Coffee is old.、Shepherds found the "miracle fruit" and has been


"Coffee is old.、Shepherds found the "miracle fruit" and has been "

6In century Abyssinia (now Ethiopia)、In the event of very common shepherd boy。One day、Notice that his sheep an unusual excitement Shepherd。A sheep during a hot day、Having quietly in the shade of the、The day frolicking about in the rock、Abnormality, and climbing the steep slopes of the excited state showed。You always pick up the evening and be cool、Without going to eat grass、After sunset、That's stretched limbs, while I lay quietly asleep、As for the day、Settle down there around、Screaming and crying、Together with he、Looking around the eyes and was acting weird。Was the first Shepherd、And Rob the sheep something animal、I thought in panic, disrupt the sleep sheep and。Really gorgeous、There is close to sheep grazing on the grass often flying streetwalker, surprise。Were do wolves occur in the night。But the day、Streetwalker and wolves are not so strange in。

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The Shepherd、Just thinking back to the State of the day。And sheep that make a noise in the bushes near、Eating red berries、As reminded me of prancing in then。The shepherds wondered、Made with the priest of the village of ripe red fruits。And 2 people、Try drinking the broth, boiled down to the fact that。Then the Shepherd、To be happy、Monk is food heaven.、This means that by the given from the angels of paradise、Feel my ability increased with sleepiness disappeared completely?。So this priest、Is this red fruit soup、Worship is held at night with reduced sleepiness of the believers、Would serve to enhance the effect of the ritual。A drink made from red fruit soon found Shepherd、Becomes essential in a late-night of worship、Is called curva (Korei L'elisir d'amore)。The red berries grow on trees、Be consumed black Christians in the Arabian immigrated to Australia from the Kaffa region in Ethiopia、Have been derived from the Kaffa or car war and named for the coffee。

"Varieties of coffee came to be loved by many people to know'

We know the origin of coffee、Let's further little about the type of coffee as a did you know?。There are so many varieties of coffee trees、Even as drinking and circulated in the market, being sold for、”Arabica”And”Robusta”The is divided into two types:。

The Arabica is、70 of the world's total production and accounted for 80% approximately 2/3、Country of origin in Ethiopia in Africa.、Brazil and Colombia、Have been produced in the region, such as Jamaica's famous coffee。Growing conditions, average temperatures 15-24 ° C、Altitude 450-2500 m is suitable for climate and rainfall、More limited and soil、Also very susceptible to pests and temperature affected (sensitive to frost and dry), said that a delicate breed。However,、In General, Arabica、Got a mellower flavor and rich aroma、Traded at a higher price with excellent quality。


The Arabica is、And the higher caffeine content than Robusta varieties at least about half as much as。That rests in the coffee shop, such as homemade roasted bean coffee shop handling most beans are Arabica species。With the recent specialty coffee、If they are of the highest quality Arabica variety is often。


Other Robusta、Total world production of 20-30% approximately 1/3、Country of origin in the African Congo。Viet Nam and Indonesia is famous for producing countries、As a condition of average temperature 24-can be cultivated in lowland, 30 ° c.。From pests resistant to easy compared to Arabica crop varieties in、Early growth and yield characteristics in。The shape of the coffee bean、Compared to Arabica look flat oval-shaped with rounded shape。For an inexpensive price、Canned coffee and instant coffee、Is used, is often used as a cheaper regular coffee。In general the Robusta、Have a strong bitter and astringent、A unique and flavor (such as roasted barley)、No sour、More caffeine than Arabica、Quality as well as a different Arabica。


"With the best specialty coffee? '

Now、We know the difference between varieties of coffee we normally、What are the best specialty coffee?、Seems to be interested。According to the provisions of the specialty coffee Association of Japan、"Liquid in the Cup in the hands of consumers (those who drink coffee) coffee flavor is a great taste、That the coffee to satisfy consumers ' taste and evaluate。"Aru。Now、And the taste for great coffee flavor、Wonder exactly what learn how to create? Next time、In inimitable coffee lover、I think I'll let know the specialty coffee of the highest quality to those who do not。

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