The world of jazz dandyism drifting color incense! Shigeo Fukuda & Ko Hamasaki "Rachel Zrment"

2019/11/12(Tue) 19:30 Start!! Shigeo Fukuda (Shigeo Fukuda) & Ko Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki)"Rachel's Lament" Grovi and a sparkling touch full of lyricism! The piano virtuoso Shigeo Fukuda and Mr. Wataru Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki) who goes the mainstream of J-JAZZ with overwhelming expressive power, a small-handed slimty duo! Bill Evans and、Casablanca”As Time Goes By”、Miles Dewey Davis III and famous places such as Pat Metheny、The ballad composed by Shigeo Fukuda in the image of the heartbreak of the main character Deckard and replicant Rachel played by Harrison Ford in the movie "Blade Runner"、2人のAlbumとなる「レイチェルズラメント (Rachel’s Lament)」からも数曲ピックアップ! 「悪魔のように細心に、Be as bold as an angel.。By Akira Kurosawa I'm intoxicated with jazz dandyism live with color incense that remains in my ears! You can see the live photo album here! https (number):// Haamit Dolphin Address:Tamachi 326-25 KJ Square 2F TEL:050-5307-3971 Hours of operation:19:30-Midnight Closed:Day、Monday、Holidays: Live Information is available on the site. https (number):// ..

Newly opened! Spice Curry Cafe & Restaurant Made by French Chef "Pasrel"

Passerelle, a cafe and restaurant in Sanerdai, Hamamatsu! Please see the article when I visited lunch at a later date.。 「パスレル」新メニュー登場!カフェのような居心地の良さで楽しむお得なフレンチ! 本日2019年10月31日(木)にプレオープンを迎えられるため先立って開催されたレセプションパーティに参加して来ました! 場所は、It becomes "Sala Plaza Sanardai" along Orange Street of Sanardai.、It is operated by Kenji Yamauchi, who runs a wine bar "Beige" and "Hamamatsu Science Museum Cafe" in the city. (Yamauchi Motoji)Mr。 He has a history of training in Europe.、Shinya Kato, a French chef with experience at a famous restaurant (Shinya Kato)It will be a newly opened restaurant with a chef! What is "Passerelle" as the name of the store?、It means "bridge" in French, and "people and regions through the cuisine here"、I want to make a store that can become a bridge (Passerelle) with producers! And、It was named in the hope of Chef Kato! It is a calm atmosphere 艷 the illumination spreads brightly at night.。 In the bright shop where natural light falls in the daytime、The ceiling where the gentleness of the tree increases warmth is full of a sense of openness because of its height.、白を基調としブルックリンカフェをイメージされたお洒落な空間です! この日は、SALA officials and Influencers from Hamamatsu gathered、It becomes a tasting party of the menu offered in the pre-opening、スパイスたっぷりの「チキンスパイスカレー」と野菜たっぷりのヘルシーな「オープンサンド」が提供されます! カレーに合わせてベルギービールの「ヒューガルデンホワイト」とメキシコビールの「コローナ・エクストラ」を頂きオープンを祝して乾杯! 「チキンスパイスカレー(オレンジ&フェンネル)」 白湯スープをベースにスパイスをたっぷりと用いて、Refreshing spice curry with orange and fennel aromas、Because the severity of the base becomes mild、辛めがお好みの方は1辛ずつレベルをアップさせることができます! 盛り込まれたチキンは塩麹仕込みでしっとり仕上げ、The skin is baked fragrantly.、You can also enjoy the sense of volume! You can enjoy it deliciously even if you eat it while mixing okra and tomato achar (Indian pickles) served on the side! Curry can also be taken out.、I'm also happy as a lunch box between work! "Recommended open sandwich" Open sandwich with homemade ham and marinated salmon、しっとりときめ細やかで優しい塩気と甘みのあるあっさりとした脂を楽しめる 「夢ポークのオープンサンド」と爽やかな香りと味わいを楽しめる「マリネサーモンのオープンサンド」の2種類から選べます! オープンサンド用に開発された特製パンは「Boulangerie Lamp(ブーランジェリーランプ)」に発注されています! オニオンピクルスの酸味をアクセントにグリーンサラダや食用花のエディブルフラワー(ペンタスの花など)を彩り良く盛り込まれているため、Insta shine, of course、Girls looking for healthy will also be pleased! Toasted crunchy bread、Open sandwich made up of two pieces of bread with a sticky texture to enjoy the flavor of bread as it is without baking、You can eat it between them so that they are easy to eat.、それぞれに具を載せて違う食感を楽しんでも良しの二通りの楽しみ方で味わえます! こちらはランチタイムからカフェディナータイムまでを通し営業されるため、1日どの時間帯でも利用しやすく小さなお子様連れの親御さんにも嬉しいソファー席なども用意されており子育てママ&パパにも嬉しい環境が整っています! さらに、A lush courtyard terrace that is my favorite place! Because it is said that the event and the party etc. of opening this place can be received positively、I'm looking forward to the future development! About one month in November is a pre-opening period.、11月末~12月にかけてグランドオープンを迎えます! ランチメニューとは雰囲気を変えディナーメニューにはフランス料理のコースを導入される予定ですのでデート利用も楽しみとなります! 最後にオーナーの基司とBeigeスタッフの大原雅美さんそして新たに加わった加藤慎也シェフと女性ホールスタッフの大場さん井草さんを囲んでの記念撮影! 「サーラプラザ佐鳴台」は、11/1(Friday)、2(Sat.)、3(Days)、4(月)の4日間 でサーラグループ110周年を記念して「サーラ大感謝祭」を開催されるため、Cafe & Restaurant "Passerelle" is sure to be crowded as soon as it opens! When you go near、Please stop by and take a look! Passerelle Address:1-11-5 Sanerdai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Saara Plaza Sanardai) TEL:053-555-6295 Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:30-14:00、Cafe Time 14:00To 18:00、Dinner time 18:00-21:30(21:00 L.O.) Closed:Wednesday、Year-end and New Year's holidays..

