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Lectures at home and abroad started.、And to pass on Japanese culture to a famous pastry chef、And he and the Japanese-style confection spread to the world、2016In February of the year "Passionate continent"Even Tokyo appeared from myogadani station koishikawa sweets shop within a few minutes walking distance"1 Noriyuki Hermitage"To asked and received souvenir stuff!

Water power (Chikara Mizukami) was born as the fourth son of Edo candy store Tokyo, it is、As a Japanese-style confection maker piled up in Kyoto and Nagoya、1977Open, 1 Hiroyuki Iori、Greeted the 40th anniversary next year!

A wall lined with a candy tree in traditional arts and crafts、Plum and cherry blossoms、Autumn in Ginkgo biloba、Fish and turtle shells、Eyes are lined up is great fun!

Gift stuff、Buy a "bruising hanging during" keep good and "floating birds of essence flavor" rice crackers、Most popular "bracken" is ever and on the day of expiration、We had to!

Domestic mixing defeated warabimochi powder over high heat in the intently, warabi mochi、1The pretty Palm-size child large。Surprise from the fragile touch、Also goes to the mouth、Purunnpurunn melts in your mouth texture and、Expands the bean for freshness and taste.

Since I somehow reached the 40-year-old like strange Japanese-style confection like.










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