For a luxury suite Butterfly desire "garaku" jinzu-gawa River

Toyama hotel "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"In our room this time we will take care、Last year 2017 April 1, reopened the main luxury suite room 301 "between a butterfly!

This hotel、The concept varies according to each room、1Birthmarks, but not the same room、Enjoy the atmosphere of different every time!

Room 214, previous wing Premier Suite "of white rubber (shirotsurubami)" and the previous main building Deluxe was comfortable warmth of wood "during the wind down is、This main building luxury suites Room 301 "while the butterfly、Incorporates touches of their own、Census because it had been heard and the finish of the Japanese filled with modern、I was really looking forward to!

Open the main room door、Build the awareness barrier-free to your room from the entrance ramp。

140Boasting m² + balcony spacious Luxury suite、To 2 bedrooms with King size beds and twin beds with 2 bathrooms and space!

Enjoy the lake view、For the living room and bathrooms are using wide glass、And spectacular panoramic views、The view from the living cheer is like painting!

The bathrooms are、Provides a Japanese umbrella pine and jaggietypebas hope the jinzu River with bath 2、Relax and soak in the Jacuzzi、Enjoy a gentle Lake of the jinzu River fluctuations、Relax both mind and body!

Also nice, view from the Crimson walls particularly eye-catching style too! It would be nice at Yao provided in all rooms "paper letter" to acknowledge your letter!

5An invigorating climate, for、Out on the balcony and feel the healing nature of much、But for the sake of Toyama、If you prefer reading time for healing!

Evenings, birthday、Every time fascinated by the beauty of the shine of the surface of the Lake that was fascinated with!


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