Popular wrestlers gather at Hamamatsu Arena for the 5th Grand Sumo Hamamatsu Career! Grand Sumo Tour

2019Shizuoka Shimbun and Shizuoka Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday, October 16,、The 5th Grand Sumo Hamamatsu Promotion Tournament was held at Hamamatsu Arena, so I watched it! The Grand Sumo District Tour、The purpose is to convey the charm of national technology to visitors through open training and initiatives.、You can experience the bravery and power of the realistic wrestlers that you feel up close、そして普段はお目に掛かれない力士たちのファンサービスなども必見です! 今回2年振りの開催となる浜松での地方巡業は総勢力士約250人が参加され横綱「白鵬」や「鶴竜」大関「貴景勝」などの大御所力士をはじめ今や角界一の人気力士と称される小兵の「炎鵬」やイケメン力士の「翔猿」穏やかな笑顔が癒やされる富山県出身の「朝乃山」、37年振りに長野県に誕生したスター力士「御嶽海」など錚々たる人気力士が集結します! 開館は朝8時からとなり朝一番でぶつかり稽古に励む様子が伺えたり力士との握手会が行われますがこの日わたし達は序二段や三段目の幕下以下の力士の取組が開始される昼前に入場すると会場は既に多くの相撲ファンの熱気に包まれております! 来場者は小さなお子様連れのファミリー層が多く若者から御年配層までと幅広い層に愛されている様子! 特に「スー女(相撲女子)」と呼ばれる若くて綺麗な女子達がカメラを引っさげてお目当ての力士たちに熱い声援を送っている様子には驚きました! 「1階マス席(座布団付き)」料金:45,000円(4名分) わたし達の座席は1階マス席(西)からの観戦となり土俵入りする力士と直接触れ合えるチャンスの高い絶好の場所となります! マス席は座布団付きの席となり表には今巡業タイトルが記され江戸時代に活躍した初代横綱からの歴代横綱が描かれており裏には「大入」と記された記念座布団が貰えます! こちらの記念座布団がお持ち帰りできるのもファンにとっては嬉しいサービスの一つで座席に敷いて使用するのですが、The cushioning was better than I thought and my buttocks did not hurt (laughs) "Bento / Souvenir Set" Fee:4,000Yen Bento、Tea、Snacks、Sumo souvenirs (rice crackers)、Washcloths、Tea bowl set) Thank you for eating and drinking while watching、Pick up a lunch box with a beer、まるで我が家にいるかのような寛ぎモードになれることにも驚きました! 場外には屋台販売もあるためビールや軽食には事欠きませんし持込も可能なためわたしは「マセラティ 浜松」の親会社「GLION GROUP(ジーライオン・グループ)」から朝届いたばかりの「丹波篠山産黒豆の枝豆)」を持参したため風味豊かな枝豆はビールの当てとして最高のおつまみとなりました! 幕下の取組が終わると十両・幕内の取組の合間に「相撲甚句」と「初切」が行われます! 力士たちが土俵で円陣を作り相撲界に伝わる伝統的な七五調の囃子歌を歌い始める「相撲甚句」は会場一杯に響き渡る美しい力士たちの歌声が余興的な催しとなりミニコンサートさながらの盛り上がりを見せます! 民謡調で伸びやかに歌われる相撲甚句は、It is said that sumo jinku is originally a kind of Japanese folk song and is said to be the flow of Echigo Jinku.。Jinku, such as Japanese folk songs, is easy to listen to.、Warm air flows through the venue! Also、"1 first cut" that comically demonstrates the forbidden hand and the decided hand of sumo wrestling、相撲初心者のわたし達にとってもわかり易くクスッと笑える瞬間もあり敷居が高いと思っていた相撲を身近に感じられた良い時間となりました! 十両の取組中に横綱・白鵬による「綱締め実演」が行われ横綱と付人たちが土俵に上がり横綱の腰に綱を締め上げていく様子を披露! 目の前を通る横綱・白鵬を間近にするとやはりただならぬ風格の違いをヒシヒシと感じることができます! そして途中休憩の中入を終えると化粧廻しを身に纏い土俵入りする幕内・横綱の勇姿が見られ大歓声! 幕内の取組ともなると一取組一取組に会場からも熱い声援が入り熱量が違います! 拍子木の音が心地良く響き「東~○○○西~○○○」と取組の際に力士を呼び上げる「呼出」の声にも張りが感じられ競技の進行及び勝負の判定を決する「行司」の格も上がり空気が一気に締まり緊張感が増す会場! 取組を終え土俵を後にした力士たちは小さな子たちが力士名を発しながら手を差し伸べると笑顔で握手に応じたり頭を撫でてあげたり赤ちゃんを抱っこしたりサインや写真撮影に応じたりと巡業ならではのファンサービスも欠かさず行っており和やかなムードで力士に触れ合うことができるようでファンには堪らないひとときが訪れます! 子供たちに触れ合いながら本場所では見られない力士の柔らかな表情などがとても温かな気持ちにさせてくれました! 今巡業の結びの取組となる「是より三役」 東御嶽海 西貴景勝 東栃ノ心 西豪栄道 東鶴竜  西白鵬 結びの熱戦を終えた「弓取式」では、The sumo wrestler "Shotoyoryu" who learned manners in place of the best winner of the tie in the main place of sumo received a bow on the ring.、勝者の舞を演じ千秋楽を迎えます! 今回初めての経験となる地方巡業への参加でしたが、I feel close to the efforts and attitudes of many sumo wrestlers.、相撲を見る目が変わった気が致します! やはり、Experience in everything。 A local tour where you can interact with sumo wrestlers and live watching with realism、機会があればお勧め致します! 第5回大相撲浜松出世場所 開催日:2019年10月16日(水) 会場浜松アリーナ 住所浜松市東区和田町808-1 時間:8:00-15:00...

Torihama 26 th and Hamamatsu Chitose's long-established bird food specialty store, torisukiyaki course

