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Encounter gorillas cream TV coverage! Meet the giant Gorilla Cafe & flower shop


-Motohama-Cho, Hamamatsu City further north were opened in August last year 2016 Cafe & florist "gorilla-cream (Gorilla cream) ' To!

Is an illustration of a giant Gorilla suddenly appear in a residential area, motohama-sign in、We are giving off intense vivid blue appearance impact!

Five more parking behind the front left and、It is convenient because it suggests in the car!
This day is very busy and、For parking and parking、My car is very "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Handling the MASERATI Granturismo Sport MC Auto-shift is beside the shops were made!

Gorilla-cream (Gorilla cream) color image is a brilliant deep blue (a.k.a.:Golic Li) to、Navy Blue Pearl Granturismo has matching!((*° ∀ °))So cool!!

This is Sapporo "But even m.(Nickname) "Mr. Beach received a request from the friends of pine from the owner、Store Manager has been put in charge、Sunday-Thursday 11 am-Café is open until 6 pm and will be! Will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays so be careful!

Mr. even also the Manager of the chef as well as、Has been active as a florist bouquet for birthday parties and anniversaries, such as the stores and do a regular flower arrangement, including、Morning、Flower importer at the flower market is flooded with、Surrounded by the scent of flower、Would be very extravagant consolation cosy space.

Looks like inside the same in shades of Navy Blue and、In the atmosphere in combination with dark brown wood、Boldly decorated with big gorilla photo Panel on the wall、Thanks again great impact! Pictures of gorillas suggests that the gentle, quiet eyes caught in the jungle、Watch and be sucked into the glamour is.、Also, even owners fell in love with work! This is the look and charm of a gorilla!

Just、The "Office Mizukami" was in charge of store construction,Ken Minakami (Takeshi Mizukami)And I also had come for lunch, so whats up with you!

Lunch 11 am through until 3 pm and、Then enjoy dessert as a time until 18!
Lunch menu daily skillet lunch (drinks included) 980 yen and pasta lunch (drinks included) 950 yen and even the original, even have Curry Lunch (drinks included) 950 Yen。On this day、Order a hamburger steak stewed with tomato skillet lunch and "Teppanyaki Napolitan'!

The topics provide the hot skillet、Wood tray with salad rice lovely and CHOY、And miso on the set of good Western food set、Hamburger, such as hearty mountain is while fleshy、Inside is moist just Hi! With summer vegetables and beans in tomato sauce in addition to eat everything and、Very happy!

The "iron Napolitan' vivid colors、If you like, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese、Until the end, in the hot!

Click here also、わたし達がライフスタイルに取り入れている「Zennoa」の「Nuku Hivaノニジュース」を取り扱ってくださっており濃厚でリッチな味わいの”ノニジュース”をガラナやジンジャエールクランベリーなどで割って楽しめるソフトドリンクとして新メニューに加えられその美味しさに人気を集めています♪

After dinner we iced coffee、オーナーやもすらさん、Of the staffHosoya ikumi (Ikumi Hosoya)ちゃんを交え常連様と歓談していると、"静岡第一テレビ」の撮影隊と一緒にアナウンサーの伊藤薫平.小野澤玲奈 (Reina Onozawa)さんが取材に訪れる場面に遭遇!



Now、記念すべき放送日は「静岡第一テレビ」の6月28日(水)18:15から放送される「news every.しずおか」内の1コーナーとなります!

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The great massed live date! To the Hamamatsu ryuyo tenryu River estuary and the Enshu-Nada! Kanzanji Hot Springs overlooking the Lake Hamana and okusa mountains around most brackets which return trip
The great massed live date! To the Hamamatsu ryuyo tenryu River estuary and the Enshu-Nada!
Kanzanji Hot Springs overlooking the Lake Hamana and okusa mountains around most brackets which return trip


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