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Handmade bread and roasted hot freshly brewed coffee at the blissful morning



Morning wake up at five o'clock、I have plenty of time to make bread and BREW coffee is really happy! the early worm!

Simply want to eat homemade bread、Try adjusting the volume。This time the、"Raisin" love just wanted to eat、Colon'd curl up in the easy-to-size sense of、Toward fluffy moist from morning and cone cone did! Back water raisins that puts a little bit more, enjoy the flavor.

This morning's coffee、This is the new beans in Fukuroi always get home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant "Guatemala peaberry"!
Peaberry of the famous Antigua Guatemala is rich、In a balanced system of mild coffee、"Blister and Japanese restaurant" in also every time based on their popular dish!

General coffee beans、Face to face is 2 grain seeds in one fruit in.、If you can only round seeds in the tips of the branches of the tree it is! It called "peaberry"、Its characteristic round flop on the shape、Very cute、Typically only several percent very rare beans that can be harvested, and from a tree! Even such rare coffee beans、"Blister and Japanese restaurant"Now、More than any other and quite affordable in a hand from Nice! I would recommend!

But many years ago、See how coffee beans and Japanese restaurant are so cheap it's? "And have you heard。
When、She told the owner of 濱小路 and his wife。"Because at the locations of countryside land costs does not hang、To get even a little coffee to know、Please feel free to get offers and prices you can take! "And。

Wonderful for consumers of coffee lovers!
Paper bag blister and Japanese restaurant、Said, you。

"Tips to brew good coffee is brewing with knowledge and technology more than have a clear mind。”

Real、Right on the money!
Time you have in mind one day today, fresh, lovely!






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