To Chitose-cho- Chitosecho within a 10-minute walk from Hamamatsu Station。What is Chitose Town?、From a long-established restaurant to a restaurant、Izakaya and sushi of the red lantern、China、Downtown Cafeteria、In addition to Western food、BAR and Club、It is a red light district with more than 300 lounges! "Torisukiyaki", a long-established store in showa 26 years of founding, nestled in the corner of Naka-dori, Chitose-cho, a little off the hustle and bustle of the city、I came to Torihama- Torihama, a specialty restaurant, to go to Toriga! still new、Pass through the newly renovated main building、女将の案内で離れの個室へ! 離れは昭和の香り漂う雰囲気で笹の葉ガラスなど風情溢れる個室で落ち着きます! こちらでは創業当時から3代に渡り守り続けた味噌でいただく「鳥すきやきコース」が名物となります! この日は仲間内のお祝いの席ということもあり「鳥すきやきコース」に「雉のお造り」を追加しての特別コースを堪能! 鳥すきやきに用いる鶏は緑豊かな銘水の郷・奥三河で自然の恵みを受けながらストレスのかからない良質な環境でのびのびと飼育されている「錦爽どり」! 我が家でも愛食している銘柄鶏です! 錦爽どりは他の若鶏と比べ粗脂肪量は約1/3という低脂肪・低カロリー・低コレステロールで、In addition、たんぱく質・ビタミンB1・B2などを多く含み脂肪が少なくコクのある味わいが特徴となります! 全員が揃ったところで先ずは「サッポロ生ビール黒ラベル」にて乾杯! [鳥すきやきコース] 「前菜・三点盛り」 日本の国鳥でもある「雉」を用いたきじ寿司に米ナスと鶏の炊き合わせ コンソメのジュレにわさびでさっぱりと小芋の田楽には小海老を添えて大粒の茹で落花生! 「キジのお造り」※追加料理 地物名物キジ肉のタタキ! キジ肉はフレンチなどで頂いたことがあってもお造りは初体験です! 特製ポン酢と大根おろしと薬味を乗せて頂きます! 皮面はサッと炙ることで香ばしく鶏肉より味が濃くしっとりと程好い弾力の肉質が楽しめます! 「冷し鳥」 鶏もも肉の塩蒸し料理は錦爽どりの美味しさをダイレクトに味わえる一品で山椒や一味和辛子を利かせた薬味タレでさっぱりと頂きます! 滑らかでねっとりと舌に絡みつく鶏レバーも新鮮で氷を纏ったレタスはシャキシャキの食感が楽しめ甘みが絶品! 「芋焼酎 さつま島娘」 鹿児島県の長島町小売店限定販売の芋焼酎「さつま島娘」 米麹と麦麹を使った二つの原酒をブレンドした芋焼酎! 軽い飲み口でほんのりと甘くさっぱりと炭酸割りで頂きます! 「鳥すきやき」 昭和26年創業以来変わらぬ味を三代に渡り受け継がれた伝統の味は名物料理として今も愛される一品です! 焦がし飴のような色合いで艶めく味噌がこんもりと添えられた鶏もも肉と白葱の登場! 別皿で鶏もも肉ハツ、Lever、Onion、Garland chrysanthemum、蒟蒻が添えられます! 鍋に少量の水を差し火入れすると香ばしい味噌の香りが部屋中を占領し始め食欲そそる香りが漂います! 色艶だけを見ていると味が濃いように思えますが卵にくぐらせて頂いてみると甘さほんのりと上品な赤味噌の味わいで深みがあり後を引く美味しさが楽しめます! 「お食事漬け物」 炊きたてご飯に煮詰まった味噌をかけて食べるのが「通」の食べ方とのこと煮詰まった味噌を見つめているとふと思い立ち「生卵」を追加しました! 鍋に生卵を溶いて投入し半熟に仕上げてご飯の上にたっぷりと! 半熟卵でさらにまろやかさが加わり間違いないお味が待っています! 是非「卵とじ味噌」も味わってみてください! 「水菓子ほうじ茶」 ピオーネ早生みかんイチジクを乗せた懐かしい味わいの牛乳かん鳥料理が大好きなので牛すきでなく鳥すきを楽しむことは多々ありますがこちら「鳥浜」の味噌でいただく鳥すきやきは一味違い真似のできない美味しさです! 鳥料理 鳥浜 住所静岡県浜松市中区千歳町44-1 TEL:053-452-2255 ※要予約 営業時間:11:30~ 14:00、17:30-22:00(最終入店20:00) Closed:On Sundays、祝日(土曜日は夜のみ営業)

My friend's restaurant wedding at the reborn ceremony hall of "Cattle Saison Hamamatsu"

浜松街中のレストランウェディング会場として生まれ変わった「キャトルセゾン浜松(Les Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu)」にて2019年8月25日(日)に執り行われた「清水勇策&松井綾子の結婚披露パーティ」に参列して参りました! こちらは元々結婚式場であった「ポルテボヌール」が「浜名湖オーベルジュ キャトルセゾン(Les Quatre Saisons)」と同グループの運営へと変わり、2018Grand opening on Wednesday, July 11! The facility was renewed.、It has undergone the transformation into a calm atmosphere based on navy × gold in the chic space of dark brown、Reborn as a social place for adults on the theme of [gastronomy] × [quality] × [adult]、レストランとしてもウェディング会場としても多くの若者から支持を受けています! この日の披露宴は盛夏のピークを過ぎ、It becomes a pleasant climate that i began to feel the sign of autumn、午後15時の受付開始時刻には既に多くの参列者で賑わいを見せております! 受付には新郎新婦の御友人たちが立ち出迎えてくれ、When you finish the book to yoshiname book、Each person has been handed jenga parts、Here seems to be a message of congratulations to the bride and groom.、わたし達夫婦も一言お祝いを認めさせて頂きました! 何故に「ジェンガ?」と思いましたが、Jenga seems to have the meaning of "stacking" in Swahili.、It seems to have become one of the items suitable for the beginning of the new life of two people! Surely、Jenga is loaded with a lot of congratulatory messages、御二人の新居のインテリアとして活躍することでしょう! ウェルカムブースでは既に参列者を迎える御二人の晴れやかな姿があり何時になく正装姿でビシッと男らしくキメる新郎・勇策くんの姿と真っ白なウェディングドレスに身を包みゆるふわなルーズアップのヘアステイルでお姫様のような愛らしい姿の新婦・綾子さんがいらっしゃいました! 披露宴開始まではラウンジにて御二人と自由に記念撮影に励んだりカジノブースでルーレットを楽しんだりウェルカムドリンクを交わして歓談できる緩やかな時が流れます! ここで一番驚いたのはカップの底からビールが湧き上がるまるで魔法のような新型ビールサーバーでアサヒビール株式会社が作る「トルネード・ディスペンサー」の登場です! 専用グラスをセッティングすると見る見る内にグラスの底から湧き上がるきめ細やかなビールとなり泡は右手にあるボタン1つで自由自在! ライトアップされながら注がれる不思議な光景に拍手喝采です! 楽しげな雰囲気に包まれた会場で宴の開始を告げる挨拶を新婦が終えると乾杯の挨拶は新郎友人のお子様に当たる愛らしい姉妹が担当し全員に配られたChampagneにて乾杯です! 披露宴会場となるボウルルームはシックでクラシカルな雰囲気を漂わせており長テーブルを縦に繋ぐ王宮晩餐会のスタイルでセッティングされています! わたし達夫婦は新婦友人側の席となり家族ぐるみでお付き合いさせていただいていることもあり新婦の御家族と席をご一緒させていただきます! 新婦・綾子さんの年子の妹である菜奈子ちゃんは出産をされたばかりで生後3ヶ月となる天使ちゃんと揃って同席されており綾子さん曰く天使ちゃんは「今日の主役!」とのこと!会場内の賑やかさに物怖じすることもなく堂々たるその様子と顔立ちはママとなる菜奈子ちゃんに瓜二つ! 御二人のための結婚披露宴ではありますが「参列者の皆さんには美味しい食事をゆっくりと味わって楽しんで頂きたい!」と新郎新婦たっての要望で特に大きな余興などを組み込むことなく気取らないスタイルで進行する宴となります! 料理上手な新婦御母様・計子ちゃんの影響で作ることも食べることも大好きな松井家の姉妹! そんな事もあり食事開始の合図は松本幸四郎さん主演のグルメドラマ「王様のレストラン」序曲~勇気/服部隆之をBGMに流され新婦・綾子さんがベルを鳴らし「オーダー!美味しい料理~♪」と声高らかに溌剌とした掛け声と共にオープンキッチンのドアが開き厨房スタッフが現れ一斉に料理が運ばれて参ります! こちらでは京都祇園の星付き「レストランよねむら」の米村昌泰シェフ監修のもとグランシェフの千住悦也シェフが手掛けられるフレンチフルコースが用意され、A unique creative dish titled "Eel Pie" is also a must-see as a unique dish unique to Hamamatsu. ♦"Cold Royale and Grilled Eggplant With Uto" ♦"Hirame Salad Wasabi Puréand Yuzu-scented Vinaigrette" ♦"Eel Pie" ♦"Pasta with Re-mouth" ●"Wagyu Fillet and Roast Shabu Shabu" ♦"Yonemura Curry" ♦"Dessert" The wedding cake's Babaroa Lemon" is a feast that began in moderation, even though the formal greeting salutations began in moderation.、「医療法人社団心」、For the bride and groom working at the company as a visiting nurse at the Sakanoue Family Clinic、Hiroshi Ono, Chairman of the Board (Hiroshi Ono)The congratulation sae from mr. softens the place warmly, too.。 Also、The side of the entertainment PV that was a parody of the director work of Takeshi Kitano and the Disney movie "Snow Ana" that the groom side friends from Nichitai University unfold、Creating a big laugh in the hall、場を盛り上げておりました! 夏にいただくケーキとしてさっぱりとするように考え抜かれた「ババロアレモン」のウェディングケーキは、As the bride and groom's first collaboration、未完成のケーキにレモンシロップをたっぷりと注ぎ完成! 最後に添えられるケーキトッパーは、The vicinity where the bride selects the one of the type to pull the groom、しっかり者の綾子さんが既に「かかあ天下」としての本領を発揮している様子が伺えます!(笑) お色直しの中座では、The bride, Ayako, is a loving sister, Nanako Kamoto. (Nanako Matsui)Chan and、With the niece of a cute angel so that it probably doesn't hurt to put it in your eyes、I leave peacefully in the appearance to be healed with a smile。 新郎・勇策くんは尊敬する御両親と仲睦まじく退場です! 中座では、The image which summarizes the upbringing and the encounter of the bride and groom projected on the screen flows.、長く御二人の関係を見守ってきたわたし達としては本当に安堵の思いが募り思わず涙腺が緩みます新郎新婦どちらの御家族ともお話させていただいたことがあるのですが懐深く温かく面白い御家庭で愛情をたっぷりと注がれて育った御二人、And、沢山のかけがえのない心友や仲間たちと人生を共に過ごしてきた御二人はきっと間違いなく笑いの絶えない温かな家庭を築き上げることでしょう! お色直しを終えた新郎新婦は何故か「暴れん坊将軍」のオープンニングテーマを流し将軍ヅラで紋付袴姿の新郎と新婦は姫様のように艶やかな引振袖姿で入場! 元々短髪なので大きな変化は感じられませんでしたが一笑いを起こしておりました!(笑) 新郎新婦御二人からのサプライズとして受付で用意したジェンガメッセージをくじに見立て引き、68名の参列者の中から6名の方々へプレゼントが贈呈される一幕があり見事その6名の中に選ばれてしまい驚きながらも改めて自分の引きの強さを実感した次第です! 用意されたプレゼントは無類のアイス好きな新婦お勧めの「ハーゲンダッツ」のアイス引換券です! ナース学校時代の新婦側友人の余興PVではどの場面でもおふざけを混じえながらも満面の笑みで楽しそうに過ごす綾子さんの顔が見られグループのリーダーとしてムードメーカーとして活躍されてきた頑張り屋さんの姿が印象的に映りました!...

