Kegon Daihonzan "Todaiji" Let's play with the deer while admission the Great Buddha of Nara like at the Hall of the Great Buddha


In the Nara periodEmperor shōmuAnd the ideas of Buddhism、Kegon sect in Nara was built to guard the country of temples "Todai-ji Temple"。
"Great Buddha of Nara"As is known、And Temple had a tremendous impact in culture of Japan、
At the heart of the Kokubunji Temple was built by Emperor shōmu in Japan at that time over 60 countries "Total Kokubunji"And positioned、
1998 yearTo as part of the historic monuments of Ancient Nara、Has been listed from UNESCO World Heritage site。
Access、From NARA STA. on JR yamatoji line and Kintetsu NARA line get off at daibutsuden Kasuga Taisha city bus and 5 minutes ' walk、
Or located within 20 minutes ' walk from Kintetsu-NARA STA.、In Nara Park。
You will be near、Access by car is good for several paid parking are scattered。


Speaking of Nara NARA Park、Speaking of Nara Park, todaiji Temple、Todai-ji Temple and say deer。
This will be revisited since the trip is、Welcoming so many deer would have them sight is quite fun。
NARA Park deer、God transferred from Kashima (Ibaraki Prefecture Kashima-Jingu Shrine) to create a Kasuga Taisha Shrine、
From the legend aboard the famous the kasugayama、As a Messenger of God and protect important、The natural monument in the country specified。
The deer also inhabit the Nara Park in approximately 1200 head、Is not in captivity、Everything becomes a wild deer。
Deer bait、Lawn in the Park and the bamboo grass、Budding, such as primary and、
South Grand gate of the shrine have been sold "Deer Rice cracker"The、But let's say they snack?。
Please note that from the moment seeking a deer Rice cracker in front of the Office of a deer Rice cracker, lined up together surrounded by deer.


Deer、"Rice crackers! Rice crackers! Be famous!"And we pressed it while poking people in the nose。
For fabulous deer powerfully、Is unfamiliar and tempting to some fear at first、
So will chase away too、If you decide to buy、Surrounded by the assault, so be prepared to see (laughs)
To take one (also divided in half OK) I'll pass。
Too much and too small to eat was so so and careful。
1Of the bunch 10 / pkg"Deer biscuits" 150 yenNext、It is during his surprise Shun clotted! (Surprise)
The material of a deer Rice cracker、Rice bran and wheat flour in colorings and spices;、Seasoning is additive-free good food does not use any。
A deer Rice cracker、"NARA deer humane society"The stamp has been wound、
"Senbei's is meant to protect the little deer。Thank you for your cooperation.Has been written and。
"NARA deer Welfare Committee and the、Sick or injured deer conservation、
Research on protection for、Is a general Foundation for growing environmental conservation activities, such as going。
Cute face gentle deer.、Because it is still a wild animal、
In working with deer careful enough!


South Gate

Here's South Gate、It collapsed, the gate was built at the Heian Era age in Gale、
Chogen Saint revived the Todai-ji Temple in Kamakura period is now gate (chougenn abcdmy) will be reconstructed。


Watch a figure eaves around the South Gate also a venison family。
Thither this deer Colo Colo and shit you lying so、Please be careful with feet!.


Agata kongorikishi image

UN-"flooded," made at the South Gate on your right (Yes image line = mouth shut)
To the left of "luck", "kaikei" by Agata (image opened, leading = mouth) kongorikishi image and powerful。


Approach around the Green and surrounded by trees、Guests can relax in a quiet and peaceful。


The middle gate

Chumon gate structures in the、And was rebuilt around 0/1716 (1716)、Is provided nationally。
In the middle gate、Bishamonten patron jikokuten to defend the East and West two-body dgg is enshrined。
From both sides of the inner gate Ko's growth corridor-shaped、Through the great Buddha、
Equipped with ticket office for admission to left hand inside gate to the great Buddha。


And the great Buddha Temple and kaidan'in Temple、Each immigration hall fees are required in the Hall every、
Great immigration hall fees、Adult (College student) 500 yen、Elementary school students 300 yenAnd will be。


Great Buddha Hall (Todai-ji Temple kondou) immigration hall tickets


Great Buddha Hall (Todai-ji Temple Inner Temple)

In todaiji Temple (NARA Buddha) seated Buddha are enshrined in the great Buddha Hall (Todai-ji Temple Inner Temple)。
Officially、Widely known under the name of "daibutsuden" is referred to as Todai-ji Temple Inner Temple、
Big Buddha as indicated mainly by Todai-ji official site。
The current building was completed in 1691 (0/1691) and、1709At the funerals, (0/1709) has been designated as a national treasure、
The extant daibutsuden、Front width 57.5 m、50.5 m、49.1 m in height to the building and will be building up in the environment。
Before the great Buddha、Visitors at many field trips students follow the tourist guide and teacher.


