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"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" demonstration!



In the Hong Kong S.A.R. big break "The Butchers Club Burgers"of
Most popular menu in a secret burgers
Demonstration of "Double Happiness (double happiness)
"The Sherwood Taipei"The underground first floor restaurant"B-one"At the start.


The characteristics of this Burger、High quality dry beef neck, roses、
To mince their words the rump coarse grind per order、Form without any tantrum and cooked、
Meaty enjoyment enjoy the burger and say!


Dry beef coarse ground meat!


Coarse freshly minced to the handful!


Best hamburger Patty is minced in the bulgur and fresh beef 100% in any 捏nezu
Simple cooking only dent with your thumb in the middle if you have configured all round!


Several media executives have joined the US experience making hamburger Patty、I also challenge!


"The Butchers Club Burgers"The founder、
Of the Managing DirectorJONATHAN GLOVEROne-to-one guidance please!


Patty、No hands kneading and forming round without having to、
Is no exaggeration to say coarse chunks of freshly minced meat enjoyment there!


On the original special spices in the finished Patty!


Into the frying pan!


At the same time "The Butchers Club Burgers"ofSteve KeEven before continuing!


Sandwiched between the cheese and heat in a separate skillet buns are also from、
Double finish on a bun!


Grill each side until surface is brown with burnt!


Put a slice of cheese also、Toro to slowly melt the cheese!


Sauce ingredients cooked buns and Patty、Finishing the towers, 活kimasu!


Sliced tomatoes, pickles、In double hamburger Patty and heavy.、
In addition、Maple syrup Bacon, everything is double size! (Surprise! )


To pierce the steak knife is completed!
Taste also powerful is calorie happy 2 x 2 x "Double Happiness"The voila!


All together shooting team "Double Happiness"Around the、You get to shoot!


You have a finished Hamburger、Commemorative photo with beaming smile!


Stunning large force just beginning to not be taken、All that 2 x "Double Happiness」!!


"The Butchers Club Burgers (the Butchers Club burgers).
"Double Happiness (double happiness)
"Shimoo Design" "floating patern (fuyou)Series / round tray"

This time we arelade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineIn the planning [To travel with a second series] As、
In writer 2 pair will be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
Yao "Shimoo Design / shimoo Kazuhiko & simoo Saori"The wooden instrument
Takaoka "Syouryu / Yoshinori shimatani"The journey with a Tin-made instrument has。
"The Butchers Club Burgers"Even works、
We have collaboration!
JONATHAN GLOVERThe 'Shimoo Design" Of "Fuyou (floating like series)"Look at
"From wooden tray of good light!"And the rave!


"Fish sauce"
"Syouryu" the "Tin paper (24 cm) "

In addition、"B-one"The provided in the buffet"Seafood chili"And
"Syouryu" Of "Tin Paper"And the match、Protean instrument curious was your people!


JONATHAN GLOVERWith collaboration to commemorate、
Together we have made photo!
Next in line、Introduction of Taiwan media have been involved or Blogger team!

The Butchers Club Burgers

Hotel B1
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188
Hours of operation:Breakfast 06:30-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00-21:30、
Afternoon tea (closed on public holidays only) 15:00-17:00

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" Collaboration event! "Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" Event is a great success!
"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" Collaboration event!
"Sherwood Taipei" Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin "The Butchers Club Burgers" Event is a great success!



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