Special lunch celebrates birthday at the castle restaurant blooming Crape Myrtle "now and forever"

Sat quietly as mokuren's Hamamatsu Kita Toda、To the Castle feeling the profound sense of presence with plenty of "café & restaurant now and forever"! Here is also great location and symbol tree where you can admire the garden and plantations spread to approximately 3000 square meters there now and forever、Have a stately home car shine! Gain some experience in Italian "Lake Hamana grandxiv" in "grandxiv Hamana Lake Lucci Cole" after an apprenticeship in Tajimi, Gifu、Cleber Akira onoue Sung learned the basics of Italy and France cuisine chef、 2013December 3, (Tuesday) as a French restaurant "café & restaurant now and forever" reopened and、Boasts a popular restaurant an extraordinary atmosphere! For a grand, elegant overlooking the interior courtyard of Crape Myrtle flowers are at the moment.、8/14Celebrate the birthday of her husband (Wednesday) 43-year-old、Last year as well as Onoe chef Omakase and、A special lunch to enjoy in a semi private room! Also、Lade planning assist Toyama writers this time-travel with the series as a、Potters ' 釋 Yong Yue (Gaku Shakunaga)"And the caudate, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)And Saori's & under the tail (Saori Shimoo)And I'll collaborate with writer's unit Shimoo Design with! "Louis Roederer Brut Premier (Champagne Louis Roederer) celebrates birthday champagne、Brilliant pale golden sparkle、A rich aroma and flavor、Along with has a mild and delicate、At the 'Louis Roederer' where you can enjoy a rich flavor! "Antipasto platter" x "with:釋 Yong Yue áge Φ 320] ♦, grows in the water "along with Mt. Fuji salmon smoked Walnut raisin bread", famous for vanadium water, wild boar head and springs shibakawa Fuji salmon smoked、But without her brightly colored red, greasy taste is characterized、It is elegant and pure salmon, where you can enjoy rich aroma! ♦ juvenile Ayu sweetfish confit French toast with a bittersweet confit,、Sweet sweet moist fit finish French toast、Will be served with tomato and sour pickle! ♦ In addition to farmed sturgeon "Haruno-Cho from sturgeon buckwheat blini and caviar sauce", was launched as a new industry of Haruno-Cho, tenryu-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi、Caviar luxury foods for one of the three major world delicacy, as "HAL caviar (Caviar HAL)" brand to be successful! Hull caviar is made of fresh caviar、Salt to bring out the flavor of the caviar added to the minimum necessary for、Gently, a clear taste will not taste and other features! Enjoy with roasted sturgeon locked his with buckwheat Brie! "With Hokkaido from pure white cream soy mousse served with" x "with:釋 Yong Yue mars bowl Φ 100 "soup" with pure white with white corn from Hokkaido, stick to natural farming,、In the corn and sweet corn as a rich sweet fresh or even food vision that can of corn! The soup while they were dense with a rich sweet taste and enjoy、Gentle on the stomach 染mi渡rimasu! "Scales of the sea bream with crispy ginger roasted eggplant drive - LeBron so - Su" x "with:釋 Yong Yue new áge Φ 300 "crispy baked sea bream scales is our favorite! Texture of the crisp finish scales are alive、The sting was fluffy's exquisite lighting! Here you will、We will fit the previously received a recipe 直伝 Onoe chef cooking griddle beurre blanc sauce! Is recommended with us with a baguette beurre blanc sauce here!.

30, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 summer Fireworks, ringing Lake Fireworks

Summer comes and the Reiwa early Fireworks、1000 Fireworks struck at home below sanaruko Lake "No. 30 times, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 (SANARUKO Firewoks Festival 2019)". The date and time of the year、2019August 3, (Saturday) 19:30-20:30For an hour and、Every year we are launching in the near the sanaruko Lake Park West clock tower! This Fireworks、In the size of the launch but not as much、The biggest attraction is、You will be blessed with a nice vantage point you can watch from anywhere, played around with it! Our House lies on the western shore, played for、2To that location in the view from the terrace、After moving、The first Fireworks、Would you like and enjoy at home! Evening from the start knob makes the drink、Dressed in yukata、2The setting is done to the floor terrace! And cheers at the "champagne Baron-de-Rothschild, Brut (Champagne BARONS DE Rothschild Brut).、I await and take time for the launch! Champagne evening produces the famous Rothschild family appeared on the wine-themed popular manga "Kami no shizuku"、Grand Cru、And use the selected in the Premier Cru vineyard、Bottled after 4 years of aging through、Fresh and truffles in a delicate, floral scent! Granular and persistent bubbles is smooth elegance.、Excellent balance also strong despite of good softness、Also enjoy lingering Cup! Hasegawa produce mushroom pot Vera set just recently、Japan Fuji know using the latest cultivation techniques become the first Netherlands mushroom farm see produce Hasegawa"assorted pot Vera sets Fuji jewelry Atelier" LA-ROUX (La Roux) "of because it was sent from Uematsu Machiko、You want me to you immediately! Pot Vera set、There fresh safe mushroom organic, unbleached、Brown mushroom、White mushrooms "snow white" started.、Diameter 9 cm and 7 cm in diameter and Palm-sized white species "giant" Brown seeds 'pot Vela"with four kinds of mushrooms you can enjoy! "Hasegawa produce white mushroom salad with" x "with:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) áge thin pots Φ 240 "will enjoy the white mushrooms of the Netherlands celebrates the appropriately named"snow white"whiteness in salad! Lettuce and bean sprout、Early lead in paprika、With plenty of salad including tomato on sliced white mushrooms、In a refreshing lime will lightly after salt & pepper! The crunchy texture of distinctive mushrooms and shakshak、To enjoy the sweetness with a subtle scent, mellow taste! "Hasegawa produce pot Vera meat stuffed with" x "with:Shimoo Design shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)• Caudate Saori (Saori Shimoo) Floating like round dish Φ 280 "in diameter the Brown seeds are 9 cm"pot Vera"、Using its size and have fun with your stuffed! Hollowing the shaft of two pot Vera、Along with the half-onion pieces chopped and、1 clove garlic、Salt & pepper、A little butter、Saute the time it cools。 Pork meat 100 g salt & pepper and、Egg half step、Bread crumbs、Nutmeg、Time、Add chili powder, lightly 揉mi込mi、Seed when completed、Sprinkle the flour pot Vera back, and stuffed with meat、3It wishes the kinds of cheese, stone ware roaster in 20 minutes! Source for 1/4 onion and garlic sauteed a little shaft with pieces、Torii sauce and ketchup、A little consomme、Red wine、Soy sauce、Add the butter, and add one、Finishing up source、If 盛ri付ketara instrument is finished! The gravy is Superfine magnesium outbid pot Vera juicy with flavor! Cheese sorting / "instrument:釋 Yong Yue reversible Petri Φ 250 "the purchase includes 10 species in the world of cheese cheese sort、First of all, I enjoy it with "five kinds of assorted + dry fig"! 1.Mozarella 2.Red Cheddar 3.Maribo 4.Cream Cheese 5.Smoked Cheese..

Great summer gifts from Manazuru Tanaka brewery shop Maserati Hamamatsu and GLION group

Every year、This time the chorus of cicadas、素敵な夏の贈り物として「マセラティ 浜松(MASERATI HAMAMATSU)」の親会社である「GLION GROUP(ジーライオン・グループ)」から有難い御中元が届きます! オートビジネスを中心にグローバルで多種多様な事業を展開されており、Not only currently comes with automobile-related business、Premium beverage business、Wedding business、Hotel business, etc.、フィールドを広げられている「GLION GROUP」です! 今夏の御中元の品はグループが運営する酒蔵「真鶴 田中酒造店」にて厳選された夏にピッタリの日本酒を2種類用意してくださいました! 宮城県加美町の「真鶴 田中酒造店」は、And wine cellar with 230 years of history, established 1789 (0/1789)、"True kakuzan yamahai" and "tianlin life based on special rice", will become the representative、This product is、Summer becomes a limited sea special rice (Yamada-Nishiki) summer sake and sea special junmaishu sake! Enjoy a drink at dinner time at home according to two types of "sea"! Summer limited edition "sea special rice (Yamada-Nishiki) summer wine" / "glass:釋 Yong Yue too drinking glass of white "during the summer is the only sea、宮城県産山田錦100%使用(精米歩合60%)で吟醸酵母仕込みの特別純米酒! 香り穏やかながら吟醸香がしっかり残り、Sour、Sweet、Good balance of flavor、キレ味の良いお酒となります! 「真鶴 特別純米酒」×「ワイングラス:RIEDEL (Riedel) "so here is that gem was awarded the gold medal"in the wine delicious sake Awards 2017' main divisions、Let's enjoy the home who also served in wine glasses! Contract cultivation of Miyagi Prefecture, Miyama Nishiki 100% used、With a gentle mouth while the effect that a certain、A crisp and refreshing、A refreshing taste! In the sea to drink menu ♦ "Octopus Carpaccio" x "with:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Gen light Bowl Φ 230 "in thinly sliced raw Octopus sashimi for、Tomato、Red yellow paprika、Soy-based and spicy Japanese style Salsa over chopped cucumber! ♦ "Eggplant and chili pepper fresh fried soaked in" x "with:釋 Yong Yue blue white light Bowl Φ 180 "Eggplant and cut in half, put the fine cuts on the surface、Every open hole, the chili pepper with a kitchen knife to stab pig butt、The deep fried。After the Slinger、SOMI and mellow and blend white bouillon with vinegar、Prepared with yuzu pepper flavor、Sprinkle finished for the summer and the chill in the fridge to marinate、Can the White Sesame Seeds just before serving to the table! ♦ "grilled sweetfish" x "with:Shimoo Design (caudate, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)• Caudate Saori (Saori Shimoo)Floating like round dish Φ 280 x H30 "♦" red shrimp with sweet chili pepper and white mushrooms and spicy hot garlic Saute ' × ' instrument:釋 Yong Yue áge Φ 320 "fit for Red Lobster shells with long sweet peppers and white mushrooms, and fried、Spicy sauteed with garlic. ♦ "Jinjiang fresh chicken wings in deep-fried" x "with:釋 Yong Yue reversible Petri Φ 250 "easier to eat than chicken wings、Has less fat than chicken wings in my favorites! Toyama [Anan had soy sauce (usukuchi) "and sake (1:1-、Garlic、生姜の摩り下ろしを加えて浸け置き20分で片栗粉にまぶして唐揚げに!レモンかライムを絞っていただきます! ■「自家製ぬか漬け」×「器釋永岳 gen...

Holiday healing touch and more than 120 species of animals at the Zoo "Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo" great deals!