Gilt octagonal Lantern (so if stone lantern hakkaku)

A gilt bronze Octagon light basket in front of the great Buddha、The height of 4.6 m in height with pride、
This lantern survived the fire of the、As a typical craft of the Nara period is designated national treasure。
From the top、Gem、Kasa、Firebox、China-Taiwan、Rod、Is composed of base。
8Corner、8Surface、8One is called the octagonal Lantern designed by Lotus petals。
In the Firebox、竽-copper Tuoba child (cymbals), recorder, transverse flute is played sound bodhisattva (bosatsu onnjou) and is called Angel statue engraved 4 and、
The other four、Karajishi is highlighted and the door、Is a spectacular lantern!


Todai-ji Daibutsu Buddha (thanks Haribon rushana butsuzou)

It is generally、Known as the great Buddha of Nara todaiji Temple Daibutsu Buddha。
0/743 743, Emperor shōmu asked to live and prosper with all living things, and originated the "edict of Buddha.、
0/745 (745 years) starts production、0/752 (752) is done of the enlightenment。
Parts produced in the Nara period、On the right flank, thigh and seat part、
During the Edo period's head、Much of the body be repaired in the Kamakura period、
Are you wearing a huge、Gilt bronze statue at approximately 15 m height、Weight is what 250 t、The width of the face extends to 3.2 m。
0/1958 (1958) on 2/8 under the name of "seated bronze Buddha" specified as a national treasure of the sculpture Department。
The head of Buddha mumble、Called "spiral hair (rahotsu)、Spiral hair "spiral (et al) and the conch that with spiral shape and、
Is it one by one、Diameter 22 cm、Height approx. 21 cm、The weight is approximately 1.2 kg。
Like a mole in the center of the forehead、In a kind of downy hair called "white 亳 (byakugou)、
The mercy's light shines on every corner in the world、Said through suffering and those who suffer from it.。
The great Buddha Hall of columns、Open the square hole of the same size as the hole in the nose of the great Buddha、
Through an archway,、Said to have the blessings of good health。
That had survived all elementary school students who are、Please note that adults would be severe size。


The Buddha's right hand operation without in the form known as John the fearless (Semui)、Become a better more represents an encouragement、
Left hand is in the form known as giving hope mark (yoganninn)、Means "gesture to give something.、叶emashou your wish and stands。
Hand combination of the twoAbhaya mark gave please (let peeled. cancer in) And says。
Though overwhelmed by the size of the Buddha、And then borrow that great right hand, will be added to the power.


And to see the full-sized model of the left hand of the statue of Buddha at the、You can ask and know its size! (Surprise)


Akasa (kokuuzoubosatsu)

It's on both sides of the statue of Buddha is enshrined as a side、"Akasa" nyoirin Kannon Bodhisattva is。
Nyoirin Kannon and completed around the 0/1738 (1738)、Akasagarbha statue was delayed, and the completion of the 0/1752 (1752)、
2Become a wooden body、Be almost symmetrical shape and appearance、
Typical Buddhist sculpture of the Edo period and has been nationally designated。
The Akasa、A lonesomeness to nothingness and worshipped as a bodhisattva named save people by merit and wisdom、
The nyoirin Kannon、 Start with the "Falun" shatter "Ascend" fulfill all wishes and desires、
Is worshipped as the bodhisattva gives benefit to all sentient beings were born into this world。


Komokuten (koumokutenn)

The komokuten is one of the four heavenly kings、Have brush under the sharp eye of right hand.、On the left hand scrolls、Wearing body armor。
The komokuten、 "Eyes usually only with contributors" have increasingly。
Four heavenly kings、Live on a hillside of Mount sumeru、4 people with warriors Taishakuten (one) to serve God、
Komokuten、Zochoten、Jikokuten、And tamonten、Refers to the God of law people to embrace Buddhism。


Tamonten (tamonntenn)

Said "he" when tamonten also worshiped alone in one of the four heavenly kings、
Put the treasure Tower (stupa) in the right hand、Would figure with treasure on the left。


Model suggests that the temple was originally located in the great State。
Daibutsuden first is larger than the current、The seven towers reach 100 m from East to West was placed。
During the Kamakura period reconstruction model and model of the Edo period when available.


In Nara for the last time "Horyu-ji Temple"The visit、This time "Todai-ji Temple"。
Without a scene filled with tourists both compared to Kyoto、I feel quietly enjoy the Temple Tour。
On this day、That had been forecast and weather、For the room without getting caught in the rain、
Long time、Want to explore than the great Buddha was。
Also、Opportunity to make.NARATo let go I think!


Shy, gentle face show、In the background of the deer enjoy a rest on the grass
For my homeMaserati 3200 GTFinish a trip to NARA in elaborate mirror。
On this day the early after NARA、To go to a French restaurant is reserved for、Let's to Kyoto!

Todai-ji Temple
Location:NARA NARA zoshigaya town 406-1
Opening hours:8:00-17:00
(For different time、For more information, please see the official website)
Great immigration hall fees:Adults: 500 yen, elementary school students 300 yen

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