Kettle carefully waiting for freshly cooked even food "Kama-meshi Tora and" at lunch meeting


Awakura Yasushi Hisashi-Kun-my friend at the Office、"I search the WEB site by accident、at lade (ndachi) possible roles of'm of I found the name、Ndachi is rare... "and、15 There was contact in years。I have been in Tokyo that is、Hamamatsu to know surprise, seems to me to。Awakura-Kun、Iwata City (formerly Toyota-Cho) with traces of joint、Otherwise engaged in factory plastic factory、I'll see you after a long time! The story became so、Hope accompany me、Meeting in this town near the plant of awakura-Kun amuse。15Would reunite years、So if he really is? There was also concern that、My boyfriend says、Look at awakura-Kun、Could "have changed at all, that confidence"。Now、That 祝sou reunion while eating lunch together this time、Awakura-Kun of the recommendations "Kama-meshi Tora"And I to tour。


Here is、Tomoda Masaru are among the fire-fighting team awakura-Kun's predecessor track joint、Seems to run in families。And the name "Dora" is、It is named from its predecessor was born in Tiger, Tiger man。And、Masaru was handed down to even children Tiger years seems too! A (terrible)、Table 4 seats、Tatami room 20 seats、And there is the back parlor grand banquet are available。定食や丼メニューもありますがやはり釜めし屋さんということで皆で釜めしを3種類オーダーしました。However,、30分程度はかかるようなので刺身の盛り合わせをいただきながら待つことにしましょう


「刺身の盛り合わせ」 鰹黒鯛とろサーモン、Octopus、葱とろ。And beams.、鰹が美味しいですね♪


1300 Yen sakuraebi Kama-meshi set includes unique sweets and calcium rich!


Porgy Kama-meshi set includes 1500 Yen



"Take the table d'hote Kama-meshi" 1000 yen

こちらの看板商品で1番人気だそうです。Chicken、Shimeji mushrooms、舞茸がゴロゴロとたくさん入っています




Set "mini salad with Sesame dressing"


Small bowl set "cooked"

Burdock root、Carrot、Bamboo shoots、玉蒟蒻が入っておりあっさり目の焚き合わせです


セットの「香の物」 たくあんしば漬け瓜の漬物


セットの「味噌汁」 なめこ汁で美味しくいただきました


最後に店主の友田勝さんと粟倉靖久くんのツーショット撮影。2People with、良い笑顔です!今回粟倉くんとの話の中で現在袋井で活躍されているGOOD DESIGN賞を受賞された同級生のデザイナーを紹介していただくことになりました!粟倉くんまた近々打ち合わせを兼ねてお会いしましょうね!

Kama-meshi Tora
磐田市一言276-2 TEL:0538-32-9425
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Iwata city short 276-2

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