Hamana Lake "still Hamamatsu flower park" in adjacent "Waku Waku Waku still ZOO" "Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo"! The animal corner "Hamamatsu children's Expo" was held in 1950, based at the former site of Hamamatsu Castle Park in Shizuoka Prefecture and first be opened Hamamatsu Zoo、And start from about 30 different animal exhibits、1983In "still Hamamatsu flower park" to the next during the transfer、Extend 6 times in the former location of space、Grow a Zoo exhibit animals number commune with more than 120 kinds of animals、Long period of time、Municipal Zoo is familiar from many tourists including Hamamatsu City. This Zoo is "still Hamamatsu flower park" of the entrance fee 800 yen、By using the "set ticket super deals" only adding only 150 yen plus、It is possible that both Park and forth a full day of fun! (Note:Flower park entrance fee varies for every season) "still Hamamatsu flower park" continued to see waterfowl pond"back in to the entrance to the"Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo"、From there we entered! Also、For the common gate of the Zoo and offers during the Japanese iris garden "a white wisteria.、From here on out is available! The beginning of the extensive grounds、Square of the play where the children can play from the beginning、Playground equipment, slides, horizontal bar installed! And the plants were planted in the lush garden or about "Giraffe"、On-site pick up is waiting! In the garden on the type of animal (27) one divided into areas、Will find the first (1) and the area of the "Kangaroo" will be! Kangaroos at night to face a very mild during the day, and while crowds in the rest! Occasionally、While lying down face up, "do you want me? "And even saying before the fence face partitioned as reassuring laugh (haha)、On the ecology of kangaroos was the brother of the Guide、While showing the photograph Panel had thanks for explaining! Here, on Saturday.、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30~はカンガルーの餌やり体験が可能です! 進む右手は③「クモザル」のエリアとなり池の上に設置された遊具の上を軽快に動き回る「ジェフロイクモザル」に出会えます! 細長い手足や尾をフル活用し、Spider seems hanging on the tree the appearance that is named。And now kept in pairs、Dark hair color is ' toque (♂) "In the、Brown is "Nana (♀) "It is! On the opposite (2) "llamas and EMUs" area! In the full length、It's the emu of the bird which cannot fly bigger after the ostrich.、小さく身を屈めてこちらも休息中! 隣のラマは草食中でしたが、When you notice our camera,、まるで「撮って!撮って!」と言わんばかりに近付いて来てくれました! 顎を突き出し、Jumped out of the lower lip bottom teeth I can't face、Towards the camera "grin! "And also to have no end! Advancing as it is、Floor area: 816 m ² of (4) appeared in "flying scale"、You can watch the free-range birds, just around the corner! (* Not birds! ) As well as several Japanese Crested Ibis、Pigeons and colorful parrots and mynah birds、Duck, Mandarin Duck、Pheasant、You can find various birds, such as the Peacock! Above all、Let me shoot without being afraid of the camera、ふっくらと真ん丸く愛らしい姿の「ジュズカケバト」! 後頸部に数珠をかけたような黒い帯模様があることから「数珠掛鳩(ジュズカケバト)」と名付けられております! その隣の背高のゲージは⑤「ワシ&タカ」のエリアで鋭い目付きで勇ましい姿が拝めます! カブトムシのマークが描かれた建物は子ども達が大好きな⑥「こんちゅう館」エリア! 館内には世界中の巨大カブトムシやクワガタ、Dragonflies, etc.、昆虫の標本がズラリと並びます! 蝶に至っては、You can see a rare bewitching butterfly with beautiful gradation feathers like a shell.、充実の展示内容です! 二手に分かれる道を右ルートへ進むと㉗「サル山」エリアへ到着! こちらではニホンザルが飼育されており、Saturday、On Sundays、15: holiday-is food do experience is possible! Next in line (26) in the area of the "Vine"、Around the eyes and red and white-naped crane in flag of Japan、真っ白い頭部と風切羽の先は真っ黒と上下対象的な色持ちで全身は青みがかったグレーカラーの美しい羽毛を持つハゴロモヅルが見られます! ㉕「猛獣舎」ではトラとライオンが飼育されており、2019In March of this year, the Amur tiger that had just moved from Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City♂3 years old"、I don't seem to be familiar with the environment of Hamamatsu yet.、静かに鑑賞するよう注意書きがされています! その先の広場は㉓「ゾウ広場」となり、A giant Asian elephant weighing about 3,000 kg♀I'll see you! On this day、ハナコのお尻しか見れませんでした!(笑) 広場の向かいは㉔「オオカミ&クロヒョウ&ユキヒョウ」のエリアです! 皆、How limp and have heat! Go ahead and (22) to see Capybaras and porcupines' area! No fence area is of course easy to shoot、For me come nigh with any luck、It is also enjoying observing at close range is limited! Walk slowly、ひょうきんで愛くるしい顔立ちのカピバラにほっこり癒やされます! その奥には㉑「レッサーパンダ&コツメカワウソ&ミーアキャット」のエリアです! 集団の絆が深いミーアキャットは、I can't say anything about the way i'm sleeping on top of each other、She was so far away、Sat and sat so severe、To look like a human being without justification I! Wearing a cute Asian short clawed Otter play along with parent and child is not to be missed! "Let there be、It's a stuffed animal. Lesser panda that did not move with pikuri to the extent that it is confusing、目を開けたままグッタリとお休みタイムのようです! ⑳「小型サル舎」エリア この動物園は、By and large primates such as the Gorilla exhibit when it comes second in Inuyama-Shi, Aichi Japan monkey Centre in one of the largest、国内飼育では唯一とされる「ゴールデンライオンタマリン」も2頭飼育中! その名の如くライオンのようなフサフサとした赤毛の鬣がとても綺麗! 子宝に恵まれ3世代に渡り、Common marmo set with white hair of fusafusa in the ear [em (♂" and "Iroha (♀) "Of the family is popular! At the far end (19) "pony & bison.、(18) "donkey" area、Pony "Tony (♂) "And the" Cha Cha、Ruby (♀) "Of being bred 3! Also on Saturdays、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30-14:00In between the、Opens the photo session can take pictures with a pony! Was most overwhelmed in the Park is in size of Giraffe、(17) "savannas" area、Ostrich、Follow Zebra、Be pegged to spend leisurely giraffe in a spacious meadow、長いこと足を留めておりました! こちらには 2009年にこの園で生まれた「リョウ(♂It's not like i'm、2014From Kyoto City Zoo in the year of The Siun (♀)」が仲睦まじく一緒に暮らしています! 下り坂を進むと⑭「ミニブタ&イノシシ」エリアとなり、A female Japanese wild boar is a pig of the potberry kind with one head "Linker"、Karin (♀)」を2頭飼育されています!...

"Still Hamamatsu flower park" "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019" held in surrounded by flowers and greenery!

