatin, made original dessert。From the glass bottom、Yogurt sorbet、The sudachi foam, mix flavored on the Apple、Served with a crisp stick pie。In summer have nice refreshing sour yogurt sorbet and sudachi.、Parkroyal on Kitchener road dessert all beaten in the good apples as sweet!



Because it arrived late to、By the time your full course、I already end customers。And I chat with endo and his wife、Two children cute summer came down from home、MOM was going。Is the age of cute。In the outside parking lot back home garden fields、Dad is hard working on the farm、Were working on delicious vegetables。The delicious food and vegetable garden、Not to mention the safety、Economically and is a great help! Here you will、Serving whipped cream filled with the warmth of the family Italian。Also、Slowly come up to do!

Ristorantino Epsilon
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 1854-23 TEL:053-571-5772 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、1-3 Wednesday
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30(L. O.) * dinner upon booking 18.:00-20:30(L.O.)

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata town 1854 -23

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