Seasonal flowers bloom、A lush garden park "still Hamamatsu flower park" to! Has been opened in 9/10/1970 here、300000 square meters (Tokyo Dome 6.4 minutes)、植栽は3,000種にも及ぶ巨大フラワーパークです! 現在「はままつフラワーパーク」では、3/21(Thursday)-6/30 (Sunday) spring and over the summer as "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019"、During the hold a variety of events, including special exhibition! The rainy season, although、This day exactly during the rainy season, was watching the dazzling sunshine、Numerous clouds and blue skies, pleasant wind shoot date! Flowers in full bloom at the moment would be mid-June's first Japanese iris garden "irises"、In the forest of "Lilium"、"Hydrangeas" their color "hydrangea tree-lined" you can enjoy! That would be approximately 20 years revisited、Recent、Under the guidance of her husband with her husband's hand-me-downs camera "Canon 1 d Mark III..."、Because you're camera shoots exercises、A beautiful contrast of stunning natural scenery and has a colorful flowers、It would be good practice place! Immediately、Tickets buy tickets! The flower will be adults 800 yen、And Hamamatsu Zoo next to the ticket can be purchased and 150 yen in additional 950 Yen、Percent of the exceptional feeling is recommended! For the flower garden and Zoo are connected by common gate、QRコード付のチケットで両園共に出入りが自由に可能です! 園内マップを見ながらガイドスタッフに両園を効率良く進む散策ルートを伺いましょう! 左回りで進めば下り坂となるため、There is less strain on the body! Increases the feeling of openness and slip through the front gate expansive welcome garden! To its destination、Is a spectacular hotel garden, me 1周 about 15 minutes.、For the fashion of the day welcomed a perfect blue、Memorial to shot! And a lame foot、Young children would have recommended ride! (* Fees:1Ride:100 yen for adults / children 50 yen) in the gardens surrounding a huge 'fountain pond"below、Mr./Ms. Harada Masaki with LD (learning disabilities) while also excellent color sense and sensibility in "triangle flower" will be watching! In the flower bed of various color triangle、Seedlings are approximately 5000 shares are used、Red and pink、黄色やオレンジなど色鮮やかな共演を遂げています! 5月中旬から6月上旬までが見頃となる「ローズガーデン」では約3,000㎡に170品種およそ1,000本の薔薇が楽しめるとのこと! 現時点では、Could enjoy several rose slightly、満開の時期はさぞ美しいことでしょう! シーズン中であれば、Rose tunnel is a sight to see! "Rose garden" further left to go.、Stairs under management have come! There can enjoy cherry blossoms and Tulips in the spring "cherry trees" and "Tulip flower.、V "mini Garden"! "Mini Garden" in full bloom in mid-June、Hydrangea blooming in the alley with severe color is brilliant! To its destination、For insta Sheen spot established a cinematography Panel、You can enjoy the pictures using the small standing Netherlands wind turbines and cute duck! The appearance of the spectacular red and green color scheme is matched to landscape flower No.! Cherry Blossom tree overtakes and, gradually sight is very picture! Pond waterfowl ancient lotuses and OGA Lotus is spread.、Arched bridge and across to the cool pond、鯉がパクパクと口を開けて餌を待つ可愛い姿も! 今が見頃となる「アジサイ並木」では長さ600mの並木道が続き約3000株の紫陽花を楽しめます! 前夜に雨露を含んだ紫陽花は色濃く鮮やかで、Shaken by the wind you can see also loved! Upon the arrival to the iris garden from early June until mid-June but will be at their best、Surrounded by green trees and、Expands the scenery like a paradise! The wide spread to 5000 m²、You can enjoy seeing than about 700 varieties of IRIS! Iris flowers、The short-lived flowers flower starting to bloom only ends in 3 days or so。As a result、This season's morning staff、Picking up dead floral print、Well as keeping its beauty! For the State is faced is in full bloom as early as in early June was published on the official website、Early-flowering varieties are already finished and、Also typically enjoy varieties of blooming after would be less! Return from "iris garden.、"White Wisteria" at the end of the pond (from late April early May is the best) to see the smile hotel! This is、And 150 m was produced by Yoshitani Keiko's Garden Designer representing Japan, English-style border gardens、Spread out on both sides of the small flowers can be enjoyed! Above all、There's a myriad of subtlety、Purple show looks cool in a distinctive look like sculpture "Eryngium pranam" is my favorite! And landed up to "grass"、Because the rest area with shops and stores、Will be taking a break! By walking slowly and enjoy shooting、Walking time is about 3 hours! Due to having a calm nature?、Not feel tired at all! Average easy Ranch in the hamakita had been opened for "gelato" 400 Yen to buy! Two choice price does not change for、Ordered in a double salt milk and green tea! Salt milk、By joining the salty milk、Taste a rich deep flavor、The green tea are buried beneath the cone、Enjoy your green tea fragrance、You can enjoy the milky taste! Exposed to the summer sun、To speed melting while we get delicious! And journeyed to see Vantage Hill]、You will see the sculpture of the plants 'mosaiculture'! In the "mosaiculturememorial Garden"、And the character of the mosaiculture World Expo mozai Kun、Worthy of Hamamatsu City instruments in the harmony of the smile、"City watch, Geneva.、Nazca "Nazca lines"、In a balloon "fly away into the future" suit、This is also recommended as insta shines! On the wooden deck stage large greenhouse before the weekend、Events are held on a regular basis, is busy! The day unfolds "The favor and Dragon Heart" wadaiko performer、Participants were also had enjoyed the experience! "Fountain" in time came to 15:30/h 00 pm and breath on a bench enjoying the cool water fountain show held every 30 minutes! Here you can admire the panorama spot is the best vantage point!.

The wind played with cherry blossom breeze and sparkling Lake! Enjoy cherry blossom viewing, sound shore party 2019

Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom as soon as possible.、After that, Somei Yoshino and Oshima Cherry Blossoms、Yaezakura in Yamazakura、In spring on the shore of Lake Sanaru, where you can enjoy about 700 cherry trees in order, such as red te-don、It is crowded with many cherry blossom viewers! Since our house moved within a few minutes' walk of Lake Sanaru in October of last year、This year, I was able to fully enjoy the first "Sanaruko Hanami" with many friends! Speaking of cherry blossom viewing in Hamamatsu、The Hamamatsu Castle Park that I visited last year also looks like a castle.、But there were lots of challenges, such as the long line here but scenes abound in person while in place of struggling and secure car、This year is a quiet residential area, ringing around not knowing because of congestion in、Having that kind of time to admire the cherry blossoms gently thanks! Here's the best location! Fixed location、Near the rowing ground on the west shore of Lake Sanaru, which is the closest to my home! Unlike the Sanaruko Park side, this is an ideal environment that says that there is no need for a battle and the toilet is close! Every year、I'm enjoying making cherry blossom viewing bento.、This is most often has challenged 15 servings、This is truly hard, get up 3:00 morning、That had been reduced to a MOM with the deli、I was able to improve by getting the point every time I repeated the number of times to make a bento! Cheers Champagne at Bernard Remy Carte Branches Brut at WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Wine Boutique Pannier) Sanardai Honten! The family-run champagne maison Bernard Remy is based in the alman village of Armand in the Cote des Blanc, south of Eperne, France! Pinot Noir 60%、Chardonnay 35%、The Maison's standard cuvee, built at 5% Pinot Meunier,、You can enjoy a refreshing taste with a scent like lime and honey with creamy foaming! [Hanami Bento Menu] With it taste-friendly and easy to eat even when it cools down、I finished it in colorful cherry blossom viewing bento! Yuzu-maki egg (egg)、It's golden.、It's white.、Nagatoro、Snap peas、Sakura-type red ginger) fried chicken and fried shrimp (soy sauce from Anambaya from Toyama Prefecture)、Black Tiger and Tartar Sauce) Shrimp and Cheese Stick Spring Roll ,1 Shrimp, Loin Ham and Pakchi、2 Salmon, Cheese and Large Leaves、Vegetables are mizuna and pepper.、Red and Orange Paprika) Ham Salad (Hamon Serrano)、Handsome Red、Potherb mustard、Celery、Brocorise Prout) Yume Herb Pork Chashu and Boiled Egg Boiled Egg (Takewa Pepper)、Onion、Ginger、Shrimp、Carrot beef bowl) spicy meat potatoes made by the husband (potatoes)、Carrot、Onion、Pork、Snap Peas) Soaked Spinach from The Husband (Soy Sauce from Ananya, Toyama Prefecture)、Golden soup stock、It's white.、Hon-No-bushi) Three-colored rice-made rice-savbre (1 sakura starch with shrimp and bonito and bonito soup maro vinegar、Cherry Blossom Salted Ornament (2) Yamagata Prefecture Secret Beans and Crispy Ume Shiso、3 rice chicken soboro-wa、Silky egg、Sakura-type ham) Pork loin roll with asparagus, crab, spicy salmon and tomato Indian curry and baguette (cumin)、Mustard Seeds、Coriander、Turmeric、Garam Masala、Chili Peppers、Cardamom、Ginger、Garlic) Duck Fillet Cutlet Sandwich (Dream Herb Pork Fillet、Iptodo raw bread、Cabbage、Hamamatsu Trii Sauce) Mini American Dock for Children (HM、Fish Sausage、Tomato ketchup) 3 kinds of pickles (1 pickles of pepper, salted kombu and red pepper)、2 Pickled pepper, celery, carrot and red radish、Assorted cheese and dried fruit (1 Hokkaido Co-working School Of Shintoku Farm white mold type "Coban"、2Sakura, a seasonal product of Hokkaido Co-working School Shintoku Farm、3 Dry Mango and Branched Raisins (Hot) Golden Dashi and Toro kombu Sweet aoi Daifuku (Shohime)、Koshian、White ball flour) Fresh green sprouts、The season has come when a pleasant wind blows!...

See eskerita 68"60's interior is cozy, ringing around cave Ranch!

Daytime Cafe、夜はライブ会場へと変貌を遂げる佐鳴湖西岸のカフェ「Esquerita 68(エスケリータ68)」にてランチタイム! こちらは佐鳴湖西岸道路沿いのカフェとなり、Because the nearest coffee shop within walking distance from my home、A gentle stroll weather and spring flowers、佐鳴湖の桜の開花を横目にしながらの初訪です! 閑静な住宅街の大平台にて、2000年にオーナーの後藤 弘 (Hiroshi Goto)And his wife is open since 18 years between、Day is healthy and yummy homemade open as a café selling and、Night became a dining bar、ROCK and FOLK、JAZZ、POP、Burlesque、Comedy etc etc、Gathered bands that are active in a variety of genres as a live music venue that is continuous day hustle and bustle and、Cafe & bar music geek will love. Esquerita68 (eskerita 68) name of the、1960R's&B singer's name has been named、[68] is taken from the shop owner born in years! In the love that era owner commitment、Shop 60's-featuring ' 70s decor & design、Comfortable and feeling good and warm、Cafe somewhere nostalgic sounds、Space relaxing and peaceful time! Lunch menu、Using homemade bagels offers daily "perfect set" 1000 yen ~、"Various omurice (salad、With miso soup) "1000 yen ~、See various types of pasta (salad) 1000 yen-and、Drink set at +200 yen、+450 yen as drink & cake can be added! The dishes here and suites、Uses choice ingredients and seasonings, etc.、Organic Brown rice started.、Sweet, home grown soy beans using 100% natural soy sauce or Amami (sudaki) sugar、Seawater goto Nada near the mineral-rich salts in、Underscoring its increased eat while being mindful of the health、安心して頂けます! 「こだわりベーコンBLTサンド」1,150円 愛らしいワンプレートスタイルで登場! 陶器のカップには、Every morning fresh "pumpkin soup" comes with plenty of、In the typical Salad Bowl、Other leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and lettuce、Barley and mushroom salad and Spice becomes a habit and Chick Pea Salad、Smooth mashed potato、Nice colorful carrot lape、Cherry tomato、Includes crunchy outstanding homemade potato chips、女子には堪らないヘルシーなランチセット! 日替わりで提供される自家製ベーグルは、Without the use of eggs, butter and milk to make、That is more healthy than bread、Heavy and filling、Also was delicious too chewy texture and dust、This day bagel and impregnated with Sesame、From the toasted sandwich ingredients、Provide fresh、風味も香ばしく最高! そこへ、Watanabe butcher shop in leafy vegetables with plenty of juicy, crispy bacon, served with、Better compatibility with salsa and cream cheese、This is a delicious yummy sour pickles and olives becomes the accent! "Fragrant cheese omelet (salad、With miso soup) "1000 yen on the organic Brown rice mtsukabi、Is a fluffy omelette thick omelet topped、Is a Japanese-style omelet fried style! Fluffy omelet、Feel the taste of, such as soup with egg、Taste of "happo-one 's" is, and has helped! Organic Brown rice hung with white sesame seeds、Enjoy Sesame flavor in every bite! Got an omelet in fragrant kinds of cheese、That can be served with salsa、Us and Japanese-style sauce with rice. Because the Valley nor the omelet was very good.、I think next time I want to challenge other menus and pasta! After dinner blend coffee +200 yen、While blend coffee is stocked from Fukuroi who swear at home by home roasting coffee roaster "blister and Japanese restaurant、His wife and chat for fun、Almost gone stiff time! GoTo Masahiro's owner is active as a drummer、With DrumMania presence know in Japan drummer world、This drum specialist monthly magazine "rhythm & drums magazine (Rhythm & Drums Magazine)」の2019年4月号にて「Esquerita 68(エスケリータ68)」が表紙を飾られているとのこと! 3月~4月のライブも充実のスケジューリングとなりますのでご興味のある方はライブスケジュールカレンダーをチェックしてみてください! ESQUERITA 68(エスケリータ68) 住所静岡県浜松市西区大平台2-48-30 リサービア大平台1F TEL:053-485-9968 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30 Live dates:18:00 Open-19:00 Start 定休日木曜日 (※LIVEがある日は変更になる場合がございます。Please check the live calendar, facebook, twitter。) 駐車場:7台(無料)...

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